How to Rip A Log with A Chainsaw: Follow This 3 Step

Chainsaws possess a whole lot of cutting abilities. But when it comes to ripping an entire log with a chainsaw, things seem to be a little different.

How to Rip A Log with A Chainsaw

But to be honest, even a small-sized chainsaw has the ability to cut a 10 inches limb. But you need to set it right in the proper way and guide the chainsaw throughout the whole process.

In case you are completely new to this process, the whole scenario may look like rocket science to you. But worry not, we’re here to make that consumable and easy for you.

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Go through the whole post, where we’ll be breaking down the processes, steps, and safety measures on how to rip a log with a chainsaw-

What Is The Main Challenge In Ripping A Limb with Chainsaw?

If you look at it in a broad sense, ripping a large limb is just another cutting task for a chainsaw. But in comparison with the regular cutting tasks, there is one major difference.

While you’re ripping off a large tree branch with a chainsaw, there will be extra tension on the chainsaw due to the weight of the limb itself. So, your cutting bar will be stuck in between its way from the top to the bottom of the limb.

To prevent the issue, we recommend you use a plastic wedge to prevent the log from pinching the cutting bar.

In case your log is not to think in terms of dimension, you don’t need to worry about it at all.

Let’s proceed to the steps of ripping a log with your chainsaw-

Steps on How to Rip A Log with A Chainsaw

There are several methods on how you can make a DIY sawmill with a medium or small chainsaw. But when it comes to ripping logs with ease, we won’t recommend you to go with such complicated methods.

Here are three easy steps to cut or rip a large log with a chainsaw

Step 1: Build A Post First

Throughout the process of ripping a log, your chainsaw is needed to be guided in a parallel line. And a wooden post will do that job.

The size of the wooden post would be 4×4, and it will set right parallel to the log that you’re willing to rip.

To make sure that this post guides your chainsaw throughout the process, it’s essential to be plumb and smooth. Otherwise, it will lead to an uneven cutting line into the log.

Step 2: Build A Chainsaw Holder

The next step is to build a platform that will hold your saw along with the post. In order to make that, you don’t have to go through any complicated process. All you need to put two wooden plates on an angle of 90 degrees with each other.

Make sure the movement of this platform is smooth, as this is going to be the key factor in the whole process of cutting.

Step 3: Mill/Rip Your Wood

We’re all set, and now it’s time to rip the wood itself.

What you have to do is, hold the saw on the platform. Now, take it on the top of the log that you want to cut. Now, place the chainsaw blade right across the central surface of the wood.

Make sure that the placement of the chainsaw is even, and according to the plan that you want to mill it like.

Now, turn on the chainsaw and you’ll see it to start the ripping process. Make sure that the placement of the log and the chainsaw system is strong and stable.

If you guide the chainsaw the whole way from up to down, it will start to generate a uniform cut across the length of the log.

To make the operation even more perfect, you can try adding some support to the top of the wooden log. It will make the log more secure to the ground.

Another important thing to look after is, don’t let the log tip over on itself. This will ruin the whole purpose of ripping, and the ripped-up wooden pieces won’t be usable anymore.

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Do You Need To Modify Your Chainsaw to Rip Wood?

In order to rip or cut regular limbs, you don’t need to modify the chainsaw actually. The safety and functional features that come along with a chainsaw are already ready for such purposes. All you need to do is, guide the chainsaw blade in a proper manner.

What Safety Gear You Should Wear for the Operation?

Don’t forget that, cutting with a chainsaw is a complicated task, and there are several risks of injury. Therefore, make sure to wear all of these safety gears-

1. Safety google.

  1. Ear protection, especially if it’s a gas-powered chainsaw.
  2. Protective clothing.
  3. A partner to assist you throughout the process.
  4. Gloves and working boots.

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