How to Use a Miter Saw to Cut Angles – Follow These 10 Steps

How To Use A Miter Saw To Cut Angles

Miter saw is must-have stuff in the wood workshops. If you are going to have decorative cuts, then you may ask how to use a miter saw to cut angles. A miter saw is very much useful for cutting angles.

I have tried to expose miter saw tips and tricks that you can follow to acute angles on the saw.

Listen, you are the operator of the miter saw. You must know how a miter saw works. It is a machine. It will follow your order as you handle it.

Go through the steps eventually so that you may not miss the precious one.  

Prepare the materials/equipment to cut angels

Arrange the things accordingly to cut angels perfectly.

  • A miter saw with blade
  • A measurement tape
  • A marker
  • Goggles (For eye safety)
  • Earbuds (For ear safety)
  • Dust protector (To avoid dust)

How to cut angle using a miter saw

Step 1 Select the perfect miter saw:

Mainly, you will find two types of miter saw in the market. One is a single bevel miter saw and another is a dual bevel miter saw. Before going to the final step, you must choose one carefully.

A dual bevel miter saw will enable you to move the blade from 45-degree to 90-degree. Here, you can move it 55-degree too. On the other hand, a single bevel miter saw will be a little bit harder. You have to re-install the position of the cutting objects every time.

Select the best miter saw according to your daily work. If you do heavy work daily, then you should pick the dual bevel miter saw. Otherwise, you can carry it out with the single bevel miter saw.   

Step 2 Select the right blade:

The working efficiency of the miter saw will depend on the condition of the blade. You will find different blades with sizes and amounts of teeth.

Remember, blades with maximum teeth like 55 will be perfect for heavy-duty. You can select one with less than 55 teeth for simple works. Now, pay attention to the sharpness of the blade.

You cannot have a perfect finishing with a dull blade. Don’t consider the sharpness of the blade. A dull blade will ruin your time, wooden piece, and money as well.

Finally, choose the right size of the blade. Read the user manual of the miter saw. You will get the right measurement of the blade. Later, you can fix the blade size.   

Step 3 Adjust the speed and function:

If you have the latest miter saw, then you can adjust the speed and function. The speed of the blade plays a vital role. The smoothness of the cut depends on the speed and pressure.

You will find a shutdown button on the function panel. It will shut down the miter saw while getting excessive pressure.

Step 4 Mark the angle on the wood:

This is the most important part of the entire process. Whatever you are going to cut, you must mark the area perfectly.

Get a measurement tape and a marker. Mark the area completely with the marker. Keep some extra space inside the marked area.  

Step 5 Set the object on the holder:

Once you have marked the cutting area, set the cutting object on the holder. Here, you have to set several things.

You will get a marking plate on a dual bevel miter saw. It will help you to cut the edges smoothly. Put the object in the right place and tighten the holder.  

Make sure that the margins are straight to the marked area.  

Step 6 Fix the blade and marking area:

Go for the blade now. It should be straight to the marked area. You can fix the position of the blade by moving the screws on the holder and blade.

Here, you have to change the position of the blade. Take time and do it easily.  

Step 7 Run the miter saw through the wooden piece:

When everything is set, you are ready to go for the final step. Connect the miter saw with electricity. Turn on the miter saw and make the first cut.

Make sure you have taken safety measures before turning on the machine. It will create dust with tiny objects. They may get into your ears and eyes. Don’t forget to put in goggles and ear protectors.

Step 8 Hold the handle smoothly and move slowly:

While cutting the angle, you must hold the handle of the miter saw smoothly. Do not create pressure on the blade through the wood.

The miter saw will arrange the wooden piece smoothly. You just need to cooperate with the working process. Hold the handle and follow the marked area whether the blade is going through the right path or not.

If the blade is going on the right track, then you just need to wait until it finishes the first cut. After finishing the first cut, check out the angle. It should be perfect.

Step 9 Repeat the process for other angles:

If the first cut is perfect, then go for the next cut following the same process. You have to change the blade and the object position according to the different angles.

Step 10 Follow up:

Check out the blade position after every cut. After finishing the cut, you have to maintain the miter saw for further use. Check out the sharpness of the blade.

Lubricant the wheels in the miter saw regularly. Take out the blade if you do not use it regularly. If you keep the blade attached with the miter saw, it will bend up. Don’t let it bend automatically.

Bottom line:

This content on how to use a miter saw to cut angles will be helpful for you if you are a beginner. You know angle cutting is a must-do job for decorating any object.

To set the angle of the decorative cuts, you can follow the miter saw angle chart. You will find a chart in the user manual. Don’t forget to ensure the safety measures.

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