How to Unlock Miter Saw – Quick Guide

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A miter saw can give your woodworking projects a professional look. Moreover, a miter saw is also very portable and needs only a few seconds to set up. 

If you have purchased a miter saw, you need to learn how to unlock it. Each time you start a new project you need to unlock the miter saw to apply to the object. 

Thankfully this is a simple process and won’t take much of your time. Stick around and learn the correct way to unlock a miter saw. 

Quick Summary

The following information will be covered in the article: 

  • How to unlock a miter saw 
  • Additional tips to follow 
  • What are the different types of miter saws

How to Unlock a Miter Saw

The process of unlocking a miter saw is pretty manageable and uncomplicated. Since there are hundreds of brands of saws in the market, each saw requires a slightly different process. 

However, here’s a general guide to facilitate you. 

Quick Steps to Unlock a Miter Saw

  • Remove the miter saw from a power source by unplugging the cord. 
  • Grab the power tool with one hand and release the locking pin or knob with the other hand. 
  • Using the locking pin unlock the motorized head from the lower position 
  • Rotate the handle button to unlock the table hinge 
  • Using the handle turn the table to the desired position
  • Turn the handle knob to the right put the saw in position 

Detailed Review on How to Unlock a Miter Saw

Unlocking the Head: 

To unlock the head of the miter saw, you need to first look for a pin or a lever that is designed to hold parts of your miter saw together. Then, using your fingers apply some pressure on it. 

The latest versions have a knob made to block the mechanical angle. 

This knob or pin is usually right behind the blade near the center point of the base. In order to unlock this part just pull this pin out of your miter saw. 

What to do if you have a sliding miter saw? 

To unlock the head on a sliding miter saw, you need to loosen the two locks on the slide which enable the movement of the saw back and forth. 

Then you can continue with the exact same unlock process mentioned above. 

Unlocking the Table/Base:

Once you are done with the unlocking of the head, your next focus should be to know how to unlock the table of the saw. 

Most of the latest models of saws have a visible knob designed specifically for this unlock purpose. 

The purpose of this knob is pretty clear. It enables the moving of the base and finding the desired angle when unlocking the saw. 

In addition to this, the commonly used angles such as 45 and 90 degrees are already marked. 

How to find the right angle? 

In easy words, instead of trying different ways to find the right angle just position the rotating knob on the base of your miter saw with a static one that already contains the pre-set angle positions. 

Locking the Bevel:

Not all the models of miter saws have a moving bevel. If you have one that comes without a moving bevel then this step holds very little significance for you. 

On the contrary, most of the new models feature a moving bevel, so there is a good chance you own one of those. 

What to do if your saw has a moving bevel?

In order to position the bevel, find the integrated stop near the base and then slide the angle lock. 

Some models come with drilled holes made to stop the head from tilting any further and sometimes are also pre-set to a certain angle. 

This simply means that the right angles such as 45 and 90 degrees are already present on the base and you do not have to hassle figuring out the right angle. 

Additional Tips to Follow

It is often seen that people tend to ignore the safety tips because of which they end up hurting themselves or damaging the miter saw. Both of these scenarios are not favorable for a regular user of the saw. 

What are the mandatory safety precautions? 

The most important part when working with a miter saw is to wear safety equipment at all times. The goggles, ear protection, and gloves are included in the equipment. 

In addition to this, you should also make sure that the miter saw is not plugged in a power source even when they are making a minor unlock adjustment. Most people fail to recognize the potential risk and often get hurt making only minor adjustments. 

Why is there a need for a vacuum in a miter saw?

It is very important to keep a miter saw clean and residue-free. Some of the models have a vacuum attached that is used in situations like these. 

In case your saw does not come with a vacuum, you can take the help of an industrial vacuum cleaner. 

Moreover, when working with wood the sawdust residue can hinder the performance of the blade as well as can be harmful to the people nearby. 

What is the right way to work with knobs and pins?

You need to make sure that you do not apply too much pressure when you are moving a knob or locking a pin. These knobs and pins are designed to be moved with ease and comfort unless they are too old. 

So it is recommended that you only apply gentle pressure when moving a knob or locking the pin. 

What to do if some of the metal parts of the miter saw are not working properly?

If the metal parts of your miter saw are not working properly you should not put too much pressure on them. A very tight knob or a stuck pin could break with too much pressure or force. 

It is preferred that instead of using too much force, apply a little machine oil on these parts. By doing this you will be able to easily twist the knob and not do any damage to your miter saw or blade.  

What are the Different Types of Miter Saws? 

There are three different types of miter saw available in the market. All three of these miter saws are ideal for cutting through any wood material.

However, the capability of these three kinds of saws is different. Each type of saw is suitable for a different person and job. 

We will review all three types for you to choose the best one for you. The following are the types: 

1. Standard Miter Saws

The standard miter saw is the most common type of miter saw. They have the fewest complications compared to the other two models. 

The saw blade comes mounted on the arm of the saw. You can easily mount the saw on a base to cut through. 

The saw is capable enough to cut at an angle of more or less than 45 degrees. In addition to this, this type of saw is also ideal for beginners. 

Why is this the best kind for beginners? 

The standard miter saw is perfect for beginners as it comes at a very reasonable price compared to the other two types. You can easily learn to use this saw without having any experience. 

Another main advantage of this saw is that it is super lightweight. You can take this with you from one place to another with ease. Moreover, the lightweight and size allow you to take this saw in confined spaces to make accurate cuts. 

2. Compound Miter Saws

The compound miter saw is designed to make compound cuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, and angled crosscuts. If you are looking for a saw that makes the previously mentioned cuts then it is preferred to buy a compound miter saw. 

The compound miter saw also allows you to adjust its cutting angles. The blade of the saw tilted on both the right and the left from the angle of 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Some of the models also have single and double bevel options. 

What is the difference between single and double bevel options? 

The single bevel compound miter saw blade will only tilt towards one side while a double bevel blade will tilt both towards the right and the left. 

3. Sliding Compound Miter Saws 

Just like the compound miter saws, the sliding compound miter saws have some great features. However, the compound miter saws can only be cut to a limited width. This is where the sliding compound miter saws come in. 

Unlike the previous two types, the blade of the sliding compound miter saw is not fully fixed. Instead, the blade and the arm of this type of saw are in a sliding technique. These rails enable the movement of the blade forward and backward. 

What is the use of a sliding blade?

The big advantage this brings is that you can cut materials twice or thrice the width compared to a standard or a compound miter saw. Moreover, you do not have to get in the hassle of repositioning your material again and again. 

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Wrapping Things Up

We hope that you have now learned the quickest and safest way of unlocking a miter saw. By following all the mentioned steps and keeping the tips and tricks in mind you not only save your time but also keep your saw from any damage. 

In addition to this, we also learned about the three types of miter saws and their uses. 

With this, we conclude our article on how to unlock a miter saw. 

We hope the information we provided was useful.

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