How to Rip Narrow Boards with A Circular Saw? Just 5 Steps

How to Rip Narrow Boards with A Circular Saw

Using circular saws is pretty easy and safe. If you’re an expert, then you can make outstanding stuff with the help of circular saws.

But here’s the thing-

To get done with it, you have to know the proper way of using a circular saw. Using a circular saw without knowing the basics of using it can lead to many disasters.

From making a mess of the project to hurt someone, a circular saw can do many things if fallen into the wrong hands.

No worries. We’re here to take you through this step-by-step guide on how to rip narrow boards with a circular saw. In short, to rip narrow boards you first have to mark the ripping line. Then you have to draw the line, prepare the saw. And finally, you have to cut the board.

So, let’s jump right into the process-

Tools you need to rip cut

You should have some regular woodworking tools. Those are-

  1. A pencil for marking the ripping line
  2. 2 clamps for attaching with a large piece of board
  3. Measurement tape
  4. A larger piece of board. The board should be wider and a little bit of longer than the narrow board you wanted to be cut.
  5. A stand to place the narrow board along with the larger board
  6. A square for drawing the line.

How long and wide should be the larger board?

This is an important fact. For example- if the narrow board is 1×2 inches then the larger board should be 3×4 inches but the same thickness.

This is needed because you will not be able to cut without its help. It will help you as a guide. But keep in mind that the blade could cut the 3×4” board as it is going to stay under the narrow board while cutting. So, I suggest you use a cheap board for that.

Step by step guide on how to rip narrow boards with a circular saw

So, I think you have all the above-mentioned tools. Let’s start to rip-

Step 1: Mark the ripping line

Start with the measurement tape. Take measures from the wide side of the narrow board. For example, I am here using a 1×2 narrow board. And want to rip that. So, I will start on the 1-inch side. For ripping make ½ inch from the end of the wide part. The point should be in the middle of the board.

Keep a distance for each of the points according to the size of your square.

Step 2: Draw the line

Use the square to joint each of the marked points with a pencil. This is a simple task but you have to be attentive on that task.

Step 3: Clamp the 1×2 board with a 3×4 board

Now, clamp the 1×2” board with the 3×4” board. Make sure that it is tightened enough. Loose-fitting will ruin the entire project.

Our recommended 3 awesome clamps for rip narrow boards:

Step 4: Place the clamped board onto the stand

We are just one step behind the final cut. It is time to place the clamped board onto the stand or large table. But before placing ensure that all the procedures completed perfectly.

Step 5: Start to cut

Last and final job. Hold the circular saw with your two hands and start cutting from one end of the narrow board. You are not supposed to do it with a single hand.

Don’t force the saw forward. And if possible don’t take a break in the middle. Try to complete the job at once unless you face any obstacles.

If you face any obstacle, then stop the saw. Don’t pull out until it stops rolling the blade. After it stops rolling, take out the saw and clear the obstacle, then place the saw where you have left. Start your job again.

Precaution to do this job:

  1. Use an eye protector and mask while cutting
  2. Always use two hands while cutting
  3. Keep the cords away from the cutting line
  4. Unplug the saw or remove the battery (if battery powered) when you are not cutting
  5. Use sharp blade
  6. I suggest using a table saw for this task. But if the table saw is not available then you can follow this procedure.
  7. Use a hearing protector if it is a noisy area.
  8. Before start cutting inspects the blade and saw by powering on in empty space.

Our Favorite 3 circular saw: best for the ripping narrow board

Final Verdict

By now we believe that you’ve known enough to deliver a lecture on cutting narrow boards with a circular saw.

Jokes apart, we hope that you’ve understood the method correctly. Follow these steps to cut again and again.

We have only two requests for you. That is don’t forget to take the safety measures at first. And please do read the circular saw user manual before you start cutting.

Now you know details How to Rip Narrow Boards with A Circular Saw. So, go and set up your narrow sheet. Apply what you’ve learned and got your desired cut.

Good Luck.

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