The Best 9 Inch Band Saw Reviews 2021 & Top Picks

Making precise cuts on thicker lumber specifically requires a bandsaw. Whether it’s a straight, curved, or angled cut – you must settle for the right option. 

9 Inch bandsaws reviewsAmong the varieties, a 9″ bandsaw comes pretty standardly for any professional job. It appears more like a tabletop saw system to induce satisfying functionality.

Conscious woodworkers spent lots of time & effort to find the ultimate choice? Why not save the abstract tryouts for the enlisted absolute best 9 Inch band saw?

We discussed the crucial points in detail to help you choose your gear. Simply keep scrolling to reveal the suitable bandsaw models in the whole market.

The 3 Best 9 Inch Bandsaw 2021

Best Pick
WEN 3939T 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3939T 9-Inch Band Saw

Pemium Pick

SKIL 3386-01 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

Budget Pick

WEN 3959 - Benchtop Band Saw 9-Inch


1. WEN 3939T 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3939T 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw
Editor Rating

Make powerful cuts with a truly dependable power tool on Jobsite. WEN earned a solid reputation for its high-quality mechanical tools. And the intended 3939T band saw indeed comes from the top list of favorites. WEN 3939T is the top pick on our best 9 Inch band saws reviews.

For a 9″ wide cut, you can induce a 3.625″ deep attack for any standard board. The included blade itself measures 0.375″ thickness to impose the cut.

Not to mention, the 62″ long blade comes in variable thickness to match the precision. You can make an immediate adjustment between 0.125″ up to 0.375″.

Integrated 2.8 Amp motor keeps the blade rotating without losing the pace/speed. The tested maximum rotation goes up to 2460 feet every minute. Right there, you can handle a satisfying amount of board within some mere minutes.

Intricating yet powerful cuts are sure to oblige with the associated table. The surface remains spacious, measuring 12″ x 12″. Also, you can bevel up its surface up to 45°. The inclusion of the fence helps with the throughout cutting accuracy.

Supportive ball bearings promote smooth cuts through consistent operational assistance. Apart from preventing mechanical halt, it particularly upholds longevity.

The package features almost everything to support your cause. Dust port, miter gauge & carrying handle require simple assembly.

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2. SKIL 3386-01 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

Editor Rating

Overcome lumber irregularities with a supportive tool towards optimum mechanical precision. And SKIL proudly introduces its brand new 3386-01 to help the novice & intermediate woodworkers.

Ripping raw lumber into thinner, sized, usable pieces can’t get any easier with its application. The user-friendly design appears more like an essential tool for any standard job.

From the specs, the throat capacity measures 9.0″ to impart a convincing 3.5″ cutting capacity. Regarding the cuts, you can use 0.375″ down to 0.125″ sized blades. Featured 6-TPI blade lets you cut down a wide variety of wooden boards.

Even the length tends to differ, ranging from 59.25″ up to 59.50″. Inclusion of EZ View Blade Tracking enables accurate alignment for every cut.

Built-in 2.5 Amp motor comes with a rating of 120V to fit the supplied electricity. And the maximum no-load SFPM measures about 2800 on lab tests.

Integrated table measures a satisfactory 12.0″ x 11.75″ for the working surface. Rack & Pinion adjustment allows the user to make an immediate change. Whether it’s the cutting angle or controlling height – adjustment requires slight modifications.

Package contains a rip fence to induce straight cuts, whereas the miter gauge provides cross-cuts. Dust port primarily keeps the tabletop free of distracting particles.

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3. WEN 3959 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw

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Enjoy maximum mechanical power without sacrificing much of your confined workspace. WEN stands to make a list for a 2nd time with its dependable 3959 model. Several features are simply the same as the already reviewed WEN model.

Apart from the powerful outcome, you’re to consider its compact structural design. Overall weight measures 40.0 pounds, reasonably standard for any counterpart. Still, the assembly features a spacious 12.315″ x 11.875″ surface area.

Of course, you can readjust the surface regarding angled cuts. An integrated facility allows you to bevel up to 45° without any distortion.

Blade thickness remains almost universal in terms of adjustable width. Right there, you can use a 59.5″ long blade, featuring a width of 0.125″ up to 0.375″. The metal blade comes intact to attack the lumber board to make a precise 3.5″ cut.

A miter gauge is there to let you make all the cross cuts with optimum simplicity. Adjustable blade guard lets you make the change with some immediate steps.

The inclusion of a fence with the package means precise cuts for every session. Integrated 2.5 Amp motor can rotate the blade at a maximum of 2500 feet every minute. And the 2.5″ dust post removes the particles for maintaining a clean surface.

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4. POWERTEC BS900 9-Inch Benchtop Bandsaw

9 inch band saw ryobi
Editor Rating

Rip the thick lumber into precisely shaped pieces over simple effort. Among the power tool brands, POWERTEC has its reason to make a list. The intended BS900 comes to induce maximum satisfaction from every aspect.

The full package includes one 9″ bandsaw with a miter gauge & one blade. For the cutting blade, it measures 0.25″ in thickness against a standard 62″ length.

Of course, you’re free to use any of the available 0.125″ up to 0.375″ saw blades. The diversified range can penetrate 3.625″ in-depth for a 9″ wide cut.

2.5 Amp motor powers up the blade, delivering 0.5 HP inductions at the outlet. But the rotation comes somewhat low, providing 1725 RPM at maximum.

The table features a sturdy aluminum die-cast construction to withstand the rigors. And the square surface measures a convenient 11.75″ x 11.75″ for the job. Likewise, there are systems to readjust the surface for sufficient beveling, up to 45°.

But the depth gets reduced; you can have a definite 2.0” cut at 45°. Included miter gauge lets you make cross cuts with accuracy through incremental control.

One transparent glass reveals the existing condition of the cutting blade. And the built-in tension lever makes the change for blades a breeze.

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5.BS904G - 9 inch band saw ryobi

Editor Rating

Refurbished assembly comes to serve the purposes with approved certification. Ryobi lets you skip the all-new units for something more suitable for the ecosystem.

Without a doubt, the 9 inch band saw ryobi first impression goes with the light green-black appeal. But there are many other facts to explore, going inside the mechanism.

Almost all the integrated features are standard from top to bottom. Not to mention, the overall structure manages to satisfy all the crucial OEM specs. The precise design immediately fits into a wide variety of woodwork applications.

Throat capacity measures a solid 9.0″ against penetration of 3.625″ for the cuts. Any blade to feature 0.125″ to 0.375″ thickness over 62” length can fit the system. Standard blade (18TP – 32TPI) should suffice the action without any difficulty.

Powerful 2.5 Amp induction motor comes with a rating of 120V. Minimal vibration or wobble is likely to affect the throughout task precision. Built-in dust collection port collects all the wasteful particles.

The tracking window on the side lets you monitor the operating blade closely. The tensioning system with ball bearings promotes smoothness for any compatible blade.

The package comes complete, including – saw table, miter gauge, two hex keys (2mm + 4mm), lever, washer & manual. You just need to put everything in place, going through the setup instructions.

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Before Buying the best 9 Inch Band Saw you need to check -

Any woodworker feels the necessity of a bandsaw at some point. But making such an expensive purchase requires serious attention.

There are numerous facts to influence/control the overall quality of the product. Know the essential points to make a successful purchase.

Saw Type:

There are different categories with the bandsaw in terms of numerous specs. For instance, you can consider a portable bandsaw or stationary bandsaw.

All the reviewed models are stationary, lacking the features of compact design.

Compact or portable bandsaw runs on battery instead of direct electricity. And there comes no table or certain other features to support the job.

You need to choose stationary for heavy, precise, commercial works. For something less important, investing in a portable bandsaw seems a good idea.

Blade Specs:

Many facts remain associated with the blade itself. And it’s the ultimate part to accomplish the cuts.
Blade size (both thickness & length) requires your utmost attention. Typical stationary models require metal blades within a definite range.

For the length, you’re to consider 59.2” to 62” for most of the cases. Meanwhile, a diversified blade system can adopt 0.125” up to 0.375” in thickness.

The presence of a tension gauge lets you change the existing blade easily. And don’t forget the built-in ball bearings to keep the blade running without any distortion. Included rip fences can help to maintain a strict alignment, promoting precise cuts.

Built-in Motor:

Of course, you’re to consider the motor power for ensuring proper outcome. Speed of the blade directly depends on the motor capability.

Regarding the motor specs, you don’t have to fall for any fancy specs. Voltage & Amperage rating should meet 110V/120V & 2.5Amp for the least.

The speed comes variable for almost all the top-quality models. Higher power delivers different band speeds to make the cuts. You better keep the speed over 2000 feet per minute (fpm) for standard jobs. Somewhat lower speed can also suffice, particularly the options to exceed 1500 fpm.

Table Features:

Stationary models must feature a table to provide a suitable cutting surface. Like the blade, there are several considerations to assist the feature.

Almost all the tables are metal, specifically featuring sturdy aluminum. But the concern lies with the available surface. It’s almost standard to have a squared table, providing a 12” x 12” space.

One particular fact goes with the adjustment for making angled cuts. Rack & Pinion adjustment is rather common in terms of suitability. But you may find different other systems to support the customization. Beveling at 45° should offer satisfactory chances to handle any lumber.


The pack never comes to carry the bandsaw alone. You’ll find different supportive gears to complete the assembly. For the obvious fact, you need a user manual to understand the assembly, operation & maintenance.

The miter gauge is almost compulsory to make cross cuts, maintaining precision. Meanwhile, you may consider having an LED light to attend to the alignment closely.

One preferable built-in feature concerns the viewing window to monitor the blade. The presence of sturdy bottom wheels enables the system to become portable.

Frequently Asked Questions for the 9 Inch Band Saw 2021

Question: Table saw, or band saw – which one is better?

Answer: A preferable table saw provides clean, precise cuts. Meanwhile, it also eliminates the typical limitations associated with a band saw.

Question: Is a band saw dangerous for its user?

Answer: Modern band saws are one secure woodworking tool. Still, you need to stay cautious about its application every time.

Question: Why does the saw blade doesn’t move?

Answer: Problem regarding loose fit, broken teeth or defective shaft halts the move. Make replacements of the fallen part.

Question: Can I replace a table saw with a band saw?

Answer: Though the functionality shares several similarities, the types aren’t interchangeable. You’ll run into problems with delicate tasks.

Question: Do I need to lubricate the saw motor?

Answer: Sealed motor bearings already come lubricated from the factory. You won’t need to add anything upon arrival or use.

Question: Why do the blade gullets keep picking up the material?

Answer: Finer tooth pitch or excessive feeding rate enables the picking. Check the gullet closely to determine the actual cause.

Question: When I need to use a bandsaw?

Answer: Band saw is the ultimate tool for handling thicker materials. The power tool can handle some other materials upon specification.


Whether you’re a woodworker, metalworker, or household DIYer – you need to handle the pieces. And you can’t afford to make an erroneous purchase, increasing your safety risk. Only the best 9″ band saw can meet your satisfaction from every extent.

Likewise, you need to figure out the necessities or demands regarding the job. Going through the details should make you understand the viability of each option. Right there, you can immediately find the preferences to make for pushing the limit.

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