What is a band saw used for – 10 Exclusive Uses of a Bandsaw

What Is A Band Saw Used For

The band saw is popular worldwide due to its versatile uses. You can use a band saw cutting wood, metal, and meat at the same time. This power tool has made cutting tasks easy.

Are you searching for what is a band saw used for? How do you use a bandsaw for wood cutting? How to cut metal objects with a band saw?

You have landed in the right place to have an appropriate answer. Here, stare at every point and read them accordingly.

Listen: You should follow the safety measures while using this heavy-duty tool. Make sure, you have changed the blade regarding the cutting objects.

Dig deeper to know the uses of a band saw in various fields.  

Uses of a Bandsaw


Woodcutting is a primary job for a band saw. An operator can easily handle the wood cutting process. However, you have to change the directions and blade for different cuttings.

You can operate several wood cuttings. I have mentioned some common wood-cuts that you can operate easily using your band saw. 

Lumber cuts:

Professional woodcutters are using the band saw for lumber cuts from the very beginning of the invention of the band saw. After cutting down a tree, the first job is to make some lumber.

The woodcutters prefer a bandsaw to make lumber cuts easily. This cut requires normal speed and a blade to operate easily. You just need to put the piece of wood on the cutting table and push it toward the blade.

Make sure you have a good line-up while pushing the wood towards the blade. The margin of the cutting depends on your hand and skill.

Rip cuts:

Rip cuts can be called re-sawing. After getting lumber from the wood, you can make rips using a band saw. Here, you have to be careful about the thickness of the grain.

Circles cuts:  

You can make circle cuts with a band saw. You have to adjust the height of the blade and the table. Although the blade of a band saw requires a straight cut, you can make different cuts.

Before making circle cuts, you have to cut the wooden piece in different directions. The more cuts you will take, the more finishing you will have.

Remember, you cannot make a circle cut in a single cut. Mark the circle on the wood before adjusting the blade. Don’t forget to adjust the speed.

Making holes:

A band saw can be very useful for making a large hole in the wooden pieces. You may have to make holes to transfer the wooden pieces into any design.

Here, you may have to change the blade regarding the needs of the holes. To create small holes, set up a thin blade that can rotate through the grains and make the circles as your demand.

While making circles, the operator must handle the action of the blade smoothly. The finishing of the hole depends on the rotation of the blade wooden piece.

Metal cutting:

Metal cutting is a great part of a band saw. You can see a band saw in almost every workshop. A band saw cuts metal objects efficiently.

To apply a band saw in metal cutting, the operator needs to select the blade and table first. You cannot use the blade that you have used to cut wooden pieces.

A blade with small teeth is suitable for metal cutting. Longer teeth may break down during heavy duty. Next, you have to adjust the speed. Metal objects require more speed than wooden objects.

To have a decorative cut on the metal object, you must use a band saw as the primary tool.  

Meat and fish cutting:

The food suppliers and big restaurants use a bandsaw to cut meat and fish into pieces. A band saw is a perfect machine to cut the meat and fish into pieces in just a second.

Here, the operator can use a band saw of small sizes. The operator must follow a limitation of the band saw too. He has to clean the blade and table regularly.

The table and blade may get fat and debris from the meat and fish. To cut a large piece of meat and fish, you should try a band saw. It will add pleasure and speed to your working procedure.

Billet cutting:

Billet shaping is the most popular cut from the purified metal. When you are making anything out of metal objects, you need to cut the metal into various shapes.

Billet cutting is one of them. You can cut billet with rectangular and square shapes easily.

Decorative cuts:

Nowadays, band saws have become popular for decorative cuts. Once you have the design in your brain, you can cut anything using the bandsaw.

To make decorative cuts, you have to follow up on several things. Set up the blade and speed regarding the cutting objects. Next, you may have to change the table or holder according to the cutting pieces.

Amazingly, you can modify a band saw into a polisher. Just replace the blade with a polisher belt. It will turn into a polisher. 

Safety measure while using a band saw:

  • Make sure you have turned on the emergency shutdown button. It will turn off the machine while getting excessive pressure.
  • Set the band saw regarding the object that you are going to cut.
  • Select the appropriate blade according to the cutting object.
  • Set up the speed so that you don’t need to push the object heavily.
  • Put on goggles, gloves, and dust protectors before starting the band saw.
  • Lubricant the wheels every day.
  • Sharpen the teeth of the blades once a week.

Learn Details, How to use a bandsaw safely.

Bottom line: Be sure that you have the safety measures while using a band saw. You should have an idea of what is a band saw used for reading this article. As a band saw has diversified uses, you have to follow the different settings too.

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