How to Change Blade on Dewalt Circular Saw (Safe Removal)

how to change blade on dewalt circular saw

If you are here, you already know that Dewalt is designed for highly professional and extensive construction work. They have top-notch quality with long-lasting and resilient designs. 

However, it can be possible that you need to change its blade once in a blue moon. This can be quite tiresome if you want to do it yourself. 

Therefore, we have compiled this guide to make provide you with all the relevant instructions, tips, steps, and FAQs to assist you along the process.

Quick Summary

This guide will help you with all the relevant information about:

  • Dewalt Circular Saws
  • How to change its blade?
  • What to know when changing the blade?
  • A detailed FAQs section.

How to Successfully Change Blade on Dewalt Circular Saw - Professional Advice

There can be multiple reasons that lead to changing the blade on Dewalt Circular Saw. It might have become dull or damaged. 

Another reason might be the blade needs to be metal cutting compatible and you need to use it for woodcutting.

Whatever the reason might be today this guide will help you change the blade on your Dewalt Circular Saw. 

Things You Need to Know Before you Change the Blade on Dewalt Circular Saw 

Before you start to change the blade, you should need to know the following things that are important to know. 

Blade Diameter 

The diameter or size of the blade is printed on the saw or either on the existing blade of the saw. However, if the size is not printed then we have to measure it yourself.

For this, you will have to remove the existing blade and measure side to side through the center of the blade.

Arbor Diameter 

You need to measure the blade’s center and if it properly fits the arbor of the circular saw. The arbor size should also be printed on the saw or the existing blade. 

However, if it is not printed we have to measure it as well or we can take the existing blade to the hardware store. 

RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)

The last thing that needs to be measured is the RPM. You have to make sure the RPM of your new blade does not exceed the maximum RPM of your Dewalt Circular Saw.

dewalt circular saw

Step-by-Step Professional Guide to Change Blade on Dewalt Circular Saw

After taking the measurements of everything needed, you can start the step-by-step guide. 

Without any delay, let’s get into it. 

Step 1: Cut Off the Power Supply

Some circular saws are battery operated while others are operated by electricity. In both cases, make sure you switch off the electricity and remove the battery cells to prevent any damage. 

Tip: Make sure you are following all the safety guidelines as you are dealing with a high range of charged construction devices that can be quite harmful.

Step 2: Place the Dewalt Circular Saw on a Secure Place 

This step requires you to have a hammer, two pieces of wood, and a hex wrench or a simple wrench. 

Put your Dewalt Circular Saw on a secure and even place before you remove its blade guard. Once the circular saw is securely placed, remove the blade guard and remove it carefully. 

Tip: Even if the blade is old and damaged, it can be quite dangerous if handled carelessly. Make sure you have your safety gear on.  

Step 3: Press and Enable the Arbor Lock 

As the step suggests, make sure you have a pressed arbor lock situated at the top of the blade. This will enable the lock of your blade when you are done with the next step. 

Step 4: Rotate and Press the Blade on a Wooden Platform 

Keep the blade rotating until the arbor lock works, which will make it stop. 

This step is very important as it can be quite dangerous if your circular saw lacks an arbor lock. 

Moreover, press the blade on a wooden platform to make sure your blade removes easily. This will loosen the nuts and bolts without much effort. 

Step 5: Loosen the Nuts and Bolts 

Loosen the nuts and bolts with the help of a wrench. The direction to loosen them must be counterclockwise. CLICK HERE, for tool reviews and more.

Tip: Make sure you use a hex wrench that is compatible with mostly all types of nuts and bolts.

Step 6: Change to New Blade

Depress the arbor button, this will make the entire blade come off. Once the old blade is down, make sure you install the new blade onto the arbor carefully. 

Tip: Make sure you have done it according to the instructions. Hammer the new blade over and over carefully to install the blade perfectly. 

Step 7: Screw the Nuts and Bolts Back

Screw all the nuts and bolts back in place. Use the wrench to do so and plug in the power sully back as well. Do not over tighten the nuts, they need to be firm.  

It should make a wheezing sound that indicates the blade is fit perfectly.