Best Chainsaw for Carving Wood in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best carving chainsaw

Carving is one incredible task with artistic value. And you’ll have to go for a rightful chainsaw for precise, accurate carving. 

With lots of chainsaws, it’s difficult to find the best. So, what’s the best chainsaw for carving tasks anyway?

Right here, we got the answers for you. We enlisted & reviewed the best carving chainsaw available in the market.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaws
Editor Rating

Although it’s difficult to make the choice, the ultimate prize goes to Husqvarna 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaws. The traditional gas-powered system provides excellent carving efficiency. Against the fuel & maintenance cost, you can attain better, precise carving.

It induces a long-running time over a full tank. You can accomplish the job without any hassling issue. And you got nothing to worry about your safety. The price is reasonable enough to carve the wood into a delightful art.

Quick Comparison of the Carving Chainsaw

★ OUR #1 PICK! ★

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaws
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs
  • Bar Size: 16 Inch
  • Power: Gasoline
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WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw
  • Weight: 11.0 lbs
  • Bar Size: 16 inch
  • Power: Electric
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BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Bar Size: 10 Inch
  • Power: Battery
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Echo 30.5CC Gas Chainsaw
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Bar Size: 14 Inch
  • Power: Gasoline
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Greenworks 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw
  • Weight: 9.0 lbs
  • Bar Size: 16 Inch
  • Power: Electric
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DEWALT DCCS620P1 Compact Chainsaw Kit
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Bar Size: 12 Inch
  • Power: Battery
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Makita XCU02PT LXT Chain Saw Kit
  • Weight: 12.3 lbs
  • Bar Size: 12 Inch
  • Power: 12.3 lbs
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Reviews of The 7 Best Chainsaw for Carving - 2021

1. Husqvarna 120 - Top-Rated carving Chainsaw

Editor Rating

Top Chainsaw For Carving Wood

With quality engineering, Husqvarna lets you tackle the projects with confidence. The particular chainsaw comes with the required power for optimum output. Its overall features allow you to make a nice, precise carving.

The integrated engine measures a convenient 38.2CC capacity. Through a 1.8 HP, the system initiates powerful cuts. For the engine, it features an X-Torq technology to reduce emissions & gas consumption.

With professional results, the compact & efficient saw suits for homeowners’ needs. The gas-powered device is the right gear to accomplish tougher woodcutting tasks. The casual use tool provides an easy startup for everyday jobs.

Through a built-in LowVib system, the saw generates less vibration. With a lower kickback, you’ll have a safe sawing operation. There comes one integrated brake for safety which simply reduces the overall user risk.

For consistent chain lubrication, the automated oiler ensures a steady supply. Thanks to the Air Purge feature, the saw prevents air intrusion inside carburetors. Meanwhile, its Air Injection keeps away the dirt & dust from reaching the filter.

The structure is quite maneuverable with several customizable features. Using its convenient tensioning system, you can make a quick, safe adjustment while working. Its satisfactory performance remains at the peak until the very end.

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2. WG303.1 - WORX Carving Chainsaw

Editor Rating

WG303.1 - WORX Carving Chainsaw review

With a cut above the rest, the saw provides the ultimate satisfaction. Its specially engineered design allows you to handle carving tasks pretty well. Even for starters, it’s dependable performance ensures higher precision.

You’ll need no gas but electricity to power up the corded device. In fact, the integrated 14.5 Amp motor ensures optimum efficiency. The delivered performance is quite okay in comparison to traditional gas-powered chainsaws.

Despite its sturdy built, the power tool feels incredibly lightweight. Whether you’re a first-timer or casual lumberjack, you won’t have to face any trouble. Therefore, it’s easy to knock out the woods.

The 120V/60Hz rated tool induces speed up to 12 meters per second. Both the chain pitch & gauge are standard with 3/8” & 0.05” respectively. Over less vibration, its operation comes without major threatening kickback.

Through the integration of a built-in oiler, you’ll receive automated lubrication. The electric chainsaw offers less friction & better work ability for its bar & chain. For the 200 ml oil tank, it comes with a convenient window level indicator.

There comes an integrated brake to ensure further operational safety. With an automated tensioning system, it consistently maintains the right chain tension. Thanks to the ergonomic rubber handle, the saw lets you enjoy full control & comfort.

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3. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Chainsaw for carving

Editor Rating

Cordless Chainsaw for carving

When it gets to Black + Decker, you can obviously expect reliable performance. Apart from carving, you can perfectly take care of your lawn & garden. The superior built comes with cordless convenience.

The internal motor with a 2.0 Amp rating induces great cutting efficiency. All you need is to get its relevant 20V battery from BLACK+DECKER. Its powerful support initiates a longer running time in the woods.

For the system, it features a premium Oregon bar of 10” length. Therefore, it ensures precise cuts every time with low kickback. Regarding commercial & sensitive carving, you’ll definitely attain maximum accuracy.

Weighing only a 7.2 pounds, handling the frame is incredibly easy. No hand fatigue will mess with your tasks over a prolonged working session. It also eases the adjustment of maneuverable features while operating.
It comes with an oiling system to lubricate both the bar & chain. Less friction will enhance the overall lifespan of different parts. You’ll even get one clear window to gauge the existing oil level inside.

Through its chain tensioning system, you can make quick customization. Using the wrap around bale handle, you’ll have a greater handling comfort. With increased efficiency, the tool lets you carve the wood perfectly.

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4. Echo 30.5CC Gas Chainsaw

Editor Rating

Echo 30.5CC carving Chainsaw

With a reasonable efficiency, Echo lets you complete the job with precision. The high-end chainsaw features excellent engineering regarding a perfect output. Using the saw will definitely induce the optimum carving quality.

For its traditional design, the featured engine here is powered with gasoline. In fact, its system features a moderate 30.5CC engine. Through a convenient HP, you’ll receive powerful, precise cuts every time.

Providing professional output, efficient performance is ready to meet the requirements. It’s one great device to accomplish sensitive & difficult carvings with ease. The startup mechanism is simple enough to give you no trouble.
Using its integrated 8.5 oz reservoir, the fuel delivers long, running support. The 14” bar initiates fewer vibrations. The best echo chainsaw for carving results in less kickback with your job, ensuring maximum safety.

As it happens, the system offers a fully automated oiler for the chain. With less friction, the lubrication keeps the chain perfectly functional. Of course, you’ll receive additional 2 stroke oil with the pack.

Through its built-in vibration handle, you can enjoy optimum safety. With the utmost comfort, it allows you to have full control over the machine. All you need is to go through the manual to explore every specification.

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5. Greenworks 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

Editor Rating

Greenworks wood Carving chainsaw

Through innovative engineering, Greenworks promises maximum efficiency. It’s indeed a reliable choice for you to eliminate all the hassles with traditional saws. The system induces an economical performance for homeowners.

The corded system is quite versatile; suitable for different applications. It ensures a constant power for dependable cuts throughout its entire life. A simple startup requires plugin only to shape the wood in your preferred carving.

No more environmental issues with smokes from gas-powered saws. The electric tool comes with a standard 120V rating. For its motor, the system induces a convenient & sufficiently powerful 12 Amp output.

The machine features a push-button for generating a higher initial torque at startup. For the chain rips, it comes with a reasonably long 16” bar. Going through the limbs, both deliver a clean cutting task to attain better accuracy.

With ultimate quietness, the operation induces smooth, reliable & unlimited cuts. For the adjustment, the tool-free tensioning allows quick customization. Without any major halt, it saves your working time & attention.

Using the integrated wrap-around handle, operator comfort remains at its best. It even helps you to clear the debris resulting from carving. And the unique metal bucking spikes ensures additional grip.

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6. DCCS620P1 - DEWALT Chainsaw Kit For Carving

Editor Rating

Dewalt carving saw

When it gets to Dewalt, efficiency & performance remains unrivaled. In fact, even the toughest carving tasks become simple with this tool. Apart from superior cuts, cordless convenience certainly gives you better comfort.

The modern tool delivers greater confidence to accomplish the job perfectly. The 20V system runs on battery without requiring any nearby source. Without an electric cord, there’s less hassle to reach a larger distance.

For the integrated motor, it comes with a brushless functionality. Maximizing the overall running time, it increases the effective motor life. With Lithium-ion, it provides a powerful 5.0 Ah output to make precise cuts.

With sturdy materials, the machine features a compact design. Yet, the high-end assembly comes with an 8.8 pounds weight only. Therefore, holding the saw remains easy & comfortable without any fatigue on the hands.
The best electric chainsaw for carving suits for different outdoor applications having the 12” bar & chain. The chain speed measures a convenient 25.2 feet per second. Producing lower kickback, the whole operation remains safe for its users.

It features one bar tightening knob for a tool-free chain tensioning system. Meanwhile, the automated oiling system chain & bar consistently lubricated. Of course, the built-in indicator reveals the current oil level for the chainsaw.

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7. Makita XCU02PT LXT Chain Saw Kit

Editor Rating

Makita Carving Chainsaw

Containing advanced technology, Makita ensures the best cutting performance. Its cordless design provides unparalleled satisfaction for increased productivity. With LXT & XPT, the overall efficiency reaches its peak for wood carving.

Over cordless battery running, its sawing functionality goes on. It requires two 18V batteries to active the 36V machine. With lithium-ion batteries, you’ll receive greater power to carve & shape the timber.

The integrated motor comes with a convenient 5.0 Ah rating. Using the 36V, it generates an enormous 1650 feet per second chain speed. The brushless motor comes with a 50% more service life to induce 50% further running time.

With a unique Xtreme Protection Technology, the system features a series of intact sealing. It resists the intrusion of channeling water, debris & dirt.

Through a 12” guiding bar, it delivers increased versatility for woodcutting.Its operation releases no emissions against a moderately low noise level. Without emissions, no dirt or debris will mess with your view & tool accuracy. In fact, an 87 dB noise ensures comfortable handling in the woods.

Through tool-less chain adjustment, it remains easy to customize your influence. Its top handle ensures a stable grip for better control. Without any storage oil, the machine requires less maintenance.

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Chainsaw Wood Carvings: Explained for Beginners

Carving, as you know, is an ancient form of sculpture art. In the early ages, typical hand tools like knives, chisels were used to create sculptures out of raw limbs of wood.

Chainsaw Wood Carvings

Over time, carving had seen a lot of evolution, and turning into chainsaw carving is just a consequence of that.

Using a chainsaw to carve wood is quite a regular practice. Nowadays, it’s not only a widely practiced art form but also has turned into sports. Woodworkers and carpenters around the globe take part in annual competitions around this interesting chore.

In this guide, we’ve crafted a beginner’s guide for wood carving with a Professional chainsaw. Have a look-

First, see Awesome fastest skill wood carving using the chainsaw :

What Is Chainsaw Wood Carving?

Chainsaw wood carvings are the recent versions of the ancient art form named carving. After the 1950s, this art form had got a new dimension when carpenters and woodworkers used a chainsaw for carving.

In this form of art, you get to use a chainsaw(and a number of other pattern/shaping tools) to create carvings of bears, eagles, hawks, horses, tables, and so on.

There is even a tournament named Lumberjack World Championship, which has started in the 1980s. Now in 2021, there are a number of tournaments across the globe that celebrate this form of art.

What Do You Need for Chainsaw Wood Carvings?

Carving is an ancient form of art, and it has its steps and processes. If you want to proceed with carving with a chainsaw, there are a few more tools and items that you need in this regard.

Let’s have a look at the items you need for chainsaw wood carving-

The Chainsaw

That’s quite obvious, right? But not every type of chainsaw would be perfect for carving. See, you are going to use a chainsaw here just as an alternative to regular wood carving tools like chisels, knives, etc.

So, you have to be careful about selecting the right cutting ability and power of it. One of the most deciding factors here is the complicacy of your carving project. If your project requires prior attention to detail, you should go for a smaller chainsaw with a smaller cutting ability.

Another important factor is the comfort in using. If you’re not comfortable with holding the chainsaw in your hands, you’re rarely able to provide the required attention to the carving details.

Pattern and Sketching Tools

A chainsaw is going to give the wooden workpiece an initial shape. But the detailing and sketching require some more tools in action. Especially, if you’re just beginning your journey into wooden carving with a chainsaw, we would recommend using more of these sketching tools instead of direct cuts using a chainsaw.

The list of tools that are for pattern making and sketching is quite long. But take enough time to select the right tools and carve it in the right way. If you make any mistake throughout the process, remember that the mistake will make a permanent effect on the carving project.

The Wood Itself

As you’re going to carve on the wood, selecting the right wooden piece is one of the most crucial tasks. Because the choice of wood can greatly affect the quality of your carving work.

There are basically two types of woods used in carving- softwood and hardwood. And making the choice between these two is not a hard task if you can determine the type of carving project you’re willing to do.

Protective Gears

Let’s get straight to the point- a chainsaw is a quite dangerous tool indeed. No matter whichever purpose you use it for, you have to maintain a number of safety concerns, however. No matter it’s the wooden surface or the feet of yours, it can cut any material like butter.

In the case of wood carving with a chainsaw, the scenario is not different at all. There is a basic list of safety gears that you’ve to wear on.

Have a look-
  1. The safety helmet.
  2. Earmuffs.
  3. Protective glasses.
  4. Chainsaw chaps.
  5. Steel-toed working boots.
  6. Work gloves.

Apart from these few safety wears, make sure that the chainsaw you’re using is safe enough to work with. In today’s market, chainsaws come with a number of built-in safety features, which is something you should definitely look forward to.

Some of The World’s Greatest Chainsaw Wood Carver

If you’re starting ahead for chainsaw carving, let’s name some of the world’s greatest chainsaw woodcarvers to provide some motivation for you. Having a look around how these articles work will definitely be helpful for you-

  1. Keiji Kidokoro.
  2. Steve Blanchard.
  3. Cherie Currie
  4. Loup Garou.
  5. Paul Frenette

Hopefully, this guide on chainsaw wood carvings has been helpful to you. No matter you’re a hobbyist carver or a professional, we always advise you to keep a sharp eye on the safety concerns while performing this famous form of artwork.

Before Buying the chainsaw for carving Must check -

For a precise carving, it’s important to have the best chainsaw for carving in hand. There are certain factors to influence the overall quality of carving chainsaws. Consider the followings; you can definitely make a successful purchase.

Power Source –

The most important consideration is power in accordance with the intended use. The traditional gas-powered saw provides greater versatility. But it’ll surely raise your fuel & maintenance cost.

With an electric corded chainsaw, you can operate nearby. Unless you have a reliable source, you can’ go for distant cutting.
But the latest cordless tools can eliminate all the flaws. No cord or fuel to deal with. But it has mostly limited power & the universal complaint about battery life goes on.

Bar + Chain –

It’s the combo of bar & chain functionality that acts for carving. A reasonable length of the bar gives increased capacity. For carving, you can choose from 10” to 18” saws.

For the chain, the gauge & pitch have to meet the standards. It’s recommended to check out the possible speed of the chain for sensitive works.

Oil Lubrication–

With saws, vibration is one major concern. A greater amount of vibrations result in distractions with sensitive carving tasks.
It’s better to get an automatic lubricating feature for the saw. The system will keep the bar & chain oiled to reduce friction & therefore, vibrations.

Emission & Noise –

Any sort of emission & noise has to remain under a tolerable limit. Blocking your vision, it’s likely to mess with your carving accuracy. You may want something with zero-emission & the least noise.

User Safety –

With any tool, user safety is the foremost thing to attend. The chosen saw should provide less kickback along with a stable base. Safety break is one additional feature you can look for.

Wood Suitability for Carving

There are no strict restrictions when it comes to suitable wood for carving tasks. With the right gear, you can carve almost all wood types. But the following are considered as the best options.

  • Oak: A long-lasting, strong & heavy wood with different attractive colors.
  • Cottonwood: Although cheap & soft, reasonably strong with white color.
  • Walnut: Premium, an expensive option for a professional &intricate carving.
  • Basswood: Soft, lightweight wood allows easy carriage & handling facility.
  • Butternut: Quite available soft & light wood, easy pattern transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How long a carving will last?

Answer: It’s quite uncertain with dependable factors like maintenance, protection & placement.

Question: Do I need additional tools for carving?

Answer: It likely requires knives, chisels, gouges & power carvers.

Question: Which is the most suitable wood type?

Answer: With a chainsaw, basswood is the most preferred option for carving.

Question: Should I use several saws for carving?

Answer: Carving larger pieces may require more than one saws at a time.


Looking no further, you better pick the ultimate gear from the above recommendations. Each of the aforementioned saws should work well for your carving jobs. With the right saw you can make the task a lot easier in the first place. The affordable choices let you attain a perfectly artistic carving, particularly with wood.

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