How Long Does It Take to Install Laminate Flooring

How Long Does It Take to Install Laminate Flooring

A laminate floor is one suitable alternative to hardwood floors in many aspects. Installing one hardwood floor takes a very long time & patience.

In this regard, laminate flooring takes considerably less time, patience & effort. But still many get troubled with the possible time requirement.

When you want to move for the installation by yourself, it’s really an important issue. The overall efficiency of the installation highly depends on your time limit & patience. Like, with the best laminate flooring cutter you can do your job more quickly.

That’s where you need to understand how long does it take to install laminate flooring. It will help you to manage your precious time for the job.

Right here, we discussed the basics of the laminate flooring installation for your space. Going through the article, you can easily set the possible time frame.

How Long Does It Take to Install Laminate Flooring:-

Is It Difficult to Install Laminate Flooring by Yourself:

Laminate floor installation is no big deal for DIY homeowners. You just need to calculate the space for perfect accommodation. Then you’ll require precise cutting of the boards.

You may face some difficulties in determining spatial needs. How to measure the space, how much gap to leave or how to cut with precision – all require attention.

DIY homeowners can handle these pretty well. For first-timers, it’s rather common to make mistakes. And that’s what triggers the possible occurrence of a heavy mess.

Initial Planning is Important:

Before anything to execute, you better have a close look at the room. You should examine & understand the layout of the entire space.

Figure out the places where laminating is likely to give you trouble. You can further divide into less & more difficult places. Then you’ll have to decide how you can work it out.

Getting to a plan before laying the laminates can save you time. You won’t have to face unnecessary problems or halt while flooring.

Let the Place Get Ready:

You can start the installation process by giving a three-day halt. Unpacking the floors, the time gap can help to acclimate with the designated space.

The acclimation is undeniably one important yet underrated factor. There are moist-sensitive core particleboards. With the time frame, it prevents possible expansion of the core.

While the boards are getting ready, you can work out the floors. You can level uneven sections or undercut the doorjamb. It’s really a good time for a thorough subfloor cleaning.

Installation Method Matters:

It may seem more stable, lasting quality with glued flooring. Not to mention, it causes most of the mess, particularly for first-timers.

You’ll need to clean, dry & prepare the floor in the first place. Then you’ll have to continue the operation by applying glue & flooring.

With the sticky glue, it gets really messy most of the time. The method may even take 2 – 3 days to complete for a small-sized room.

Considering all the problems, Snap-&-Lock can help you really good. Snapping together, the laminates go rather quickly. It takes several hours at most, even for larger rooms.

Your Efficiency has Value:

As mentioned, it’s somewhat easy for experienced ones with proper calculation. The same process may seem difficult for first-timers.

The most time-consuming operation is the laying of planks & interlocking. For beginners, it will certainly take some time to get accustomed to the process.

Not to mention, plank cutting & end-piece installation require care. With space complexity, it is likely to take considerable time in the first stages.

But after doing some rows, the process will obviously seem easier. Having a better feel, you can go for the next row rather quickly.

Having a Helper for the Job:

Although you are doing the job by yourself, it can help with some assistance. Having someone by the side can ease your mental pressure really well.

The helper can hand over the necessary pieces without stopping your task. With additional help, you can tackle the difficult areas easily.

How Long It May Take in Total:

The total time required to complete the entire task is largely different. It takes the targeted space, operational efficiency & room size into account.

At least 2 – 3 days go for the acclimation to the room environment. The actual flooring process requires 3 – 4 hours, for most DIY homeowners.

You may need some extra few as the first-time installer. It is likely to take about 1 – 2 more hours of work with the doorway & cabinet spaces.

For a rough idea, you can consider a 10’ x 20’ room space. The entire installation may take about 4 – 5 days. It will cost an extra day for each of the additional rooms.


Knowing how long does it take to install a laminate floor, you can figure out the time requirement by yourself. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to go through an extremely tedious, hard labor.

You really don’t have to cost additional money for installing the laminate floor. Careful laying & precise calculation are the key factors here.

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