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How to Woods Port A Chainsaw

Chainsaws are one of the most used power tools in handy manship and woodworking. But sometimes, woodworkers are not happy with the compressor ratio that their own chainsaw comes with.

So, what do they do? Do they go for buying a new one?

Nope, actually. There is a process called porting the chainsaw, which helps in achieving a higher compressor ratio within the saw chainsaw.

And in this article, we are going to break down the definition, purpose, and process of wood porting your chainsaw.

Take a break of a couple of minutes from whatever you’re doing, and let’s go through-

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What Does It Mean By Wood Porting?

There are tons of methods available through which you can modify your chainsaw, and wood porting is just one of them. This process includes changing the cylinder head and also tweaking the timing of the port. The result of this process is the performance of the chainsaw.

So, why do we have to do that? And what are the benefits actually?

In fact, there are a couple of benefits to this type of modification of chainsaws. Have a look-

  1. Increased compressor ratio, resulting in better performance of the chainsaw.
  2. Cooler operating temperature, resulting in less wear and more lifetime of the chainsaw itself.

How Does Wood Porting Affect On A Chainsaw?

There is a common myth among chainsaw users that it affects the reliability of the saw itself. But let us state that, it doesn’t. In fact, the real truth is, you can make positive impacts on the reliability or performance in this way.

How to Port A chainsaw- The Steps

There are numerous ways of wood porting a chainsaw, and it depends on what you want to do with the modified version of the saw.

In some methods, you will not be even with a lot of space to exhaust the air. So, you’ve made sure that your saw can breathe better with the muffler. Also, you have to ensure that the temperature of the chainsaw stays low.

Looking for the exact tips to do that? Here you go-

Step 1: Open and Widen Up The Exhaust

The gateway to access the inside part of the chainsaw is through the exhaust path. So, you need to open up the muffler, with ample care. There are processes like grinding, drilling, and so on to do that.

Once the muffler is opened up, make sure the exhaust path is wide enough to access by hands.

Step 2: Free Up Some Space

Once you get to access the inside part of the chainsaw, make some space inside the intake and exhaust system of the saw. There are different machining methods to do that.

At this stage, you can try squishing, which involved the process of lowering the jug of the chainsaw. The item you will need throughout this process is a thin gasket. The exact process is called milling.

Step 3: Try Modifying The Transfer Ports As Well

By the end of the second step, you should almost be done with the wood porting process. Your compressor should show up a better compressor ratio now.

In case you need even more modification, you can try modifying the transfer ports of the compressor. Here is a list of modification that you can try-

  1. Try changing the mechanical timing of the ports.
  2. Remove excess material from the piston of the chainsaw.
  3. Remove the coil from the limiter of RPM.

These actions will lead to even more increments in the compressor ratio, leading to the more efficient output of the chainsaw.

Other Ways of Porting Chainsaw

Apart from the regular manner, there are some other ways that can also provide you with similar benefits.

One process includes filling out the combustion chamber of the saw with sawdust. This eventually ends up in a higher combustion ratio, which means your saw will get to work more powerfully.

This process also decreases the temperature of the chainsaw itself, which is another primary purpose of wood porting saws.

By the way, these processes of wood porting the saw is quite of the box practice. So, it takes a whole lot of expertise to do that. If you’re almost new to these processes, you should not go for it in the first place.

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Keep These Things in Mind While Wood Porting The Chainsaw

Throughout the process of wood porting, keep these facts in mind-

The sole purpose of a wood porting chainsaw is to let it breathe better and make the exhaust system smoother. Do make sure that happens when you wood ports your chainsaw.

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Bottom Line

The process of porting your chainsaw requires prior expertise and experience. When you’re doing it for the first time, take a direct consultancy from an expert, or leave a comment below. We’ll get back to you, we promise.


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