How to Cut Plywood with A Jigsaw Without Splintering? learn Tricks

Cut Plywood with A Jigsaw Without Splintering

Why every carpenter and DIY-er love jigsaw?

It is a convenient tool for cutting curves or circles. Carpenters can’t imagine an alternative of a jigsaw for furniture works.

But while cutting plywood, carpenters and DIY-ers face the problem of splints, chips or tears. This is a common problem for beginners to pro jigsaw users.

With some simple tricks, you can avoid those issues.

This article is all about solving those problems. How you can cut plywood with A jigsaw without splintering. So, let’s jump into the deep-

The Reason for splinter while cutting plywood:

Firstly, you must know the reasons for splintering to avoid splinter while cutting. If we can find out the actual reason, then it will become easier to solve the problem.

So, a clear concept for what is the reason behind it is a must to know.

There are basically four reasons for splintering and chipping while cutting with a jigsaw

  • You maybe choose the wrong blade to cut
  • The blade teeth could have some issue
  • Overcutting or lower cutting speed
  • Try to complete the work very quickly

Right blade for cutting plywood:

Just imagine, you pick the wrong blade to cut. What will happen?

Obviously, a very bad cut with a splint.

You should choose the right blade for avoiding splinter. A thin blade is considered the right blade for cutting plywood. A thin blade can give you a fine cut without splintering.

So, a thin T-Shank blade is the right choice, right?

Blade teeth:

You maybe choose the right blade but what about the blade condition? Is it blunt? If no, then you are okay with that.

Otherwise, your whole work will be a waste of time and money. It is better to use a new blade for cutting plywood to avoid such a situation.

And another scenario is the teeth type. There are two types of blade teeth- downward teeth and upward teeth. To avoid splinter, use upward teeth.

Speed of the machine:

The lower and higher speed is another reason for splintering. This factor is related to experience. You have to know, how to control the machine speed.

Mid to high speed is necessary for a good cut without splintering. Especially for plywood.

You are in a hurry:

Don’t be hurry to cut plywood. Incursive motion can destroy your whole work. If you push the jigsaw to cut fast, then the blade can break. And you know what will happen.

So, calm down and follow the design mark line smoothly to finish your work.

These are machine-related issues. Other than these, you have to follow the given below tips to precise cut-

What to do while cutting plywood to avoid splintering:

Some simple techniques and tools can make your cut easier, even if you don’t have lots of experience in cutting plywood. So follow these few awesome tricks to cut plywood with a jigsaw without splintering.

Here I am giving you three simple tricks, you can apply any one of these to cut plywood-

Splinter guard:

If you are a beginner at this job, then this is a great tool for you.

You can remove wicker very easily with a splinter guard. You can replace the tool with ease. This long-lasting tool is accessible from beginner to pro.

If you like to have a precise cut, then this handy tool can help you to cut without chips, splints, or tear.

Masking tape:

Another very simple and cost-effective method. You just need to paste masking tape (transparent) along the marked line, you want to cut. You have to paste both sides of the marked line.

This is a cheap alternative for a splinter guard. After cutting plywood, remove the remaining masking tape.

Knife to engrave the marked line:

This is a totally manual method. Take a sharp knife (a similar sharpen tool can be used) and follow the marked line to etch. Make the marked line a little deep. If you are using a blade with downward teeth, then engrave it at the downside and if it has an upward tooth, then engrave the top side.

You are done. Now, you can use your jigsaw to start cutting.

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Safety tips:

  • There are huge chances of flying particles while cutting plywood. So, use eyewear and dust masks to protect from flying particles.
  • Don’t push the jigsaw hard. It can break blade teeth.
  • Don’t use the jigsaw near other persons. Keep them away for a certain distance.
  • Always use a new blade for cutting plywood.
  • Lubricate your jigsaw before every use.
  • Operate your jigsaw in a dry place. It is an electrical device. So, a wet area may cause a short-circuit.


I hope you are now getting the proper idea to cut plywood with a jigsaw without splintering. Finally, I can suggest you use a splinter guard, to solve the problem if you are a regular jigsaw user. It is a long-term usable tool and user-friendly too.

But if you are looking for a cheap solution and occasional user, then, you can go with the other methods.

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