Best Electric Hand Saw in 2021 – BLACK+DECKER PHS550B Review

Any standard saw can make your everyday life easier from different perspectives. But a hand saw certainly serves occasional & small-scale purposes. 

Best Electric Hand Saw ReviewsThere are many options to consider with all the overwhelming choices.
Among the preferable options, you can’t put aside BLACK+DECKER models. And we’re talking about PHS550B in particular.

It’s one of the best electric hand saws to meet the expectations within budget. Specialized design makes the intended one a great saw to keep in mind.

Our expert team explores everything about the model to cover the details. Going through the article should help you understand the accessory from its core. 

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BLACK+DEKCER is one American manufacturer to produce different power tools & accessories. The company has remained in the industry since 1910, delivering many innovative idealizations. Among the different types of products, its electric hand saw is definitely worth mentioning.

Powerful motor cuts through almost any common items like plastic, wood & metals. Several advanced features help you to attend the optimum accuracy, regardless of the conditions.

The reciprocating saws are compact enough to ease your task in narrow sections. Lightweight design enables superior handling efficiency for any passionate user. Tool-free blade changing facility lets you get the ultimate precision for commercial, occasional & other relevant tasks.

BLACK+DECKER PHS550B Electric Hand Saw

Best Electric Hand Saw
Accomplish all the small-scale cutting jobs with comfort, ease & accuracy. BLACK+DECKER designs a suitable handsaw to deliver absolute perfection. Versatile uses, functional features & supportive design – you’ll have everything in one unit. There, it’s one of the best electric hand saws you can find. You may think of putting extra effort to induce the required force. But PHS550B stands out as an oil-fashioned, traditional hand saw from the beginning. Instead of a standard chain saw, the mechanism comes similar to jigsaws. Meanwhile, the built-in regular mechanism lets you handle the saw comfortably. The price tag appears different with the availability of certain mechanical parts. But the valuation manages to remain affordable, worth every penny.

Features & Benefits

Powerful Built-in Motor:

The corded electric machine features a powerful motor to make the strokes. It comes with a 3.4Amp rating to provide the outcome at 120V. The saw can deliver a maximum of 4600 SPM (Strokes Per Minute) action. Its flawless functionality makes the cuts almost immediately within your reach.

Compact Configuration:

BLACK+DECKER manages to integrate all the features in a preferable combo. Unlike the bulky ones, the exterior configuration comes pretty solid with a compact appeal. Still, the assembly remains light enough to deliver comfortable handling. Even for prolonged cutting sessions, you won’t face the slightest difficulty.

Two Different Blades:

The primary package includes two different blades to cover your needs. You’re to utilize the large capacity blade against its standard metal cutting blade. Not to mention, the variance enables you to accomplish a wide range of projects. Whether it’s indoor uses or outdoor pruning, a patented no-tool blade change should suffice the necessity.

Storage Bag Integration:

One peculiar integration concerns the inclusion of a storage bag. It lets you keep the associated features secure against damaging elements. The spacious interior remains enough to hold the cutting saw, both of the blades & a 6’ power cord. Also, you can carry other small-sized mechanical accessories.

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Replacement Blade Set For Electric Hand Saw

BLACK+DECKER Replacement Blade Set For Electric Hand Saw, Navigator Models, 3-Piece (74-598)
  • For use with Black & Decker Navigator Saw # SC500G (2581-1407)
  • Use to cut wood, metal, and plastic
  • 3 piece set includes curve cutting, metal cutting, and general purpose
  • Carded
  • Length: 11.75

How To Use Electric Hand Saw – Follow the simple 8 Steps- 


Step 1 Choose the perfect hand saw:

You will find different kinds of electric hand saw in the market. First, you have to select one regarding the cutting object.

Step 2 Mark the cutting piece:

Mark down the cutting object with a marker. You have to follow the marked area while cutting through the object. Use a measurement tape as a scale.

Step 3 Change the blade regarding the cutting object:

You can use the default blade for cutting wooden pieces. If you are going to cut metal objects, then you may need to change the blade. Metal objects require blades with tiny teeth and wooden objects require long teeth.

Step 4 Place the object on the table:

Place the cutting object on the table. If you have a holder on the table, then adjust the holder tightly. You must hold the object regarding the marked line and the blade position.

Step 5 Hold the hand saw with one hand:

Hold the handle with one hand. You will find a trigger underneath the handle. Place a finger onto the trigger. Don’t run the saw right now.

Step 6 Hold the cutting object with your other hand:

If you have no holder on the table, hold the object with your other hand. Make sure you have held the object keeping a safe distance from the blade.

Step 7 Run the blade through the marked area:

Press the trigger and place the blade to the object. Follow the marked line. Run the blade through the marked line smoothly. After cutting the marked area completely, take out the blade.

Step 8 Hands off from the trigger:

After taking out the blade from the cutting object, hands off the trigger. Follow the same way for different cuts. Remember, you should not hand off the trigger when the blade is inside the cutting object.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the limiting width of sizable tree branches?

Answer: You can make cuts up to 10” in width for tree branches.

Question: Can I attach an extension cord to the existing one?

Answer: You can use a 16-gauge extension cord within 50’ length. A 14-gauge extension may cause some issues.

Question: Is it suitable for one-handed operation?

Answer: Definitely, the compact size lets you handle the saw with one hand.

Question: Does the saw cut soft items like flowers or leaves?

Answer: No, the small-sized blade goes with the intended materials only.

Question: How is the vibration while making cuts?

Answer: Vibration remains minimal, not affecting your task. But there comes no tested value.


It’s difficult to invest in the best electric hand saw with no plausible acceptance. Considering the overall aspect, PHS550B is indeed a great hand saw for home uses. Despite the limitations, the design lets you accomplish complete satisfaction.

No more tedious cutting sessions with ineffective saws.
Simple yet ergonomic functionality goes perfect for light, small-scale, straight cutting jobs. There’s no need to settle for cheap, old-fashioned, or

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