How to Tighten Chain on Pole Saw – Step By Step Process

How To Tighten Chain On Pole Saw

Pole saw is a widely used tool for pruning or cutting tree branches. It saves both time and effort. Also, increase the efficacy of the task.

However, lots of people struggle with assembling the parts of the pole saw. Among them, a greater portion struggle in adjusting the chain tension of the pole saw.

Well, it is true that tightening the chain on a pole saw may possess some challenges.  But if you follow some easy steps, you can easily master this.

In this article, I am going to talk about these steps. So stay with me to know how to tighten chain on pole saw.

Why tighten the chain on the pole saw?

Well, it would be more appropriate to say adjusting the chain on the pole saw instead of saying tightening. That’s because too tight or too loose chain- both can cause problems.

The loose chain can cause the guide bar fast. This can lead to flying up the bar and eventually can injure someone.

Also, it can result in slanted cuts. Simply you will try to cut the branches but end up damaging your pole saw.

On the other side, a significantly tightened chain can cause a series of problems. If your chain on the pole saw is too tight, it can hamper the movement flexibility of the guide bar. This will prevent you from getting an efficient cut.

Alongside, the too tight chain will increase the frictions and can cause sparks. Sometimes this may end up with a fire hazard as well as damaging your lovely equipment.

So adjusting the chain tightness is very important for a smooth and secure cutting or pruning operation.

Tightening chain on the pole saw:

I hope now you understand why it is important to tighten or adjust the chain tension. So without further delay, let’s get started with how to tighten chain on pole saw.

I will discuss all the steps that you need to know for tightening the chain on the pole saw. Go through the following steps to mastering the process.

Find the wrench or the screwdriver:

The pole saw kit will provide a wrench or screwdriver for loosening the nuts. It’s a small thing. Look for it and find it to start with the process of tightening.

Loosen the nut or screw:

You will find a nut or pin that connects the chainsaw and the guide bar. Take the screwdriver and loosen it slowly. Adjusting the chain tension will provide better positioning.

You need to loosen a few nuts like this. Remember, you just need to lose the nuts. Do not remove them completely.

Turn the tensioning screw:

Now you need to turn the tensioning screw clockwise to tighten the chain. As I mentioned earlier, the pole saw kit will provide a screwdriver. So turn the tensioning screw with it.

Remember when you turn the screw clockwise, it will get tightened. And when you turn it counterclockwise, the chain will get loosen.

Turn the screw until it is adjusted properly. Now the question arises, how do you know the screw tension is perfect?

Well, when it gets tightened perfectly, you will see the chain is not hanging down. Make sure the chain is just sitting on the guide bar.

Retighten the nuts:

Now that you are done with adjusting chain tension, retighten the guide bar with nuts. Make sure the nuts are fitted properly.

Check chainsaw chain:

Now it’s time to see how properly you have adjusted the chain tension. For that pull the chainsaw. It should move flexibly without binding the guide bar.

The gap between the drive links and the bar should be minimum. However, the gap should be adequate so that you can pull the chain a bit from the bar.

Now try pulling the trigger and see whether the chain gets back to the bar again or not. Repeat it a couple of times. I guess it’s working. So your pole saw is ready to go.

Safety Tips:

Well, adjusting the chain tightness and remaining safe during that are equally important.

  • First of all, make sure to turn off the pole saw or remove the power source before starting the process. Otherwise, an electric shock may injure you.
  • Another consideration is making sure the chain is cold enough. The warm chain may interrupt the adjusting process as it tends to expand.
  • Always wear safety gloves while adjusting the chain tension. It will protect you from cutting hands by the chain.


I hope now it makes sense to you how to tighten chain on pole saw. You may feel bored while adjusting the chain tension. But believe me, it’s totally worthwhile.

And you will understand when you should start the cutting operation. So all the very best to you. And with that, I am drawing the finishing line here.

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