Different Types of Chainsaw Chains with Their Benefit & Uses

If you get to work with a chainsaw, you have to keep a sharp eye on a number of facts. But equipping the right chain on it is one of the biggest of them all.

When you’re up for getting a new chain or replacing the old one, there comes a number of choices. In terms of teeth design, material, sharpening ability, brittleness, they vary from type to type.

And choosing the right one requires a clear concept about them all.

In this article, we’ve discussed 6 different types of chainsaw chains, and their perks and benefit. Let’s take a moment from whatever you’re doing, and go through the whole post-

6 Different Types of Chainsaw Chains

Based on the structure and chisel of the chains, chainsaw chains can be divided into 6 types in total. Have a look where we’ve broken down details for each of them-

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Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain

The way to specify the full chisel chainsaw chain is the square-cornered teeth of them. These teeth design is particularly able to make an efficient cut with the professional chainsaw.

The sectors where these chains are used are basically hardwood milling. Apart from hardwood, they are also able to cut on any trees or limbs. Especially, if you plan to split cut limbs or logs, this chain will be the go-to option for you.

There are some drawbacks to this type of chain as well. And the #1 of them is the kickback tendency. Comparing to the other types of chainsaw chains, the full chisel chain is more likely to kick back while used.

Also, it takes a whole lot of safety cautions when it’s about cutting with a full chisel chainsaw chain.

Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain

The next one is the semi-chisel cutter chain for chainsaws. The special character of this chain is its round corner of the teeth. The benefit of using semi chisel chainsaw is it’s cutting speed. With one of these chains installed into your chainsaw, you can make cut way faster than one with a full chisel chainsaw chain.

A semi-chisel chainsaw is perfect for cutting softwood and similar objects. Also, it’s more durable and lasts longing in comparison to other types of chainsaw chain.

But the cutting power of these chains is not that notable. This is one serious drawback of semi chisel chainsaw chisel if you can deal with it.

Low Profile Chainsaw Chain

Most of the carpenters and woodworkers are in use with the low profile chainsaw chain. In fact, most of the commercially used chainsaws are likely to equip this sort of chain.

These chains are safe and reliable to use, as the design of it is enhanced with safety features in between the chain and the teeth.

One of the major issues with another type of chainsaw chain is kicking back. But low profile chains are not accused of this issue. No matter how regularly you use it, it won’t give you risky kickbacks whatsoever.

Another major benefit of this chain is, it doesn’t require frequency sharpening or maintenance. They are also more beneficial as they don’t get off their places very often.

Chipper Type Chainsaw Chain

Chipper type chainsaw chain is quite similar to the semi-chisel chainsaw chains. But the working corner radius of the teeth has a difference from the semi-chisel ones.

You can identify them by the toot’s cross-section. The cross-section of this chain will appear like a question mark. Also, the corner at the top right section is more roundup.

Carbide Made Chainsaw Chain

Carbide metal is known to be one of the strongest and most durable metals in the power tools industry. Therefore, a chainsaw chain that’s made of carbide would definitely be stronger than other kinds of it.

As they come with quite a good built quality, the price of these chains is also higher than any other type of chain is the market. Another major drawback of this chain is its high brittle property. Due to that issue, it can break off if you hit it by a high striking force.

Therefore, carbide made chains are meant to be handled with prior care. Also, the maintenance and repair cost is way higher in these chains as well.

Self Sharpening Chainsaw Chains

This is the most spectacular kind of chainsaw chain of the 6 types we are talking about. But if you look at it in a different way, it’s really worth it will come out.

See, sharpening is one of the hectic works that a chainsaw user has to deal with. But this chain has a mechanism that sharpens itself without any prior manual effort. Therefore, they are called self-sharpening chainsaw chains.

The feature that sharpens this chain up, contains a design where the chain is filed as they pass through the glide.

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