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How To Unlock Ryobi Miter Saw

A Ryobi miter saw can add fun to your professional and personal work if you know the right instructions on how to unlock Ryobi miter saw. You can lock and unlock the saw easy to carry it anywhere.

A Ryobi miter saw is a compound saw that you can use in both directions: the angle of the workpiece and the angle of the blade. This miter saw is very much common for its portability.

Professionals use this miter saw due to its efficiency in cutting and moving. The operator can customize this miter saw into a standard and a sliding miter saw. Next, the operator can turn it into a compound saw also.

Before unlocking the saw, you should place it in a flat place. Follow the steps below eventually.

How to unlock Ryobi miter saw

Unlock the Head or blade of a miter saw:

A Ryobi miter saw is very common for personal and professional uses due to its portability. You can carry this miter saw locking its various parts.

As you are reading this article, you should have a locked miter saw right in front of you. You may not find a way how to unlock the miter saw. First, you have to place the saw in a flat place.

Make sure the place has enough space to spread the Ryobi miter. Look at the head of the saw. The head means the upper part of the blade cover. You will find a handle there.

To unlock the head, find a knob or screw in the center of the saw. Look back at the saw to find out the knob. Press the handle down and release the knob or screw. The head should be upright automatically.  

Unlock the sliding of a sliding miter saw:

Most of the Ryobi miter saw comes with a sliding feature. If you have a sliding miter saw, then you have to unlock the sliding of the saw.

You have to unlock the head first before unlocking the sliding barrel. Look back from the center of the miter saw. You will find a barrel. Find a screw or knob in the barrel.

This screw holds the barrel straight in the position. Hold the handle of the saw and release the knob. Pull the blade. It should come out easily. Before pulling out the handle, make sure you have released the knob perfectly.

Otherwise, you may hamper the surface of the barrel. You can lock the sliding at any position by moving the knob. Set the position of the blade regarding your needs.   

Unlock the bevel of a compound miter saw:

If you are holding a compound Ryobi miter saw, you have to unlock the bevel. If you want to use it as a standard saw, then you don’t need to unlock the bevel.

A compound miter saw enables you to cut angles in various directions. To cut angles, you have to move the blade in several directions. This feature is called bevel.

Look back at the miter saw and find the bevel joint center. You should get it in the center of the miter saw. Now, find a knob in the joint. It could be a pin also.

Hold the handle with one hand and release the pin with another hand. Move the handle to the right and left. It should move easily. You can fix the position of the blade in any direction by locking the bevel with the pin.

Unlock the base of a miter saw:

Now, it is time to unlock the base of the miter saw. The base means the holder, stand, or the center of the miter saw.

Look at the front side of the base. You will find another handle. You will find two handles in a miter saw such as the main handlebar engaged with the blade and the base handlebar.

Hold the base handlebar and twist to the left. Be sure about the direction of the handle knob. You should twist the handle knob easily. Then, move the base right and left.

If you are going to cut angles with the miter saw, you can set the base position by locking the knob. Set the position regarding the measurement of the cutting piece.

How to fold a Ryobi miter saw

A Ryobi miter saw is a perfect portable saw that you can carry anywhere. You can lock and assemble the parts easily just following some simple ways.

Follow the instructions to fold a miter saw.

  • Unplug the miter saw from the electric connection. Wait for a while to cool down the blade if you have turned it off just now.
  • Hold the head or handle and push down. Have your eyes on the back. You will find a knob or pin in the center. Put it and press. It will lock the head.
  • Find the screw in the sliding barrel if you are using a sliding miter saw. Tighten the screw to lock the sliding.
  • Hold the secondary handle on the base. Just twist the handlebar to fix the movement.

By this time, your Ryobi miter saw should be ready to carry.

Tips to take care of miter saw

·         Freshen up the miter saw after every use so that no dust and debris can stay.

·         Sharpen the blade twice a month. You may sharpen the blade every week regarding the uses.

·         Lubricant the saw once a week so that every part of the machine remains fit and workable.

·         Before starting a miter saw you must check the connections, joints, knobs, screws, and measurement.

Bottom line: You should not get any problem while unlocking the miter saw. After reading this article on how to unlock Ryobi miter saw, you have learned how easy it is to unlock a miter saw.

I would suggest you read out the user manual of the Ryobi miter saw. Here, you will find the joints, connections, and customization options.

For further information, you can write comments below. We will try to write back to you with the solutions.

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