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A circular saw is a quite portable tool by nature. You can use this almost anywhere you want. The saw is not limited to a place like a table saw. And you can do various kinds of woodworking projects too.

That’s most of the reasons why the circular saw is one of the most popular saws among all kinds of saws.

But circular saw has certain limitations too. It is because of its exposed blade. The exposed blade means the visible part of the blade that we used to cut. And we will face difficulty while cutting thicker wood than the exposed blade part.

Cutting thicker wood than the blade size of the circular saw is a tricky task. You might be thinking that- is it even possible? And the answer is YES possible.

Today’s article is on the topic- how to cut thick wood with a circular saw?

Every woodworker and DIYer faces this difficulty at the early age of their woodworking task. So, if you are a novice, then this guide will help you to do the thick cut with a circular saw.

Tools you need

Don’t think that you need to purchase some tools for that. Regular woodworking tools are only needed for that task-

  1. A pencil for marking.
  2. A square
  3. A stand to the place thick wood you want to be cut.
  4. Measurement tape

And I assume that you already have those along with A circular saw and the thick wood you want to cut.

Step by Step Guide on How to Cut Thick Wood with Circular Saw

I think you gather all the necessary tools. So, let’s start the job-

Step 1: Measure the blade and wood thickness

Measuring the wood thickness and the blade’s exposed part distance is a must. Because if the wood thickness is more than double the blade’s exposed part, then you will not be able to cut with the circular saw.

Let, assume that the blade’s exposed part is 4 inches then you will able to cut maximum 8 inches thick wood. Otherwise, you will have to use other kinds of saw to cut.

So, use the measurement tape to measure and see if it matches with the blade or not. If not, then change the blade or saw according to wood thickness. There is a various model of circular saw and blade size is available in the market. You can find 6.5 inches to 8.25 inches diameter blade. So, you may now understand that how thick wood you can cut with a circular saw.

And If it is a match, then proceed to the next steps.

Step 2: Place the wood onto the stand

At first, place the wood onto the stand. Keep in mind that the stand size is depending on the wood you wanted to cut.

Place the wood in such a way that the part you wanted to cut should be at the end of the stand.

Step 3: Mark with the pencil

You may already decide where to cut. Use the square and mark a straight line with the pencil onto the thick wood. You need to mark al around the wood. Make sure that those lines are accurate and align.

After creating lines use the measurement tape to measure from the one end of the wood to each line. It is because of the accuracy of those lines.

If all lines are the same distance from the end of the wood, then you are done with marking. Otherwise, you will need to mark again for accuracy.

Step 4: Start to cut

Before going to start cutting make sure that everything is done properly. Now, take the circular saw and start cutting from the marked line.

If one side cutting is completed, then turn around the wood and cut again through the marked line. Do this for all the sides.

Everything is done. You will have a perfect thick cut if you do this properly.

Safety Tips for Using Circular Saw

A Circular saw is a versatile and portable tool. It has many uses in woodworking jobs. But it is a job with a blade. So, you must follow some safety tips too.

  1. It creates dust. So, wear a mask and goggle before starting the cut.
  2. Make sure that all cords are cleared from the cutting area.
  3. Always use a sharp blade for cutting.
  4. Blade-locking nut should not be over tightened
  5. Keep your hand in a certain distance from the shoe (base plate of saw)
  6. Don’t force the saw forward to cut
  7. Before starting the cut, run the machine in empty space to check if it is rotating properly or not.
  8. Keep the saw unplugged while measuring the exposed part and also when you don’t need to cut.
  9. The manufacturer made circular saws for right-handed people. So, if you are a left-handed person, then you have to be more attentive to your work.


Finally, we are ended up here. I think everything on how to cut thick wood with a circular saw is now cleared to you.

The task and given guide are so simple that a beginner can do this with ease.

However, in woodworking, a circular saw is a common cutting tool, nowadays, since its invention (from the 19th century).

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