How to use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener? Just 9 Step

How to use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Chainsaws brought in a revolution in tree cutting. Thanks to this tool, nowadays tree cutting has become highly efficient. 

But there’s a catch-

Even this wonderful tool becomes dull over time. And dull chainsaws are inefficient. In fact, using a dull chainsaw requires a lot of effort. 

That’s not all-

Using a dull chainsaw can result in problems like positioning difficulty, smoke, crooked cuts, etc. Therefore, you should keep your chainsaw sharp constantly to avoid these problems. And using an electric chain sharpener is the best solution here. 

‘How to use an electric chainsaw sharpener?’- is a pretty simple question.

But the answer to this isn’t so simple. And without knowing the proper method, you’ll end up with an under-sharpened chainsaw. 

No worries. We’re here to help you out. We will guide you towards the best method of using an electric chainsaw sharpener. We have crafted out a 9-step method to help you all out. 

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Now, let’s cut our way right into the details-

How to use an electric chainsaw sharpener: Step By Step

Things You Will Need

Before starting with the main process, you should get some things. 

These are-

  1. Safety Gloves
  2. Saw Blade Specifications
  3. Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
  4. Chainsaw Blade
  5. Black Permanent Marker

We know that two of these are obvious but still, we put these in for the sake of formality. 

Step 1:  Know the Blade Specifications

Do you know all about your chainsaw blade? 

If not, then you must. Trust us, this will help you a lot in the sharpening process. 

Normally you’ll get a manual with the chainsaw where you can find all the specifications. These specifications are also available on the blade box. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of those. You will find the specifications on the manufacturer’s website too. 

Just go through the specification and try to remember some details like blade tooth angle. And more than that, go through the electric sharpener manual. Get known with the parts and what those do. 

Step 2: Position your Sharpener

This step is super important. 

This whole process will become a lot dangerous if your sharpener is unstable. 

So, place your sharpener on the firm and rigid ground. Make sure that it doesn’t move while operating. Also, see if the saw blade can be easily installed from your selected position. If you find any difficulty, then look for another position. 

Step 3: Install the Sharpening Stone

Now you’ll understand why we told you to go through the specifications. 

You cannot install just any sharpening stone or grinder into the sharpener. Check the width of the stone. Install the one that fits into the gap between the teeth. 

How to measure the teeth gap? Go through the first step again to know about the teeth gap. If you already have a sharpening stone, then see if it matches the gap. These stones are commonly 3/16 inch wide. 

If the stone doesn’t fit, then get one that fits there.  

Step 4: Clean your Grinder Disk

Here the plan is to remove metals from the grinder disk. If your sharpener has been used previously then this step is a must for you. However, if your sharpener is new, then you can skip this step.

Step 5: Set the Swivel Angle

Swivel angle is the angle at which the disc will meet the chain. Place your chainsaw blade on the holder and start adjusting the swivel angle. 

We have found 60 degrees as the best swivel angle. But this can change for you. 

The norm is to set it between 0 degrees to 60 degrees. But you’ll get the option to increase it to 80 degrees. 

Step 6: Set the Blade Tooth Angle

Here you’ll have to go through the first step again. See the given blade tooth angle. You’ll find a knob below the sharpener. Adjust the angle according to the given blade tooth angle. 

We sharpened our chainsaw blades by adjusting the blade tooth angle at positive and negative 10 degrees. 

Step 7: Adjust the Depth

How deep do you think you should sharpen your blade? 

Well, to be honest, you should adjust the depth at the midpoint. You don’t want the grinder to cut very deep between the teeth. 

If the grinder goes too deep, then it might-

  • Cut the metal between the teeth and 
  • Overheat the blade itself

As a result, your blade will get damaged and lose its temper. Ultimately, you have to replace the whole blade. So, adjusting the depth is super important. 

Step 8: Start the Process

Lock your chain on the blade holder. Now, move your chain a bit back and forth to adjust the blade tooth and grinder connection perfectly.

Mark your starting tooth with a permanent marker. Once adjusted, pull up your grinder and turn on the sharpener. 

Now slowly pull down the grinder on the first tooth. As the grinder touches the blade, you’ll notice a few sparks. Keep the grinder wheel in touch with the tooth for some time. Then remove it. You can’t help but notice a shiny metallic appearance of the inner tooth at this point. 

Step 9: Keep on Advancing

Carefully sharpen each and every tooth until you reach the starting point again. 

Now you have to adjust the blade angle (the knob on the bottom) once more. This time you have to set on the same initial but on the negative side. 

Does this seem confusing to you? Well, for your better understanding, we will clear this out with an example. 

We told you that our blade angle was 10 degrees. So, we went through the grinder first time at positive 10 degrees. Afterward, we went through the chain with the blade angle negative 10 degrees.

If your first time was a positive 20 degrees, now do it at negative 20 degrees. 

Grind all the teeth till you reach the starting point again. And voila! You have a sharpened chainsaw blade.

Bottom Line

At this point, we believe you know everything about using an electric chainsaw sharpener. 

Take proper safety measures during the sharpening process. Follow these steps properly and you’ll have a sharpened chainsaw blade in no time. 

Good luck. 

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