How to Unlock Hitachi Miter Saw – Beginner’s Guide

how to unlock hitachi miter saw

If you’re someone who likes to do handiwork around the house such as cut picture frames, crown molds, and door frames, a miter saw is your safest option. 

To own such a heavy-duty power tool is essential for any handyman regardless of your expertise, experience, or how frequently you use it. 

However, most people decide to give up even before they search the market because they’re under the impression that these machines are either too expensive or too complicated. 

Quick Summary

In this post we will go over:

  • What is a miter saw?
  • How to unlock a miter saw?
  • How to lock a miter saw?

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What are Miter Saws?

Miter saws are simple and straightforward tools used for angled cuts or projects that require extra care and precision. Despite what people think, these machines aren’t hard to get a hang of.

However, a miter saw might get locked whenever they’re not in use. Therefore, we would suggest you understand the positions of different features if you wish to work it efficiently.

How to Unlock a Miter Saw? - Complete Overview

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The most important thing you need to know about a miter saw is the small pushpin. It is located at the back of the miter saw’s pivot arm and is used to lock and unlock the saw.

The method of locking or unlocking the miter saw is executed if we push or pull the pin. You need to push it with enough force to hear a clicking sound. 

The pin is placed on the miter saw in a way that helps achieve a user-friendly advantage for the user. An important thing to keep in mind for any miter saw operator is to ensure the saw has a functional pushpin for safety and convenience. 

However, if you encounter any difficulty in operating the pushpin, we suggest you consult the manual or a competent technician. 

How to Unlock Hitachi Miter Saw - Complete Guide

The lock compromises a pin and a knob. The process to get your saw unlocked is fairly easy but it depends on the type of miter saw you own. Each model has its own mechanism where you can twist or pull the knob to release or lock the blade.

Here are some steps you need to follow to unlock your machine:

Unlocking the Head 

To unlock the head, you need to look for the pushpin and put some pressure on it. Most modern units have a knob that is designed to block the mechanical ankle for the saw to unlock. It is usually present right behind the blade near the center point of the main base. 

All you need to do next is pull the pinout and the head should be unlocked. If you have a sliding model, you’ll need to loosen the knob on the side to get it to move back and forth. 

Most miter saws have the blade lock knob. You can pull it outward or force it inward to lock or release the blade. When the pin is freed, it will automatically lift up. This is also where the guard will cover the blade so it’s safe to open at any point. 

If the blade is not covered by the guard as it lifts, it means that the guard is stuck or dirty. Some models have vacuum attachments that come in handy to keep the saw clean and residue-free. 

Unlocking the Table/Base

Once you have successfully unlocked the head, it’s time to move on to the table. 

If you have a more modern unit, there should be a visible knob integrated into the base. It will allow you to move the base and place it at your preferred angle. Moreover, most newer models come with already marked angles such as 45 degrees and 90 degrees. 

This is great because now, instead of going into a lot of trouble to find the right angles, all you need to do is align the rotating part of the base with the static one that contains pre-set angle positions

Angle Locks

To control the angle locks on the miter saw, there are two locks on the front of the saw. The blade’s left to right swivel action is locked by the horizontal knurled knob while all the standard angles are locked by the lever placed underneath the knob. 

The location of the lever may differ depending on the model but the mode of operation is the same. To unlock the blade’s swivel action, you’ll have to twist the knurled knob. If you loosen the knob the miter saw will unlock and when it’s tightened, it will lock the blade in place. 

You can remove the preset angle lock by pushing the lever using the middle or index finger. Be careful since the lever is spring-loaded. You only need to apply mild force in order to depress the lever slowly.

Swivel Lock 

Some miter saws have built-in preset angle locks. The larger knob on the saw unlocks the blade for use while the smaller lever is used to lock in different angles of the miter cuts and adjust the angle of the blade for transportation. 

The preset lock can be adjusted if you depress the lever or rotate it to a preset stop. You can also release the lever at any point to place the saw in any position you want. 

Bevel Lock

Not all models of miter saws come with a bevel lock. However, those that do have this feature work with a spring-loaded lever to keep the bevel locked. You can press level and hold it until you reach your desired angle. 

Locking the Miter Saw

After you use the compound miter saw, we highly recommend you make sure the saw is locked. 

Most injuries take place in the workplace due to unsecured saws after the cutting process. 

The method to lock the saw is as easy as to unlock it. All you need to do is apply mild pressure as you push down on the head while simultaneously pulling out the pushpin.

We would also suggest you lower the head of the miter saw until you hear a snapping sound. Now the saw is securely locked and ready to be transported. 

Additional Tips

Another important thing you need to remember is to wear safety equipment before any woodworking. These include goggles, ear protection, and gloves. 

It’s imperative that you plug the machine out before you make any adjustments, even if it’s a minor one. Most people get hurt making small adjustments because they fail to recognize the potential risk of leaving the machine on. 

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How to Unlock Hitachi Miter Saw? - Conclusion

The locks on a miter saw may look daunting at first, but they’re fairly straightforward to lock and unlock. 

They are an essential part of safely transporting the saw from one location to another. Furthermore, they also help keep your miter saw in great condition for many years to come. 

Therefore it’s important that inexperienced users understand how to unlock a miter saw in order to enhance safety, protect the blade, and improve the advantage of portability.

If you have any questions related to the controls of a miter saw lock, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 

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