How Much Torque Do I Need for Impact Wrench

How Much Torque Do I Need for Impact Wrench

For tightening/unscrewing any difficult threaded connection, an impact wrench is the ultimate choice. But it’s the torque that enables the handy tool to handle this troublesome task.

For a successful application of impact wrench, you’ll need to get the specific torque. In fact, over-torque & under torque – both can result in catastrophic failure.

The specification of proper torque value differs according to application. That’s where it’s important to know how much torque do I need for an impact wrench.

Why Torque Matters for Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is one versatile mechanical tool for numerous applications. Setting the proper torque for the impact wrench is important to handle light metal parts. In fact, the right torque is vital for certain uses to avoid scratches or dents.

With the exact torque, the wrench can induce a consistent, balanced rotation. It ensures proper tightening without any loose/overtight issues. Through the required torque, the wrench can lessen the probability of surface damage.

Excess Torque Isn’t Good Here

Lots of people tend to believe higher torque gives a better result for changing rims. It’s obviously not true. Excessive torque easily results in the overtightening of nuts/bolts. In worse cases, severe damage or breakage/crack is likely to occur.

How Much Torque Should I Have

The problem concerning the right torque is somewhat twofold. People give too much emphasis on the torque that they literally ignore the other factors. The second one is more troublesome – trying to accomplish all the tasks using the same torque.

How much you’ll need torque doesn’t involve the theoretical equation. Instead, it directly concerns the application. To determine your requirement of torque, the first thing to consider is the bolt size. In fact, it’s both that actually deal with all the applied torque.

A large-sized bolt can handle a high amount of torque with no stripping. In the meantime, a lower torque results in loose connectivity & therefore, falling out. The practice of manual tightening after a slight impact slug can ensure greater safety.

Standard Torque Requirements

Different uses of impact wrenches require different torques. The variety can range from a small 30 N-m (22 ft-lbs) to a magnificent 3000 N-m (2212 ft-lbs). It’s quite uncertain to tell or recommend without knowing the intended application.

To repair a greenhouse from plastics, you can easily settle for 150 – 160 N-m (110 – 120 ft-lbs) torque. Now move to rail construction, the requirement gets pretty high. It can vary from 610 – 1000 N-m (450 – 737 ft-lbs) in accordance with the intended use.

Through a pneumatic impact wrench, you can attain about 300 – 2200 N-m (220 – 1620 ft-lbs) for tightening. For larger fasteners, you’ll have to move for a greater amount of torque for sure. In general, the installation/removal of common rims is likely to require a 100 N-m (73 ft-lbs) only.

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Impact Wrench Based on Torque

  • When you don’t have to go for an obscene torque amount, you can choose simpler ones. With light, compact & small-sized wrenches, you can attain an excellent torque value. In general, the impact wrench can induce about 340 N-m (250 ft-lbs) torque at maximum. Offering plenty of power, the cheaply priced wrench can handle lots of light applications.
  • But to deal with real mechanics, you’ll certainly require more torque. For that, you can bet on most of the mid-range impact wrenches. This impact wrench type can deliver about 610 N-m (450 ft-lbs) torque or so. The obvious fact is you really can’t use them for extremely heavy or precise tasks. Yet, these easily cover most of the industrial automotive jobs.
  • When it comes to handling more than standards automobiles, you need to move further. Using a high torque wrench can really come in handy there. You can have 1000 N-m (750 ft-lbs) torque at once or even more in accordance with the specifications. High weight makes it suitable for heavier works only & the cost is definitely above the others. The overall specifications generally get better with the price.

Adjusting Wrench Torque

With greater versatility, there are now impact wrenches with customizable torque. It induces safety, efficiency & easiness to its overall operation.

It’s quite simple to adjust the torque with electric or cordless impact wrenches. All you need is to set the dial to target the specific torque.

But the adjustment is quite analogous with most of the pneumatic ones. Although some feature regulators, most of the wrenches don’t, not yet anyway.

All it requires is regulating a particularly influencing pressure. For that case, you can go for either of the two available options. You can regulate the tool pressure or line pressure.

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Without the exact torque, your project will fall apart within seconds. While making the purchase, it’s of utmost importance to go through the manual. It should give a clear idea about the wrench’s suitability for different tasks. Knowing how much torque do I need for an impact wrench can help you to avoid any dreadful circumstance.

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