Best Saw for Cutting Laminate Flooring in 2021- Top #7 Picks

You love it when the floor of your home is made of smooth, elegant-looking laminate, right? Well, most of us do, actually.

But you know, turning a set of laminate sheets into the laminate floor is a hard process. And an expert operator with the best laminate floor cutters in hand is what you need in this regard.

Using a flooring cutter for cutting Laminate flooring is not a hard job. For this doesn’t require any type of expertise or professional experience. If you have the right Saw for cutting laminate flooring and other flooring material, it’s will be a very easy job for you.

Best Saw For Cutting Laminate Flooring

However, if you’re up to the job itself, this post is the next thing you need. We’ve hand-picked the quality laminate floor cutters in the market and explained every detail of them.

Stick to the post till the end of this roundup list, and you’ll understand how-

Our Favorite Best Laminate Floor Cutters Saw in 2021
Best Choice
Bullet Laminate Flooring Cutter
Bullet Tools Laminate Flooring Cutter
Pemium Pick
SKIL 3601-02 Best Laminate Flooring Saw Skil Laminate Flooring Saw
SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw
Best Value
EAB Laminate Flooring Cutter
EAB Tool - 9-Inch Laminate Flooring Saw

1. Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ (best tool to cut laminate flooring)

EZ Laminate Flooring Cutter​ Reviews

Welcome to the review of the 1st and top-rated laminate floor cutter of today’s market. Upon various researches and sources, we’ve been bound to put this cutter at the top of the list, and we will tell you why. By the way, the name of this cutter is Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ.

The best part of this floor cutter is, it has a maximum width limit of 9 inches. Now take the complicated laminate floor structures into consideration. Definitely, such a good width coverage will give you a strong hand.

On top of the width limit, the raking angle of this cutter is quite good. To be exact, it comes with a raking angle range of 45 degrees on a given 6 inches board.

A good thing about this blade cutter is, it produces less dust for the workspace. So you don’t have to bring the subject into your workshop. All you have to do is to set the cutter on the workspace and go on.

As a couple of add-ons for the regular features, this Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ features a 2 position aluminum fence, along with adjustments. Also, the blade that you can see with this cutter, is of black HDO types. They call it the Phenolic Marine Board.

The sound and the noise created by any laminate floor cutter is something that bothers every user. But this model is out of this risk. Due to the less noise production, you can employ this cutter onto the home, home garage or literally any workspace. Even, it can run without any electricity in certain cases. No matter its day or night, you can get optimal service from this cutter.

Now, come the point of how and what kind of material this can handle. Well, the rule of thumb is, it can handle any laminate surfaces with a thickness of 9 inches, 16 inches and anything within.
Due to the extensive features and the strong supportive table that it comes with, the price point of this cutter might seem a bit high. But for a professional worker, this should worth every penny.

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2. SKIL 3601-02 Best Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade

SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw​

Cutting laminate-made floors isn’t an easy chore at all. You’ve to make sure that the cut you are making is perfectly put, the blade is capable enough and on top of all, the cutter is of good quality. To check all of these boxes, we’ve found one perfect cutter at this point. The name is SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade.

The types of material that this cutter is able to cut are quite versatile. There are solid laminate floors, engineered laminate floors, and general laminate floors. All of these can be cut and shaped easily with this blade cutter.

Now come to the question of how many types of cut is able to make. The three major cuts that you can make with this blade are miter cut, cross cut, and rip cut. If you’ve been up to this job for a long time, you should know that these three cuts are everything you want from the best laminate floor cutter machine.

The blade cutter comes with a very compact footprint and lightweight. So, you can transport and carry around this machine quite easily. No need to pull any harm and manual effort.

The detention of the miter cutter is quite impressive. It has got a miter detention angle range of 22.5 degrees to 45 degrees. That’s all we need, right?

To give you a promise of long-term durability, the material used to prepare this cutter is die-cast aluminum. Like we said before, this cutter is pretty light in weight. One of the reasons behind is this structure which is made of aluminum. On top of that, it has got a rip fence to make your cutting work easier.

For this review, we’ve picked up 1 pack version of this cutter. There are also 2 pack, 3 pack, and 4 pack versions. In case you are a professional home improvement service provider, you can choose from the next three models we’ve mentioned.

The overall price-quality ratio is quite impressive. No matter you’re looking forward to this model for professional, semi-professional, or amateur works, it will be the best saw for laminate flooring.

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3. EAB Laminate Flooring Cutter Tool

Best Laminate Floor Cutters

It’s so good of a laminate cutter when it comes with a number of versatility as long as cuttable materials are concerned. The model that we are talking about, is called the EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch Laminate Flooring Cutter. And it is able to cut laminate floor, solid wood, vinyl surface, and any other kind of engineered surface as well.

Let’s break down the features and specs into bite-size chunks below-

Like any standard cutter, this laminate cutter features a width of 9 inches. And that is convenient for any semi-professional or professional cutting chores. But when it comes to cutting fiber cement siding, that’s where you might face a few difficulties. Specially, jobs like cutting hardier plank, you should be aware enough of the functions.

This cutter is able to come with an angle of 45 degrees. Such an angle gauge is pretty fine.

But for such operations, noise management is quite an important task. But this product is quite noise free. No electricity required to run this cutter. So you would not have to worry about seeking any kind of power outlet nearby.

Each time the blade is dumb, you might not want to buy a new one, right? Don’t worry. The blade that comes with this cutter is able to take a number of sharpening tasks. To give you a hand in this, this blade comes with even a sharpening stone.

In case you are seeking a laminate cutter for professional work, you have the liberty to choose from 1 piece, 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4 pieces, and 5 pieces model. But for each of them, you’ve to pay accordingly.

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4. Norske Tools NMAP004 - Laminate Floor Cutter review

Norske Tools NMAP004 - Laminate Flooring Cutter saw

The innovative design of Norske Laminate flooring Cutter for ultimate precision gives maximum performance. With careful engineering, the mechanical device suits the hand of professionals. Providing a steady stream of functionality, overall productivity simply gets better. The solid construction features lightweight aluminum with sturdy reinforcement.

The 22” aluminum fence keeps the frame intact against a continuous operation. with the reinforced top, the exterior support gets further strength to induce greater stability. The sliding cutter can handle 13” wide materials having 19/32” thickness. Speaking of the materials, it cuts fiber cement boards, wood, vinyl apart from laminate flooring. You can even make angled cuts if necessary.

The integrated miter gauge comes with an improvised laser etching. Using the laser, you can go for 15°, 30° & 45° cut with optimum accuracy. It’s also important to keep the board length in mind for comfortable operation. For the cutter, there comes a table extension for the cutter to deal with longer boards.

Thanks to the sliding table, the convenient system supports up to 41” length of targeted boards. And a larger-sized handle can give you more leverage to handle more comfortably.

The designated handle here measures about 28.5” which gives you increased leverage. Using the maneuverable measure gauge, you can make a quicker repetitive cutting. The purchase gives you an additional bonus accessory kit. It includes a pull bar, tapping block, mallet & 16 PVC inserts.

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5. Roberts 10-94- best tool to cut laminate flooring

At this point of the review, let us take the privilege of introducing the Roberts 10-94 Multi-Floor Cutter on the table. It’s a newly released product, but possess a rare combination of functionality and versatility.

This Guillotine-style cutting device can cut laminate boards that are up to 13 inches wide and ⅝” inches, which is just about the standard size in carpentry. With the moving guide, you can take a cutting angle of up to 45 degrees.

And the blade that does the cutting job is made of tungsten steel, which is a reputed metal as long as durability and precision is concerned. In fact, one of it’s selling point is the precise and smooth cut that it makes. 

The Roberts 10-94 Multi-Floor Cutter comes as a blessing for those carpenters who have to deal with long laminate boards, and have to size them for flooring. Because the cutting table is wide and spacious enough for dealing with such longer boards. ANd the long handle will provide you with more freedom of cutting power in the job.

Although we are concern about laminate floor here, this cutter is also a nice choice for cutting other boards made of VCT tiles, LVT flooring, MDF based boards, etc. If you are a professional or semi-professional carpenter, you might find this feature quite handy.

While cutting boards for floors, precision is the one thing that you’d surely look for. To keep up with that, there is a cutting guide provided with the machine that makes it easier to make precise square cuts. And this particular quality of this machine doesn’t fade away even after years of use.

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Types of Laminate Floor Cutters:

As you have seen, we’ve been taken only those laminate cutters into consideration, which are hand-driven. But that’s not the end of the world for these cutters. There is another type of laminate floor cutters, which is called electric cutters.

Have a look at both of these variations-

Manual Laminate Floor Cutters –

Manual floor cutters are what we use to see in most of the cases. They don’t need any electric power to run. Therefore, you’ve to operate the blade with a long handle. It matters a lot that how much your physical strength is to operate such machines.

One thing you need to care about is chipping. As a matter of fact, manual cutters are likely to chip the floor near the cutting edge. So, it requires some serious attention from the operator while working.

But on the other hand, a great advantage of such cutters is- they are super quiet. You don’t need to harass the neighbors or the people near you whole working with a manual laminate floor cutter.

Also, manual models cost a whole less than what their electric versions do.

Electric Laminate Floor Cutters – 

Electric-type laminate floor cutters are quite advanced versions of manual models. They come up with a completely electric system. So their capacity to intake workload is way higher.

Another plus point is, they don’t take muscle power to be operated. You can make quick cuts of your laminate floor within a whole less time. Also, there are many more cutting options in these models. You can customize them as you want.

But apart from these benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. First of all, they are too much noisy. You can’t work with such an electric cutter in a residential environment. If it’s the commercial working site or constructional works, that seems to be fine.

Electric models also produce a lot of dust and debris. So, the after-cut procedure will eat up some time of yours.

Buyer’s Guide to pick the Best Saw For Cutting Laminate Flooring

Now that, you’ve gone through our laminate floor cutters reviews, it’s time to make up your mind. What we mean is, it’s time to prepare a buying shortlist of yours, and go for that laminate cutter of your dream.
Selecting and buying the right saw for cutting your laminate flooring can be a little difficulty.  Let’s go through some of the most crucial buying factors in this regard-

Chose the Mechanism At First

As a laminate floor cutter has to be a power tool, it has two sorts of operating standard. One is the electric system, and another is the manual system.

We’ve had a quick discussion on comparing these two types just before. So, you might have chosen the right type by now. Although in this article, we’ve taken only manual cutters into consideration.

What Flooring Materials Does It Support

While going through the features of the top laminate floor cutters of this list, you might have noticed something important. And that is- each of these models has the ability to cut some more types of surfaces apart from laminate.

Now, that’s a quality that you would like to have in your cutter. Make sure that it can cut vinyl, hardwood, engineered laminate, and other similar surface types.

Easy of Use and Portability

As we are sticking to manual laminate floor cutters, the question of ease in using is quite neutral. But the fact is, you should still look for a model that has easy control and operating situation.

Apart from the ease in use, the portability is also important. Consider the footprint, the weight, the building material, and the size into consideration. Make sure the cutter is light enough to carry by hands.

How to install laminate flooring yourself -

Laminate flooring can be a great solution for your Home Decoration. This simple addition can go a long way to beautify your beloved home. You might think installing laminate flooring will be a hard nut to crack, right?

No way. Rather you will be surprised to know that it is not at all. In fact, it is an absolutely easy task and once you do it all by yourself, you are definitely not going to pay anyone for this job again.

However, you will need some simple tools/materials for this purpose like:

  • Underlayment
  • Measuring tape
  • Spacers
  • Flooring saw
  • Utility knife
  • Chalk for lining
  • Protective eyewear

Step by Step Process installing laminate flooring –

Now, without further ado, let’s jump to the steps for completing this task:

  1. Laminate flooring can expand or contract with temperature change. So, it’s very important to bring and keep the laminate flooring in your room for at least two days before placing them. This will let the flooring adjust to the temperature and humidity of the room.
  2. The moisture level should be around 12% or less and relative humidity needs to be 45-65% for the best result.
  3. The sub-floor needs to be perfectly leveled. You should make sure that there are no humps or low levels on the floor. Don’t forget to clean and dry the floor of the room you want to laminate.
  4. Before you lay the laminate flooring, it’s always recommended to put down the underlayment. It will help to level the surface as well as it will stop vapor from ruining your flooring.
  5. Select a room corner and start putting one piece of laminate flooring at a time. You should also make sure that the finished side stays up and the ridged side faces the wall. Lay the floorings in such a way that they are in parallel with the longest side/wall of the room. Continue like this and finish the first row.
  6. Don’t forget to use wedge spacers as they prevent the movement of laminate flooring. This will help you to work perfectly and comfortably. You can either buy or make them from scratch.
  7. Repeat the same process for the next rows and continue to lay the pieces. Keep the rows as close as possible to the next rows and try to minimize the spacing.
  8. At this point, you might face that the planks are not fit for the last row. Don’t be afraid. Just cut them with a saw accordingly and save the scrap pieces to use in other places.
  9. Gently remove the wedge spacers. You can also place baseboards and thresholds where it is necessary. Some final adjustments, like applying paint to make the irregularities vanish can be done by this time. Finally, your job is done.

Some tips to make your work easier:

  • Don’t apply too much pressure directly on the boards or else they might break down.
  • At least, you will need three people including yourself to complete the task properly.
  • You can also keep another person with you to tell you when the gaps are closed or not.
  • The cutting can be done faster with the help of a miter saw.

Installing laminate flooring all by yourself might seem to be very tough in the first place. But once you complete it, you will surely find satisfaction by looking at your work. At the same time, it will save you a great deal of money.

Summary Line

Choosing the best laminate floor cutters out of so many options in the market is not an easy task. So take your time to research on them, make a shortlist of products that you like. And finally, analyze the features of each of them along with what other people are saying about them.

Well. now you are clear what things to consider before buying the right saw for cutting laminate flooring. Throughout the way, this post should be a handbook for you. Good luck!

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