How to Oil a Pole Saw & Benefits of Oiling Pole Saw (Guides)

How To Oil A Pole Saws

Pole saw is a great piece of equipment to trim or prune tree branches most efficiently. However, for getting the best performance from it, proper maintenance of this equipment is mandatory.

Oiling a pole saw is a part of this maintenance. You know oiling not only protects the pole saw but also significantly enhances its performance.

Curious to know how to oil a pole saw? Stay with me. I will go through this step by step.

Oiling a pole saw:

Oiling a pole saw is the easiest thing on earth. But if you are struggling with this, I would suggest you find the working manual and go through it.

However, if you are still struggling, I am here to help you. Go through the following steps to know how to oil a pole saw.

1. Choose the right type of oil:

Your first step for oiling the pole saw is choosing the oil. Petroleum oil is the most preferred oil for a pole saw. However, the selection of oil also depends on the weather condition.

Normally depending on weather, the pole saw oil is classified into two classes. One is winter oil and another is summer oil. Additionally, some prefer to use bio-oils.

Summer oil:

In the summer season, thicker or sticky oils are preferred to use in a pole saw. This is because thicker oils will not fly from the bar and chain and stick to it.

But if you use thinner oils in summer, the oil will fly from the bar and chain. This will produce excessive heat while the pole saw is running. Eventually, this oil makes your pole saw slower.

Winter oil:

In winter, thin oils are preferred to use in a pole saw. There is a strong reason behind that. In winter, fluid naturally gets viscous and thick.

So, if thick or sticky oils are used in this case, it would get more viscous and sticky. This will prevent fluid flow and hamper bar and chain flexible movement.


Most petroleum-based bar and chain oils are not environmentally friendly. So some suggest using vegetable oils as these are biodegradable and environment friendly.

2. Turn off the pole saw:

Make sure to turn off the pole saw before you go for oiling. Also do not oil right after an operation. Give some time to get it cooled down.

3.Unscrew the filler cap and fill:

Now place the pole saw on flat ground like a plain bench. Then find the filler cap and unscrew it. Take a funnel and place it in the filling pore.

Funnel is necessary as the filling pore is a bit small. This will minimize the oil loss while pouring the oil.

Now fill the reservoir slowly. Most of the reservoirs contain an indicator. Follow the indicator and when the oil level reaches that indicator level, stop loading oil.

4. Put the screw back and tighten:

Now that you are done loading oil in the reservoir, put the screw back in the pour. Make sure it is attached properly. Otherwise, oils may leak during the pruning or trimming operation.

Congratulations! You have oiled the pole saw successfully. Now you are ready to go.

Benefits of oiling:

Oiling is very essential before you start the operation with a pole saw. Here are the benefits that you will get oiling your pole saw.

For reducing friction:

When you operate a pole saw, the bar and chain will create lots of friction. This will impact the trimming operation. Also, impact the durability of your equipment.

For preventing clogging:

Well, trimming operations produce lots of debris. That debris often stuck to the bar and chain. Oiling will help eradicate that debris and clean the pole saw.

To maintain flexibility:

The flexibility of the bar and chain is very essential for an efficient pole saw operation. Oiling will provide that flexibility and ensure an efficient pole saw operation.

Protect you from kickback:

Due to enormous friction in the chainsaw bar during operation, it may get damaged. Also may get stuck in the wood. In such cases, the incident of kickback often occurs.

Oiling the pole saw properly reduces this incident and will protect you from injury.

For increasing shelf life of the pole saw:

Oiling reduces the friction of the chainsaw bar and thus increases the shelf life of the equipment.


What can I use for chainsaw bar oil?

Well, you can use canola oil for chainsaw bar oil. It is widely used because it is pretty much environment-friendly, proved by plenty of European extensive studies.

Is chainsaw oil the same as motor oil?

Well, the answer is no. Chainsaw oils are thicker than motor oil. This is because thickness causes the oil to stick around the bar and chain. This sticking is important for the efficacy of pole saw.


I hope it makes sense why I mentioned oiling the pole saw as the easiest task on earth. I am damn sure now you know how to oil a pole saw.

Please make sure to put all the safety gear before you go for the operation. I wish you good luck. 

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