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Having the most suitable gear for the job is never easy. When it comes to chainsaw, it just gets more difficult. There are several brands with quality models dominating the market. With reliability & performance, both Husqvarna & Stihl are popular with modern loggers.

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In fact, many professionals rely on either of the two for the task. Some of the most recognized, preferable & affordable saws come from those two companies.
For Husqvarna, it’s their 400 series that outruns all the cheap, poor-quality saws.

With Stihl, it gets to the MS Farm Boss series. One of the latest, high-end additions is Husqvarna 460 rancher. Meanwhile, Stihl introduced MS 271 quite earlier to the market.

Both products are convenient & gained customer satisfaction to the full extent. Choosing from either two seems a difficult task from the beginning. That’s why we brought here a competitive Husqvarna 460 rancher vs Stihl Farm Boss comparison.

Brand Comparison:

Before jumping into the product comparison, let’s have a look at the manufacturers.


Since 1689, the Swedish company just keeps expanding its market over 100 countries. For now, it’s main focus remained on chainsaw products. Currently, it markets several high-quality saws & relevant products. With innovative technology & friendly design, reputation & popularity grows without a halt.


The German company started back in 1926 & since, provides some of the most popular gears. In fact, they introduced the very first handheld electric-corded chainsaw back then. It’s indeed one of the best manufacturers, obviously for good reasons. Apart from the saws, Stihl produces own guiding bars & chains.

Professional Preference Matters:

It’s almost impossible to choose knowing the differences in features. Not to mention, it better come with professional preference. It may concern with previous experience or even brand choice. You’re likely to find an even split of support approaching professional arborists or loggers. Some tell Husqvarna provides faster cutting whereas Stihl delivers more torque.

It’s true that both devices lack of some advanced, somewhat more technical features. In this regard, they do share some similarities.
Both saws have lower vibration with the handle for easy operation. There is a chain brake for a safe, quick cutting with them. But neither one includes the facility of straight-chain tensioning.

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Both the gadgets include a specific bar & chain to confront the kickback. The combo generates less kickback while working. So, there is no risk to use with either of the chainsaw models. For additional safety, there is a trigger knockout to prevent accidental engagement.

They also feature side accessible chain tensioning system. Considering bar length, Husqvarna & Stihl have the same measurement. For the weight, both are close enough with a slight difference. Going through Husqvarna 460 Rancher vs Stihl Farm Boss review, you’ll get every necessary detail to make the purchase.


The overall exterior comes with outstanding similarity for both chainsaws. The corded electric saws feature an orange base with its cutting blade. Considering bar length, both have an equal size of 18 inches.

For Husqvarna 460, the dimension measures a standard 29” x 11” x 13” size. With Stihl MS 271, it gets to 19 x 11 x 13 inches. So, the blade length is slightly larger with Husqvarna. Therefore, it allows the user to handle a thicker, longer wood-piece easily.


When it comes to power, you need to take the engine capability into account. Husqvarna 460 delivers a slightly higher engine power of 3.62 HP which is 3.49 with Stihl. But the slight difference resembles a great variation in cutting efficiency.

With the integrated sharp blade, it initiates a stronger & rather precise cut. Not to mention, Husqvarna holds better for prolonged, professional & sensitive jobs. Meanwhile, Stihl suits occasional & domestic uses quite well. Its engine power is reasonable enough for light tasks.

Fuel Tank: 

With chainsaws, one of the most underrated concerns is the fuel tank capacity. It’s particularly important when you go for a long-time logging job. It becomes a real burden to stop frequently to load the fuel.

Husqvarna 460 features a convenient fuel tank having a capacity of 14.88 ounces. But for MS 271, it is quite more with 16.90 ounces. But actually, it’s the oil capacity that ultimately matters in this regard.
With Stihl 271, you’ll receive an oil holding capacity of 8.12 ounces. It gets to higher capacity of 11.2 ounces with Husqvarna 460 rancher. Therefore, you’ll have to stop fewer times with the latter one here.

One thing to keep in mind is the overall weight. Larger fuel tank generally means greater oil amount. It increases the holding weight which can give certain problems for specific tasks.


For a successful investment, longevity is obviously a major concern with products like chainsaws. The sturdy construction of some Husqvarna models served for decades. No doubt, you can have a long-lasting satisfaction with Husqvarna 460 rancher.

But that doesn’t imply your turning back from Stihl. For choosing something durable, you should pay attention to the engine & cutting efficiency. At least, you won’t get an easy disappointment with Stihl MS 271 chainsaw.


Considering the cutting performance, both provide satisfactory output in their suitable field of application. Husqvarna features a longer blade with higher engine power. Therefore, you can go for any professional tasks without giving a second thought.

Also, it induces great precision over different materials with a quicker cut. For Stihl, the precision is good enough, especially for light cutting works. But it falls short of accuracy with the cuts. The high torque makes it quite suitable for home DIY & insensitive projects.


For a dependable, flawless continuity in functionality, maintenance is quite important. MS 271 saw almost requires no maintenance during its life. The built-in pre-separation filtering process reduced the dirt capturing. Therefore, the filter remains clean for a longer time, boosting the overall efficiency.

It’s the 460 rancher that requires frequent cleaning. The integrated air injecting system tries to keep away all the debris & dust. The less effective system provides some good for the air filter. Yet you’ll need to check out the filter quite often to wipe out the residuals.

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Following our Husqvarna 460 rancher vs Stihl farm boss article, it’s evident that the former offers somewhat better performance. In fact, it’s the ultimate gear for professional jobs with precision. But it’s not the case every time.

It’s all your requirements & needs that will decide the choice in the end. When you’re a novice & require chainsaw for light, unimportant task – you can rely on Stihl MS 271. But one thing for sure, you’ll have the utmost satisfaction through a reliable, convenient & safe cutting performance.

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