The 7 Best Horizontal Band Saw for Metal Cutting in 2021

Professional carpenters and craftsmen can’t spend their single day without a horizontal band saw. This single piece of tool is enough to cut a whale of metal within just a short period of time.
Metal-Cutting Band Saw

Let’s face it! These days, you’ll find a lot of models in the market that cost an arm and a leg to everyone. This is why it’s too challenging to pick up an efficient model at an affordable range.

Considering the issue, we’re here with the reviews of the best horizontal band saw for metal cutting.

In this review, we’ve included some jaw-dropping models, and surprisingly, most of these are packed with a reasonable price tag.

Our Favorite Top 3 horizontal band saw for metal

Best Choice
Metal-Cutting Band Saw
WEN 3970T - Metal-Cutting Band Saw
Pemium Pick
Jet 414458 Bandsaw
Jet 414458 Horizontal Bandsaw
Budget Pick
Bandsaw under $500
SHOP FOX W1715 3/4 HP Bandsaw for Metal

1. WEN 3970T - Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand

WEN 3970T - Metal-Cutting Band Saw
Editor Rating

Metal cutting isn’t actually a simple task, especially if you don’t have the right tool. But if you get your hands on the WEN 3970T, cutting a number of different metals will be as easy as falling off a log. Really, it’s a real beast!

The 6-inch metal bandsaw comes with a sturdy stand along with a durable frame to make it strong like a MONSTER! Though the design seems not that impressive, however, you should provide maximum priority to this device if durability is what you’re concerned about.

Talking about the variable speed option, you can adjust the blade at three different speeds, including 80, 120, and 200 ft. per minute. Thus, you’ll be able to cut a wide variety of metals within no time, such as – steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and so on.

Surprisingly, the beast works both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to use it for multiple projects to get the best result. In that case, you have to lift the band saw’s head up and attach the vertical table. It lets you cut complex shapes effortlessly.

Moving it from job to job won’t be a tough job at all, guess why? Well, it gets 4-inch never-flat wheels to enhance the tool’s portability.

The band saw is powered by a 4.6 Amp motor to withstand heavy torture pretty easily. It’s powerful and much better than the traditional models out there.

And the unique part? It comes in an auto-shut feature designed to turn the machine off immediately when the work is finished. Therefore, it can save the device from overloading as well as wearing and tearing. Impressive, eh?

Well, the cutting capacity of rectangular and circular materials is around 4 X 6 inches in size and 4.6 inches in diameter. With a perfect grip, the beveling vise enables you to make angled cuts at a range of 0 to 60 degrees.

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2.Jet 414458 - horizontal band saw machine

Editor Rating

Jet 414458 is a better combination of versatility, durability, and reliability. It’ll be a good choice if you are new in the band saw world. But that’s a bit steep compared to our previous pick.

It gets a 14-gauge steel stand along with a heavy-duty shelf to make sure of maximum rigidity and stability. Even after using it for a couple of years, the saw delivers consistent performance.

But honestly, we’re not that satisfied when we talk about the motor it gets. It includes only about 1/2-horsepower, which is not enough to cut large metal pieces.

Still, we think you can use it to cut steel to aluminum since the motor spins at 3 different speeds, 80, 120, and 200 feet per minute. The CSA certified band saw gets a 1/2-inch carbon steel blade to let you cut metals in the best way possible.

Like our previous model of WEN, it shuts off right away when the metal cutting task is finished. Consequently, it keeps the saw away from loss of control and minor-to-major accidents.

What about the portability? No worries, the masterpiece has got your back! It gets high-quality wheels at the bottom, which are flexible and engineered to move the stuff from place to place.

With adjustable blade guides, it comes with a built-in handle for ensuring safety and easy movement. Along with it, the beveling vise allows you to create angled cuts at a degree of 0 to 45. And guess what? It’s compatible with both horizontal and vertical positions.

While running, sometimes the saw can’t make straight cuts. But with proper operating knowledge, you’ll be able to create smooth and straight cuts pretty quickly.

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3.SHOP FOX W1715 - horizontal band saw under $500

Editor Rating

Stylish! The word fits perfectly with the SHOP FOX W1715. The exquisite “white,” along with the compact shape, makes it super-awesome. And guess what? It takes a little space, enabling you to keep it in tight areas.

With a powerful 3/4 HP motor, it spins at three different speeds (78, 108, and 180 FPM) to let you cut a number of metals within minutes, including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc.

If you have the budget limitation and looking for an all-around professional bandsaw. This SHOP FOX W1715 can be your first choice. The price of this best horizontal bandsaw under $500. 

The thing to be noted, it’s not only great for metal cutting, but it can also be used to cut plastic, wood, or stuff like that. And thankfully, the handsome bandsaw can make vertical cuts as well.

There is a beveling vise included with the tool that is able to hold stock for multiple cuts at a range of 0 to 60 degrees. Besides, it shuts off automatically when the cutting task is done.

With a ball-bearing construction, the saw gets a heavy-duty stand to ensure optimum stability and durability. The handle it gets is of good quality, and the wheels are included to let you transfer the item with minimal effort.

When the saw performs heavy and repeated cuts, it allows users to get the best result, the credit goes to the cast iron stop it comes with. With a maximum speed of around 1725 RPM (single-phase), it equips a 64-1/2 inches razor-sharp blade.

Speaking of the base, it’s not that sturdy, and most importantly, it shakes way too much while operating. This is the only reason why beginners have to face some issues while using it. But overall, it’s wow!

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4. Grizzly Industrial G0561 - industrial horizontal band saw

industrial horizontal bandsaw
Editor Rating

If you’re a professional and looking for the best horizontal band saw to accomplish small to heavy tasks, this bandsaw from Grizzly Industrial is what you need to buy. Though it’ll cost the earth, the result you’ll get after using it will be outstanding!

With a blade of around 3/4 inches, it equips three different speed options to enable users to cut almost every material within minutes, including 80, 130, 180, 235 ft. per minute.

Do you think it’s designed just to cut metals? Wrong! It’s actually a multi-functional band saw engineered to cut woods, plastics, and such types of materials with less effort and less time.

Alongside the speed, the bomb gets a heavy-duty 1 HP motor (110V/220V) to provide maximum power and handle heavy pressure at the same time. There is an adjustable blade guide included with the item to make sure of users’ safety.

Unlike the typical models, you’re getting vertical cutting options. Thus, it lets you use this saw for cutting peculiar shapes seamlessly. And guess what? Changing the mode from horizontal to vertical will take just a couple of minutes or so.

With a high-quality ball bearing, the saw features heavy-duty cast iron wheels to ensure durability as well as portability. Though it gets a bulky frame with a huge weight, you won’t have to burn a lot of calories while transferring it from one place to another, thankfully!

As for functionality, it can cut 7 x 12 inches rectangular and 7 inches round materials effortlessly. Besides, the large capacity saw has a tiny footprint and equips so many things, such as coolant system, hydraulic down feed control, blade brush, quick release vise, auto shut-off, etc.

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5. Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw from Klutch

Klutch bandsaw
Editor Rating

If you think the previous saw is a bit pricey, you can rely on this metal cutting band saw from Klutch. Though it’s not that speedy and strong compared to the previous one, it can definitely help you cut plenty of different metals within a short period.

The overall shape of this band saw looks pretty compact. This is why we like to call it a space-saving saw. Alongside the size, the outlook it gets is also outstanding on account of the sleek design with a charming “white” color.

Speaking of compatibility, the bandsaw is great for cutting numerous types of metals. So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s steel, aluminum, copper, brass, or anything else, it can make precise cuts with its 64 1/2 inches blade.

When it comes to blade speed, it gets three options to choose from, these are – 80, 120, and 200 feet per minute. And guess what? It cuts 4.6 inches round and 4.6 X 6 inches rectangular materials.

Additionally, there is a fast-positioning vise designed to hold the metal in the right position. Plus, the vertical cutting plate is included to cut tiny pipes way too smoothly.

With a high-quality steel frame, the model packs built-in wheels, cutting pressure adjustment, safety lock-off, and a 2-position rocker switch. It’s truly surprising that you’re getting so many things at this price range!

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6. KAKA BS-712N, 7-inch Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw

Editor Rating

Let us show you a universal model from KAKA that is great for both small business and personal usage. Measuring around 50 x 20 x 45 inches, it comes with a blade of around 93 inches, which is pretty much sharp and enough to cut multiple metals.

Talking about the construction, the band saw is made of premium-quality cast iron that is far better than the traditional models out there. Alongside the durability, the saw packs a 1.5 HP motor to make it ideal for heavy tasks.

There is an auto shut-off option included with the band saw. Because of this feature, the power will turn automatically off after each cut. Consequently, your device will always stay out of overloading and wearing and tearing issues.

In addition, you’ll find a specific cooling system that’ll save the blade from overheating and enhance the cutting precision. Depending on your requirements, you can either select the horizontal and vertical mode. The maximum cutting capacity is no less than 7 inches.

Unlike the mainstreams, the saw offers four pieces of movable wheels, which are flexible, durable, and portable. It weighs around 392 pounds, but don’t worry! The portable wheels will definitely help you move the saw without much effort.

The saw offers 4 different speeds to let you control it in the way you want. So, depending on your projects, you can simply change the speed to maximize your functionality.

Also, you can find quick clamps that can be rotated up to 45 degrees. Along with these benefits, the saw offers hydraulic control, power break protection, and a few things for user convenience.

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7. HRT2 Horizontal Band Saw

HRT2 Horizontal Band Saw
Editor Rating

We’re about to close the comprehensive review with the HRT2 Horizontal Band Saw. This efficient saw is designed to cut small to mid-sized metals within a short time.

It comes with a 1 HP motor to produce maximum power. For better functionality, you can change the speeds at three different levels.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to cut aluminum, steel, copper, or even brass, everything is going to be easy-peasy and hassle-free. And surprisingly, you can cut small pieces of wood and plastic as well.

Using the adjustable vertical and horizontal positions, you can cut workpieces up to 4.6 inches round and 4 X 6 inches rectangular. You see, this versatile band saw is great for multiple angles and cuts.

As for portability, you’re getting built-in wheels at the bottom, which are of good quality and ensures optimum flexibility. But the stand it comes with is made of flimsy material. So, you’ll have to use it with proper care.

With the beveling vise it comes with, the saw delivers angled cuts at a degree of around 0 to 60. Besides, the built-in handle and the adjustable blade guide ensures smooth, precise, and straight cuts.

If safety is your concern, then you’re so lucky! The little boy gets a safety lock-off and two-position rocker switch to let you complete your task without any risk. And you see, the shape it gets is pretty compact, so it won’t eat up too much space in your home garage.

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What to Look for Before You Buy a Horizontal Band Saw?

If you don’t know what to look for before buying the best one, chances are you’ll have to end up with the worst one! And the result? You can’t make your metal cutting task done successfully!

This is why you should stick around here for a bit longer. Our team is going to show you some of the core factors that you should note down to get the right horizontal band saw.

Consider the Size:

Yep, considering the size of the horizontal band saw is the most important thing to look for. Ranging from large floors to bench-tops, you’ll find tons of saws available in the current market.

The one that is large will provide maximum support to work with large workpieces, pretty simple. So, if you’re a professional craftsman, then there is no better option than the bigger one. You know, bigger is better in this particular case!

Also, you have to choose the table that equips a perfect height, especially if you don’t want to deal with hand fatigue with operating.

Variable Speed Options:

If you choose the saw with variable speed settings, it’ll be a piece of cake to use the tool for a number of different projects. Also, it allows you to cut the pieces of metal in the way you want.

Ensure to get the horizontal band saw that equips more than two-speed settings, for which you can cut steel, copper, aluminum, and brass effortlessly.


Maintaining adequate safety is a MUST if you want to keep yourself out of harm’s way while working. And when we talk about operating a band saw, it’s mandatory to get the one that equips some of the essential safety features.

If you’re very new in the field of sawing, then it’s a bit tough to run a band saw or such type of power tool. In that case, if you choose a saw with a couple of safety features, you won’t have to take a risk while cutting small to large metals.

The blade guide lets you work smoothly and accurately by fixing the metal pieces in the right place. Plus, the auto shut-off feature is engineered to turn the saw off immediately after each cut.

Another well-known safety feature is, hands down, the cooling system. With its assistance, the band saw can keep the overheating and overloading issues at bay.


Yep, we’re talking about the motor that plays a vital role in delivering the power to the saw in order to create smooth, accurate, and quick cuts. A band saw with a weaker motor is unable to withstand heavy pressure.

So, alongside the size, variable speeds, and safety, you should pay attention to the saw motor as well.

Blade Angles:

A super-awesome horizontal band saw has several cut angles. It enables users to rotate the beveling vise pretty easily. Some of the models out there are just designed for straight cuts.

But you’ll have to make sure you get your hands on the one that is compatible with all cutting angles, for which you can perform numerous tasks with ease.


If you’re a busy worker and need to move your working tool at times, it’s so important to have a portable band saw.

You can easily transfer your power tool even if it’s too weighty, guess how? Well, the credit goes to the never-flat wheels. This is the only thing that can help you move your machine from garage to garage.

People Ask Frequently Before buying a bandsaw for cutting metal

Should I have to buy horizontal and vertical band saw separately?

Actually, we think it’s not that necessary to purchase the vertical and horizontal band saw separately. We’ve got 7 models, and thankfully, these all work both vertically and horizontally.
So, even after buying a horizontal band saw, you’ll be able to use it as a vertical saw as well.

Is it a must to collect specific blades for cutting different materials?

Frankly speaking, yep. It’s essential to pick the specific blade for cutting numerous materials.
Let’s say, we don’t suggest using a metal cutting blade to cut wood, plastic, or stuff like that. However, the case will be different if your band saw blade is compatible with all materials.

How often should I have to sharpen the bandsaw blade?

It indeed depends on usage. If you’re a serious or expert worker, then we recommend sharpening the blade at least once a year.

Is a band saw safe to use?

Of course. A band saw includes some safety features to let you work with maximum safety. But if you’re a fresher or newbie, it’s always better to earn some skill and knowledge about this tool to make the job done without getting injuries.

Should I need to put on safety dresses while using a bandsaw?

Compared to the chainsaw or such power equipment, a band saw is pretty much safer. However, you can put on safety goggles and glasses to stay in a safe zone while cutting metals, woods, and so forth.

To Conclude:

This write-up on the best horizontal band saws for metal cutting portrays every single thing related to the band saw. Depending on your requirement, you can pick any of one from our list to truly take your metal cutting skill to a new level.

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