Husqvarna 455 vs 460 Rancher Reviews & Comparison

When it gets to a woodcutting job, the first thing to grab is a chainsaw. Likewise, there are lots of varieties chainsaw available in the market. The overwhelming options make the purchase more difficult.
Husqvarna is one well-recognized brand in the chainsaw industry. With a reliable quality & unmatched performance, professional lumberjacks often prefer its models. 
With the 400 series, Husqvarna brings in a revolutionary change in chainsaw functionality. The models are loaded with convenient features within affordable price tags.
And it’s 455 & 460 models are the upgraded version of previous ones. Both provide satisfactory service to meet chainsaw user demand. This raises the obvious question – Which one should I choose?
That’s where you need detailed Husqvarna 455 vs 460 reviews. The competitive comparison will surely help you to make a suitable choice.

Husqvarna 455 vs 460 Rancher Comparison with product description:

It’s obvious that both share considerable similarities in several aspects. In fact, Husqvarna 455 is the predecessor of model 460. That’s where some of the specifications remain identical to one another. But considering more advanced chainsaws, they do lack certain features.

The maximum & minimum bar length measures the same in this case. But for Husqvarna 460, you can even get a longer 24” model. The cutting chain comes without any specified difference. Its pitch, gauge & even speed remain the same in both models. Although both include a chain tensioning system, it’s not exactly straightened.

It’s important to know that the significant difference between 455 & 460 lies with power. All other features are more or less the same. The front handle vibrations show a slight difference but not with the rear one. Fuel consumption differs but tank volume & oil capacity got no change. Even the sound pressure, weight, adjustment & design share no particular difference.

Husqvarna 460 vs husqvarna 455 Comparison with features

• Design

There is barely any noticeable difference exists between these two. Both are gas chainsaws that require corded electric connectivity. For the weight, it’s almost similar weighing 12.80 lbs& 12.79 lbs respectively. Apart from the cutting blades, the corded frames have a bright orange base.
The bar length remains similar measuring a standard 20” length. Also, there’s a forged 3-piece crankshaft on both models to accomplish tougher tasks. For the 455 models, it measures 20” x 9.5” x 41”.Whereasmodel 460 measures a rather compact 29” x 12.75” x 10.50”.

• Mechanism

Incorporating choke/stop control, the startup mechanism remains safe & quick. Combined with air purges, there’s no issue regarding smooth performance. The presence of the features qualifies both machines to trigger easy startup, operation & handling.
The functional system additionally includes a centrifugal air cleaning facility. The quick releasing air filter design allows simple removal& replacement which gives maximum cleanliness on site. Again, the feature is available on two models.

• Power

It’s indeed the most significant portion to identify both models differently. In fact, Husqvarna 460 comes with several upgrades in terms of power than model 455. One thing to remember that even they do differ; it’s not exactly on a large scale.
One point worth mentioning is the engine specification. Both have 2-cycled engines which initiate excellent efficiency. In addition, there isan integrated brake inside to control the task, reducing the risks.
Though the latest one got some upgrades, the predecessor model remains incredibly functional. With Husqvarna 455, the engine size is 55.5cc to deliver 3.5 HP. But 460 has higher specs with a 60.2cc engine size to induce 3.62 HP output.

• Torque

Even the powering torque differs to trigger some differences. It plays an essential role to initiate sufficient power to the chain for cutting. The 455 rancher generates 3.2 Nm torque at 6600 rpm. In the meantime, you’ll get 3.4 Nm torque at 7000 rpm from 460 ranchers.
One thing to remember is its maximum number of motor revolutions. 3.2 Nm & 3.4 Nm are the maximum torque you can get. But both models are designed to generate a maximum of 9000 rpm speed. At the lowest point, they can produce 2700 rpm at once.

• Vibration

Another factor that differs substantially is the level of induced vibrations. Not to mention, it’s one important consideration regarding chainsaw precision & holding. And here both our picks ensure maximized serviceability over reduced vibration.
Husqvarna’s patented & unique LowVib system significantly lowers the vibration level. Both models have this feature & therefore, reduced vibration. Increasing the overall efficiency, you’ll receive comfortable holding for both chainsaws.
Like the advanced ranchers, 455 has a vibration rating of 3.4 m/s2 on front & 4.5 m/s2 on back. With 460, it measures 3.5 m/s2 on front & 4.5 m/s2 on back. Though it’s more like moderate vibrations than the lowest ones, it surely gives a pleasant cutting.

• Chain

The output power is only advantageous with the right chain. There’s no difference between the chains used in both models. The metal chain provides high sharpness to cut down anything in its path. The two models have a side-mounted tensioning system for further accessibility.
Whether it’s 455 or 460, the included chain features a sufficient number of teeth. Even the chain speed is the same in both cases. Both run at 65.6 fps or 20 m/s. Though speed comes without any change, it’s good enough for most jobs.

• Fuel

The rate of fuel consumption remains high on Husqvarna 455. It measures approximately 470 g/kWh. But it’s somewhat lower with Husqvarna 460. In fact, the consumption rate is 437 g/kWh. But the volume of the fuel tank is the same with 0.9 US pints.
No difference in oil tank either, volume measures 0.6 US pint. The oil pumping capacity lies within 6.0 – 17 US pints on both cases. For the best part, it includes an automated lubrication system to reduce friction. The built-in X-Torq system lessens fuel consumption.

• Noise

It’s where the Husqvarna gets negative marks. Both 455 & 460 produce annoying noise on its action. With a rating of 104 dB (A), the operator will have to wear ear protection. For a gas model, it’s the point where both models remain average in functionality.

• Usability

The application may differ based on user requirements& expertise. For landowners & homeworkers, 455 is great for woodcutting, trimming & cutting smaller trees. Model 460 is capable of handling tougher tasks, aside from the mentioned jobs.


Going through the Husqvarna 455 vs 460 comparison, I think you are confident enough to pick the ultimate winner. In fact, the two models share more similarities than considerable differences.
Both are highly functional chainsaws for professional woodcutting jobs. Even the price tag doesn’t share any magnificent difference to make a change.
But the upgraded version is definitely a good option to choose. It gives you more power to some extent you can use. Unless you have occasional cutting jobs, you can settle down for Husqvarna 460.

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