How Many Times Can you Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain

How many times can you sharpen a chainsaw chain

Getting to know how often do you need to sharpen your chainsaw is a common chainsaw 101. And we all aware of that, right?

If you know the total lifespan of a chainsaw chain and how often a chain should be sharpened, then easily you will find an answer to the question.

So, firstly I will discuss how often you should sharpen your chainsaw chain, and then I will give you an estimation of the lifespan of a chainsaw. Finally, I will give you an estimated figure on how many times you should sharpen your chainsaw chain.

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How Often You Should Sharp Your Chainsaw Chain?

Actually, there is no proper answer to this question. To be honest this really depends on what you are cutting. You could have heard that a chainsaw is designed in a way that it can cut only clean and solid timber.

But most of the people not only cut clean timber but also cut hard timber. Besides cutting charcoal, rocks, nails, and dirt sand enriched timber damages the chain teeth faster.

It also depends on the cutting situation. If anyone says “I sharpen my chain at every other tank, after falling 4 trees”- this tale leaves a lot of variables to chance. How large the tree is? How hard the timber is? In which way you are cutting?
So, the best answer for the question is when you feel stress and when you need to apply more external force while cutting to go deep, that time you can consider sharp the cutting blade.

The more you use the chainsaw the better you will be able to determine whether the chain needs sharpening or not.

Another way you can determine this when you will find that the teeth of the cutter have become dull.

From the user end, I have come to know that they sharpen the teeth of the chainsaw every 5 hours of use. But if you don’t cut large trees or large timber then it will give you 2-3 days to re-sharpen it.

Sometimes, on light work, this time may vary to 10 days to sharpen a chainsaw chain. But remember if you don’t use it on heavy work nevertheless you need to re-sharpen it each month.

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The lifespan of a chainsaw chain

I had a chainsaw chain. Usually, I didn’t take care of it. I can still remember after one and a half years of using and several sharpening the quality of my chainsaw lessened dramatically. When I looked it out, I have seen the edge of the cutter deteriorated enough. After that, I had brought a new chain.

My recommended chainsaw chain:

You can sharpen your chainsaw chain 10-12 times before the chain replacing. Though I can’t guaranty you my experience says it. Actually, it will vary from user to user. But on average you can sharpen your chainsaw chain 3 to 5 times under good condition.
I have estimated the value on average to calculate the lifespan of a chainsaw chain. If I count 10 days on average to re-sharp a chainsaw chain then the total lifespan of it will a multiple of total re-sharp able times.
After calculating, it makes 30 to 50 days which means your chainsaw will last almost two months if you use it regularly and do not use it on light work.
Now I will consider the user community. Actually, a chainsaw chain may last up to two years but then it will add a little value to your work. You may work double to cut wood then. So, those who are non-regular users of chainsaw can think it works smoothly for up to one year.
Now it’s our turn to take a value either from the calculated value or from the average user’s end opinion.
But I don’t want to keep out anything of these two matters from my consideration. I want to merge it.
After Merging it I want to figure out this value as 4 months.
So, after calculating and considering the two facts, I have found that the lifespan of a chainsaw chain may vary between 3 to 4 months.

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The Solution: How Many Times You Can Sharp Your Chainsaw Chain

So, we have enough data now to calculate this. We have learned both about how often you need to sharpen a chainsaw chain and the lifespan of a chainsaw.
Now through a simple calculation, we can say this. Just subtract the total lifespan of the chainsaw with the single sharp lifespan of a chainsaw chain. The value returns for 3 to 4 months is 9-12 times. Isn’t it interesting?
So finally, we have found that you can sharpen your chainsaw chain up to 9 -12 times.

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To be honest, the actual time varies from user to user. All of my estimations are based on my personal experience and from forum community opinion. So, don’t be tensed about it.

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  1. Are theses guys nuts about how many times you can sharpen a saw chain ,, they really need a lesson in chain sharpening, 4-5 strokes with the file is plenty unless they are cutting rocks … I can easily get 15 or more sharpenings out of a good quality Oregon chisel full house chain,,,,, I run 9 different stihl saws from my little 180 all the way up to my 660 magnum,,, don’t be cutting rocks ?????

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