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How To Cut Wood Straight With A Handsaw

Often, we think that power tools are the only way out for cutting wood. Circular saw, table saw, miter saw, etc comes in our mind in this regard.

But think of the era when power tools were not invented. Didn’t they cut wood then?

Obviously, they did. By using different types of hand saws, they did their woodcutting task right away. And really, only this simple cost-effective hand tool can cut wood straight with minimal risks of injury compared to any other power tool.

If you are a novice, then you need a little bit of practice. After that, you will find it comfortable using the manual or electric hand saw. And there is a possibility that you will start to use this simple hand tool rather than a power tool.

However, let us focus on the topic- how to cut wood straight with a hand saw. This is not rocket science that you will not able to do this. With some simple and easy steps, everyone can do this.

To complete this task, you should have some woodworking tools-

Tools you need

  1. A sharp hand saw
  2. A woodworking bench
  3. A pencil
  4. A carpenter’s square
  5. Clamps
  6. The board that you want to cut
  7. Straight edge piece of lumber (Guide)

Note: If you unable to manage straight edge piece of lumber, then you can use your thumb as a guide (not recommended for the beginner)

Step by step guide – How to Cut Wood Straight with A Handsaw

Step 1: Prepare your workbench

Place your workbench on a plain floor to protect from wobbling effect while cutting. If the bench wobble, then you will not be able to a straight cut. Also, ensure that the surface is plain and the legs of the workbench are positioned evenly.

Step 2: Clamp the board on the workbench

Now, place the board that you want to cut on the workbench and clamp it tightly. Loose fitting will make it moving while cutting. Thus, the line will be not straight.

Step 3: Mark the line with a pencil

This is the time to draw a straight line where you want to cut. Take the carpenter’s square and pencil. Draw a straight line where you want to cut.

Step 4: Clamp the guide

Take the straight piece of lumber onto the board. Place the straight edge onto the straight line in such way that the line can visible only. Clamp the lumber with the board.

If you don’t have the lumber, then skip this step. You have to use thumb instead of lumber. And for the beginner, this is not recommended.

Step 5: Start to cut

If everything is done properly, then you can start to cut.

At first, place your one hand on the lumber, then move upward the hand saw through the line. The saw and the line should be at an angle of 45 degrees at this moment.

If you don’t have the lumber, then use your thumb just like chef’s hold knife while cutting. The thumb should not be placed near teeth but slightly upper from the teeth. Now, do the same as the previous process.

You may need to pull the saw upward for 2-3 times. Then you will notice that the saw starts to cut the board.

Step 6: Finish the cutting

Now, it is time to move the saw upward and downward with slight force. Do this with the 45-degree angle until you finish the cutting.

Isn’t it simple?

Safety Tips for Using Handsaw

This is a manual cutting tool. Its risk factor is less than any power tool. Though less the possibility there are some rules that you must follow.

Otherwise, you can get injured by the tool. From my experience, I can tell you that you keep attention while working with the saw.

Apart from this follow the given below tips to avoid the unwanted situation-

  1. Use an eye protector and mask while cutting with a hand saw
  2. Always use a sharp hand saw for cutting
  3. Check the board you want to cut, if there is knots and nails are available or not. If any then forget that board and start with a fresh one.
  4. Don’t test the sharpness with your hand
  5. Cut with only slight force. Don’t push forcefully
  6. Always use hand gloves
  7. Clamp tightly with the board, workbench, and lumber
  8. Pick the saw according to the board’s thickness
  9. Keep 45 degrees angle between the saw and board
  10. Always keep the first aid box near the project.


By following the above-mentioned step by step guide on how to cut wood straight with a handsaw with safety tips, you will find the task as easy as child’s play.

Hand saw is the first tool that every carpenter starts their profession with. And DIY-ers also use this tool. Because it is a cheap, versatile and easy to store tool.

Among all the saw, a hand saw is the simplest form. Though, hand saw has a large variety. We have used here Crosscut Saw from the group of hand saw for demonstration purposes.

So, use a crosscut saw for cutting wood straight. Other types of hand saw are not capable to do perfectly this task.

Moreover, crosscut saw has a variety of purpose of use. You can do lots of project with this saw.

Good luck on your cutting.

Want to know more about hand saws, check out our complete guides.

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