How To Use A Hand Wood Planer – Step By Step Process

How to use a hand wood planer

A hand planer is an important tool for smoothing and shaping wood. And I guess you would like to use a hand planer for your woodworking.

Maybe you are a woodworker or trying to learn woodworking. However, as a woodworker, you have to know how to use a hand wood planer to shape the wood.

You can shape as you like or make thin the wood for proper use. And of course, knowing the using process of such a planer is a vital ability of a woodworker.

By following described steps of using a hand planer, you will have a great idea on this great woodworking tool. Moreover, you will get a clear concept of the hand planer.

Let’s explore more and have a great experience that you didn’t know before.

What is a hand wood planer?

A hand wood planer is a tool used to thin, shave, and smooth wood materials. It is a traditional tool for woodworkers. The woodworkers have been using this excellent tool for ages for carving the wood to make wood materials.

This gorgeous tool is ranging from about 6 inches to 14 inches long and about 2 inches to 2.5 inches wide. It contains a sharp blade to shave the wood.

It is one of the most fundamental tools for woodworkers. So, as a woodworker, you have to know the using process and techniques of a hand planer.

How to use a hand planer?

Using a wood planer actually is not a tough job. But as a beginner, you have to maintain a step-by-step working process. On the other hand, you should keep in mind some noticeable facts for better performance.

Let’s explore the using process step by step.

Sharpen the blade before starting the work

You already know that there is a blade in a hand wood planer. You have to sharpen this blade before starting your work. That’s because only a sharp blade will provide an accurate shape.

Firstly, you have to remove the blade from the planer by unscrewing. Remove the burrs from the blade by sliding on the whetstone. Do it until your blade is ready for use.

Resettle the blade in the planer

Now resettle the blade in the planer. Settle the blade properly in its slot. Never forget to screw it after you settle.

Now, it is truly ready to use.

Keep the wood materials in safe

Keep your materials safe so that you can avoid any danger. You can keep your materials on a table. For better performance, you can use an angle at which the materials will be cut.

Make pressure on the planer

After settling the materials in a safe, it is time to start your work. Hold the planer properly. Keep it on your desired materials. Now push the plane forward.

Try to pressure with both hands. Gradually increase the pressure. Produce continuous shaving. Try to move it where you need. Protrude gradually for a perfect shape.

Try to keep control while cutting the wood. You can rotate the nut of the planer for adjustment and control.

Check the accuracy

Cut the materials accurately. Check the accuracy of your work. If you need depth cutting, then try to make more pressure.

You obviously desire smooth and flat wood for your work. So check the smoothness and flatness of your wood.

Some important facts you have to keep in mind

  • Choose the appropriate wood hand planer.
  • Use machine oil to sharpen your planer’s blade.
  • Test the sharpness of your blade for accurate and perfect work.
  • You can use a permanent up-angling wood grain.
  • A woodblock is a necessary tool. Before starting the work, you can set a woodblock to the end of the board.


To get a smooth, accurate, and flat wood, follow the above steps very carefully. By following these steps, you will be able to use a hand planer perfectly. Moreover, you will be able to make the perfect shape of your wood materials. Never forget to use eyeglasses while doing this job. Because your eyes need protection in such kind of work.

I hope you have a clear concept now on how to use a hand wood planer. So, follow the described steps and use your wood planer perfectly.

Good luck!

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