How To Sharpen A Miter Saw Blade – Learn Step by Step Process

How To Sharpen A Miter Saw Blade

Do you want to sharpen your miter saw blade? Isn’t your miter blade working accurately or, Do you think your saw blade feels dull? Then this article is a must for you.

Here, you will get all of this answer that helps you to maintain your miter saw blade properly. Also, this information guides you to keep your miter blade active and sharpen for a long time.

So what is the delay? Now read this whole article carefully and keep your blade sharp and safe for a long time.

There are many methods to sharpen your miter saw blade. Here I discuss the easiest and safest way and tips to sharpen your saw blade.

Tools you will need Sharpening your miter saw blade

Before you start sharpening your miter saw blade, there are some essential tools you need to collect. These important tools will help you sharpen your miter saw blade perfectly.

  • Workbench with mounting clamps
  • Small diamond file
  • Crayon.

Step by Step: Sharpening Your Miter Saw Blade

Step 1: Select and Gather The Right Tools

Before doing anything at first you need to select the right tools. Now gather them all at your workplace. That’s a secret that many people can’t follow. Also, this method helps you to save valuable time and complete this work faster.

To begin with the process you need to require a few crayon files or markers, a diamond file, and finally a working bench. For older models, you’ll require a wrench to dispose of the bolts.

For all of these materials, the most valuable tool is the diamond file. It may be a little bit expensive. But it’s the main weapon that sharpens the miter blade.

Marker or crayons help you to mark on the miter blade. So that you can easily keep tracking this mark and never misguide.

At long last, a workbench will assist you with keeping the sharp edge set up. For a better outcome, search for the seat which has mounted cinches.

Step 2: Unplug The Machine From The Power

It is very dangerous to work on the miter blade while still connected to the power. So, for your safety at first unplug the power cord from the device. 

Furthermore, if there are any secondary or emergency power sources (like a battery) keep them down.

Finally, raise the cutting end in an upper spot. The cutting head is where you will find the handle and the sharp edge.

Step 3: Eliminate The Blade Carefully

In the beginning, you need to remove the blade from the machine to start the sharpening process. This is because it is impossible to sharpen the blade properly when it is attached to the saw.

Remember, never compromise with your safety. Saw blade is a sharpened material. So before removing the blade wear proper safety gloves, goggles, etc.

After eliminating the blade, place it correctly on the workbench and set all the clamps.

Step 4: Get Started

After completing all of these steps mentioned above you are now ready to start the final process of sharpening your blade.

So, let’s begin the process.

Step 5: Mark The Blade

If you notice, you’ll see there are various teeth on the miter edge. These teeth are the main source of cutting wood or anything else.

Marking these teeth is very important before jumping into the main process. It’ll help you to start this process at a specific point and continuously guide you to keep on the truck.

Now you need to keep marking and sharpen all the teeth individually.

Step 6: Sharpening The Blade Properly

Help with the diamond file starts the sharpening process of your saw blade. At this moment, you need to strictly follow the marking and sharpening of the teeth one after one.

Take your precious stone record and put it at the base front side of the edge, pick the principal tooth. To document viably, push the file ahead and upward, easily along the edges. Ensure the substance of the file is on the level piece of the tooth thickness.

Be careful! This is the main part of the whole process. As a long time process, it can feel annoying but never be unconscious otherwise you could be in danger.

Step 7: Maintain Regularity To The Next Teeth

Rehash the above cycle on every one of the teeth until you reach the one with a colored pencil mark. While sharpening, avoid touching the points or corners of the teeth.

Whenever you are finished with one side, go to the next portion of the miter saw cutting edge. You can undoubtedly do this by repositioning the cutting edge on locks and keep sharpening the leftover teeth as you did with the main half.

When you get to the tooth with a pastel imprint, at that point you should realize that your sharpening interaction is finished.

Step 8: Fix The Blade On The Saw

Once you finished the sharpening process, now you can install the blade on the miter saw blade and get back to start work.

But at first, take a piece of wood or board and slice to check whether the cuts are correct. If the cutting edge needs more sharpening, you can undoubtedly follow the above steps.

If you see your machine performs better and smoothly. Then at that point appreciate getting spotless and exact cuts.

How Often Should Your Blade Be Sharpened?

You may have noticed that your saw blade loses its performance after a certain period and continues to blunt. For this reason, you realize your miter saw doesn’t work properly and can give you a hard time.

Generally, a blunt or rough blade makes it difficult to cut wood smoothly. At this time you need to sharpen your saw blade properly.

Also, many people are asking a question frequently that how often they should sharpen their blades? Depending on your usage you may need a weekly, quarterly, or monthly basis period to sharpen your blade.

Bottom Line

You should have a great idea about How To Sharpen a Miter Saw Blade after reading the article. Remember, you may not be the perfect one to sharpen the blade the first time. Read the greater points again and practice. 

Make sure that you have taken the safety measures to protect your fingers and the blade as well. 

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