Why is Chainsaw Chain Smoking? How to fix – Exact Solution


Chainsaw smoking is a common issue for the carpenter and the woodworkers. Why chainsaw chain-smoking is a simple question for chainsaw users.

Look: Chainsaws cause smoke naturally for burning oil. The smoke may be a sign of danger when it emits too much.

If you are observing unusual smoke from the chainsaw, then you must know why is chainsaw chain-smoking? How to fix it.

Don’t worry!

I have enlisted the cause of chainsaw overheating, chainsaw smoking, chainsaw smokes on startup, and the way of fixing those issues.

Go through the points eventually.

Causes of chainsaw chain smoking

Lack of airflow:

Air is a major element to burn anything. You know a chainsaw runs burning fuel in its engine. The chainsaw inhales air to boost the engine.

Lack of airflow can be the first reason for causing black smoke. Sometimes, you may see gray smoke coming from the engine because of inadequate airflow.

Ari flow may not supply sufficient air for two reasons. The first one can be the air filter and the second can be the airflow hole.

The air filter may gather dust for a long time. Likewise the air filter, the hole may get blocked after cutting huge logs.

Poorly adjusted chain:

Chain adjustment is a critical part of a chainsaw. If the chain runs with a loose or very tight setting, then it may provide the desired result.

The loose setting chain will create too much jerking. This jerking may cause an imbalance in the chain with the guide bar. As a result, it may cause smoking.

On the other hand, a tight chain is risky that can break at any time and cause serious injuries to the holder. The tight chain setting affects the engine to move it smoothly.

Moreover, unfit chains may get jammed while cutting a large object. This may cause smoking also.

An excessive amount of oil:

The chainsaw engine has a limitation of operating the engine-oil in it. You do not pressurize the engine with excessive oil.

Engine oil works to smoothen the operating of the parts inside the engine. When it gets pressure inside with oil, it starts burning the engine oil.

Burning engine oil may damage the longevity of the chainsaw. The oil must be in the right volume.

Unbalanced Oil and gasoline:

You will find chainsaws with different categories. Some chainsaw engines run with oil and some with gasoline.

Next, some chainsaws require the mixing of oil and gasoline to run smoothly. Sometimes, we forget to use the right oil or gasoline in the tank.

The unbalance of oil and gasoline pressurizes the engine to perform smoothly. As a result, it starts making black smoke in the air.

On the other hand, the oil can be itself a problem. Tiny objects in the oil or gasoline may break down the smooth performance of your chainsaw.

Guide bar issues:

The guide bar may create heating issues in the chainsaw. Insufficient and excessive engine oil may cause this heating.

If you are using the chainsaw for a long time without changing the engine oil, then it may cause intolerable smoke in your workstation.

The guide bar can be potentially responsible for making too much smoke.

The issue with Engine:

An engine is full of parts bigger or smaller. It’s impossible to take care of all of them.

As a result, a tiny poorly adjusted idle may cause smoke. The engine of a chainsaw is a serious issue because you are handling it holding in your hand.

Any major issues that can break down the speed of the case may cause smoke.

Irregular lubrication:

The chain of a chainsaw requires regular lubrication. Lubrication helps the machine to run smoothly with a heavy load.

The longevity of the chainsaw also depends on the lubrication. Chain heats up when we run it over any object. This extreme heat may cause various problems.

How to fix chainsaw smoking

Fix the air filter:

Fix the air filter if you get any issue with it. The air filter needs to clean up regularly.

First, open up the air filter from the motor. Look at the filtering spaces and measure the fitness. You will see the filter full of dust and tiny objects.

Use air pressure or brush to clean up the filter. If you are a lucky person, then it should be okay by now. If not, replace the air filter.

Adjust the chain before running the saw:

Grab the chain with your hand and feel the tension. The tension should be perfect.

Read the user manual of the chainsaw to adjust the chain. You may have to loosen or tighten the chain. It’s a must-do job before every cut.

Fill the reservoir oil:

Fill the reservoir oil with adequate oil. Before putting oil into the tank, you should check out the oil quality.

Lubricate the chainsaw regularly:

You can lubricant the chain with the engine oil that you have used before. The chain must be free to move smoothly.

If you use the chainsaw regularly, then you should lubricant the saw once in a week. Make sure you open up all the parts and lubricate them attentively.

You can use chain lubricant buying from the local market. Chain lubricant helps to use the chain longer.

Do well maintenance:

Maintenance is the key-way to keep any engine fit. A chainsaw includes a little engine. This engine is the heart of the machine.

To ensure well maintenance you should lubricate the motor, check out the idle settings, adjust the chain, and clean up the saw after every use.

Bottom line:

You should obey the reasons why is chainsaw chain-smoking. The ways of fixing the smoking issues of a chainsaw seem to be easy but may not be sufficient.

To avoid expensive repairs in the future, you must follow up on ways of how to fix chainsaw smoking.

Observe the working style of the chainsaw so that you can see the symptoms of the damages previously. Check out the sound, speed, smoke, vibration, and performance regularly.

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