How To Change Blade On Dewalt Miter Saw – Step by Step

How To Change Blade On Dewalt Miter Saw

The brand Dewalt is a mentionable brand in the saw industry. It is well known as one of the powerful tools in the heavy-duty tool industry. Also, it manufactured various woodworking materials as table saw, circular saw, a wide range of drill machine collection, router and so more.  

If you regularly use a Dewalt miter saw machine then you need to frequently change the miter blade. The replacement of a miter saw blade is one of the common parts that every user should know. 

Though all Dewalt saw machines are not universal, it’s not very much difficult to change a saw blade. Here in this article, I’ll assist you to easily change your Dewalt miter saw blade. 

Now accurately follow the steps below and change your Dewalt miter saw blade very easily-

How To Change Blade On Dewalt Miter Saw

Step 1- Gather Required Tools

If you are thinking of changing the miter blade by yourself then you must need some specific tools. This step makes your work easy.

Different types of wrenches, heavy-duty hand gloves, and safety goggles are the most important parts of your required tools. 

Wrench helps you to unlock and lock the screws and safety materials help to keep yourself safe from unexpected danger. 

Step 2- Wear safety stuff

Everyone should give priority to safety. So before doing anything wear all safety gear to save yourself from any kind of unexpected harm. 

Remember you are working with sharpening and heavy materials. So, never forget to wear heavy-duty hand gloves.

Also, use sunglasses to protect your eyes. It can help you with dirty oily/gaze items. 

Step 3- Unplug Power Connection

Power connection is a great threat to your safety. So before jumping into the main step check the power connection of the miter saw machine. 

Usually, there is a power cord that connects the machine to electricity. Now put this power cord down and check the machine’s power.

Sometimes there is a secondary power option connected to the machine. If your Dewalt miter saw has any default emergency power source then switch off this one also.  

Step 4- Secure The Blade With Spindle Lock

A miter saw has an axle memento toward the back or front. In the wake of finding it, press on it to get the cutting edge. 

It will push down when bolted. The axle lock stands firm on the sharp edge in a fixed situation. 

It is imperative to bolt it while embeddings another edge or supplanting the past one.

Step 5- Unlock all Screw

Now hold the spindle lock and unlock all screws from the blade using the wrench. To comfortably complete this step please follow our guidelines.

First, check the screw size and take the matched wrench. You see, there is a hole in the wrench. Inset it into the screw and push it anti-clockwise. The screw will slowly begin to loosen.

Repeat this process again and again until you completely remove all of this screw from the blade.

This process may take some extra time. But keep patient and continue working.  

Step 6- Remove The Current Blade

After unlocking all of the screws, now it’s time to separate the blade from the saw.

Be alert! This miter blade is an extremely sharpening material. So carefully handle this blade and put it in a safe place. 

Furthermore, you can send this blade for the recycling process. In this way, you can earn some extra cash for your new one.

Step 7- Install A New Blade

Now it’s time to set a new blade in your saw. 

First, unfold your new blade from the box. Then push the spindle lock and properly set it into the saw. Finally, lock all the screws. 

To lock all screws easily turn your wrench clockwise. Fix every one of the screws and watch that you return everything set up.

Step 8- Test The Performance

To check the performance of the machine, plug-in the power. Now switch on the machine and take a test cut. 

Rehash with your new blade. If everything is alright, then set this machine for the final project. 

Why Do People Need To Change the Blade? 

Generally, depending on people’s needs they are changing the saw blade. But in most cases, they changed their blades because of several reasons. Check the most common cases below-

For Cutting Different Items: Depends on blade size, thickness, and making materials it used to cut various shapes of items. Most people frequently change their blades for this reason. 

Better Finishing Result: When people need a better finishing result, they usually change their blade and replace it with a new one.

Blunt Blade: The blade loses its effectiveness after a certain period of use. So, then replacement is the only option.

Do You Need a Call Expert to Change Blade?

Essentially, it depends on you. If you are a beginner and haven’t any idea in this matter. Then you can call an expert to fix it on your device.

But usually, you need to change this blade frequently. So, it’s too expensive for you if you call anyone. Moreover, this process is not too difficult or complex. So, it’s better to try it by yourself. 

Just follow the instructions and carefully complete each step. Believe me, you can fix it freely.  

Highlight Safety Tips

  • Always wear premium quality and heavy-duty hand gloves. 
  • Wear well-being goggles while doing the entire interaction.
  • Try not to do the hustle and use a little force where necessary.
  • Follow the user manual and proceed step by step.
  • Don’t play with the blade and give your full attention. 
  • If possible please call an expert. 


In this article, you will get a complete guideline on how you can Change Blades On The Dewalt Miter Saw. Keep in mind the safety matters and follow the steps carefully. 

It’s not difficult to change a saw blade. Just take enough time and follow instructions to finish each step and you won’t face any problem. Finally, our guidelines will help you perform this task smoothly and safely.

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