How to Use A Jigsaw to Cut A Straight Line – Step By Step

How to Use A Jigsaw to Cut A Straight Line

Cutting a straight line is the first and foremost thing for every woodworker. Woodworker usually starts their profession by cutting a straight line.

But they use different cutting tools for that. Because Jigsaw is mainly used for a curve or irregular shape cutting.

But what about start cutting a straight line with a Jigsaw?

Don’t worry, you can cut a straight line using a jigsaw.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to use a Jigsaw to cut a straight line. So, keep reading this article if you need to cut a straight line. No matter either you are a professional woodworker or DIYer, the given step will solve your problem.

Enough of the intro, let’s move to the heart of this article-

Items You Need to Cut A Straight Line Using A Jigsaw:

As you know that Jigsaw is mainly used for irregular shape cutting. So, for straight cutting, you will need some extra equipment.

Don’t worry, those equipment are regular woodworking equipment. And you don’t have to spend your extra bucks if you are regular with your woodworking job. So, let’s see what we need-

  1. A pencil for marking a straight line.
  2. A piece of wood (should be straight and bump or wrap free) for guiding your Jigsaw. We will call it a ‘guide’ for the next of this article.
  3. 2 clamps for tightening the guide with the board that you are going to cut.
  4. A measuring tape

And I think you already have a Jigsaw and board or lumber (where you are going to cut a straight line)

That’s all you have to have for cutting a straight line with a Jigsaw. Otherwise, gather all and follow the given below steps-

Steps on How to Use A Jigsaw to Cut A Straight Line

Step 1: Measure blade to base plate distance of your Jigsaw

At first, with the measuring tape not down the blade to base plate distance of your saw. For your kind information- the baseplate is also called a shoe. This is a metal bottom part of the jigsaw.

Step 2: Draw the straight Line

Now, draw a straight line on your board or lumber, where you are going to cut your straight line.

Don’t draw only the first and last side of your board. Only experts do that. But if you are a beginner, then make the line visible for across the board or lumber. This line will work as a guide.

Step 3: Place the guide on the board or lumber

Put the guide onto board or lumber at a distance from the straight line that you have got from step 1.

Make sure that the guide is exactly placed maintaining that distance. Mark both sides of the guide with a pencil. Do this for the first and last side of the guide.

Now, it is time to use your clamps. Before clamping the guide measure the distance again. If it is perfect as your wish, then clamp the guide.

Step 4: Start cutting with a jigsaw

You are all set up for starting the cut. Place the saw against the guide and make sure that the blade is in a straight line. If not, then repeat the entire process.

If yes, then start your cut. Cut with slow speed but steadily. Never force the jigsaw forward. Focus on the straight line while cutting.

That’s it. you will get a straight line cut at the end.

Note for Other Materials

Here, I have used board or lumber for straight cutting. You may be thinking of cutting other materials, right?

Basically, this step-by-step guide is the same for all types of materials. You just need to change the blade according to material type.

The material or object could be soft or harder, no matter the process is remaining the same. But keep in mind that some materials, especially harder materials need to add oil or water while cutting.

Safety Tips You Should Know: when you cut A Straight Line

Using A Jigsaw:

Jigsaw is not a simple tool. It’s not kids’ games. A simple mistake can harm a lot. To avoid the unwanted situation, follow the given below tips-

  1. Use a mask and goggles while using a jigsaw. Because Jigsaw creates dust.
  2. While adjusting the jigsaw with the straight line, make sure that the saw is unplugged or if it is battery-powered, then the battery is removed.
  3. Use hand gloves.
  4. Always use a sharp blade and the blade should match with the materials, you are going to cut.
  5. Don’t force the jigsaw forward.
  6. Don’t let other persons stay near the cutting side while cutting.
  7. Make sure that the blade and its components are well lubricated.


However, cutting a straight line with a jigsaw is not a hard task if you follow the proper guideline.

Here, the topic of how to use a jigsaw to cut a straight line is easy enough if you have all the items you need.

Jigsaw is a versatile cutting tool. You can cut soft or hard material if you have the right kind of blade. The cutting speed also varies from material to material. And the good news is most of the jigsaws nowadays, come with a speed setting.

It is now easy to control the speed, isn’t it good?

Happy woodworking!

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