Dewalt Pole Saw Review: Efficient Enough Or Not?

Cutting with a pole saw ain’t easy. First, you have to master the art of using them properly, and then you have to ensure you aren’t messing things up. 

Dewalt Pole Saw Review

However, the pole saws from Dewalt have been quite helping out a lot. Almost all of them feature a brushless motor that increases efficiency. Plus, all of them make sure the dual blades make cutting easier and effortless. 

So, today, we’re here to bring out this Dewalt pole saw review in this review guide. Here, we’ll be highlighting the best 3 products the brand- Dewalt has to offer. 

And, in the end, we’ll be breaking down their key features. We’re even going to differentiate them based on their build quality and grip quality. 

So, you don’t want to miss anything out. That said, let’s not waste any more time and begin proceedings right now- 

Top 3 Dewalt Pole Saw Review 2021

★ OUR #1 PICK! ★


  • Powered Source:Battery-Powered
  • Total Reach:15-foot

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  • Powered Source:Battery-Powered
  • Total Reach:15-foot

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  • Powered Source:Battery-Powered
  • Total Reach:15-foot

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1. DEWALT DCPS620B 20V MAX XR Pole Saw

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Introducing our first product on the list- DCPS620B from Dewalt. And, we’ve crowned it at the top of the list for no reason. So, what’s the best part about using this product? 

Well, the main selling point of this product is the weight and overall design. With a lightweight 0.82pound weight, you can easily work using this product. Plus, it’ll even ensure that you don’t get fatigued for prolonged usage. Furthermore, the lower weight makes easier portability as well. 

On the other hand, the durable grip of this saw promotes secure and comfortable cutting almost all the time. So, you won’t have to worry about any minor or major accidents. 

Speaking of accidents, kickbacks in saws are one of the major reasons for a pole saw accidents. But. that won’t happen due to the lower kickback of this saw. 

As the extension pole can go to a 15 feet reach, you can reach the wider branches quite easily. And, once you reach the branches, the brushless motor will take care of the rest. Here, the brushless motor promises at cutting 96 cuts on a single charge. 

Lastly, it’s got an auto-oiled bar 8” bar that makes it easy for pruning the branches as well. Plus, the pole shaft can extend to almost 10” which makes reaching harder areas even easier. 

So, in the end, the product is perfect if you want to work on wider branches. Plus, the brushless motor increases efficiency at all times. Hence, working for a prolonged time won’t be a problem. And, the durable grip will nullify discomfort too. 


  • The pole shaft reaches harder-to-reach areas easily. 
  • Has a durable grip. 
  • Doesn’t cause a higher kickback.
  • Works well on wider branches.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.


  • The bar oil can leak at times.

2. DEWALT DCKO86M1 Combo Kit

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Say hello to another 15 feet saw from the brand- Dewalt. If you’ve been following the previous product then you’ll find a lot of similarities. First off, it promises at delivering 96 cuts per charge as well. 

Similarly, it reaches the same length as the previous one. However, the trimmer head of this pole saw can reach only upto 12 feet. So, there’s a difference right here. 

Speaking of the trimmer, it powers through any kind of trunks when attached to the 7-position pole trimmer. Here, the pole trimmer can work at 180-degree as well. 

Focusing on the construction factor, it has a construction made of steel. Here, the steel 22in. The body makes sure it’ll have a lot of durability. Plus, the dual blades will ensure precise and effective cutting at 2800 SPM. So, it’ll have a fast and effortless cutting. 

Lastly, it comes with the same 8in. bar that has quite a far reach. So, you’ll get similar benefits from this product as well when it comes to reaching narrower areas.

And, when it comes to balance, the added weight of the trimmer and the saw itself will make things feel a bit tough at times. Speaking of the weight, it comes with a 22-pound weight altogether. 

But, that won’t be a deal-breaker if you can handle the saws in the right manner. In the end, that’s what matters anyway. 


  • Reaches narrower areas. 
  • Powers through trunks with the help of the trimmer. 
  • Has a durable steel construction. 
  • Dual blades ensure effortless and faster cutting.


  • Hard to balance
  • Comes with limited torque.

3. DEWALT Pole Saw DCPS620M1

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Standing at the last position of this list- DCPS620M1 pole saw from Dewalt. Similar to the previous two products, this brings a lot of benefits to the table. So, just because it’s at the last of the list, doesn’t mean it’s bad in any sort. 

So, where should we start from? Let’s firstly start by looking at the construction and design of this product. With a stock setup, this product is designed in such a way that it’ll produce faster cutting and a lower kickback. 

High kickback from a saw can cause major injuries. Especially, if you’re not careful enough with it. But, that won’t be the case here as the design of this product won’t allow you to do so. 

The saw comes with an 8” bar that can be auto-oiled. And, you’ll find a chain here as well. Here, the 8” bar allows you to cut even 16” wide branches if needed. The best part is that you can cut the branches from all the sides. 

Now, let’s take a moment and explain the head and grip of this saw. With an angled head, it’ll promote a better sighting. As the bar is located to the left, it won’t block any views when you’re working. 

Coming to the grip of this saw, the rubberized materials ensure comfort and a secure grip always. So, you won’t have to worry about any grip angles or discomfort when working with this saw. 

Moving on to the battery of this saw, the 4.0 Ah battery charges the brushless motor in cutting 96 cuts in a single charge. But, the smaller fuel tank present in the battery doesn’t allow the saw to run a whole day. 

Lastly, it’s quite similar to the first product when it comes to the 15-foot reach. However, it’s a bit heavier when compared to the first product. And, the 8.44-pound weight of the saw will cause some fatigue when working for a prolonged period. 


  • Produces a lower kickback. 
  • The bar of the saw oils automatically. 
  • Allows cutting of wider branches from both sides. 
  • The rubberized grip doesn’t cause fatigue. 


  • Chain oiler leaks at times. 


Question: Are battery-powered saws worth it?

Answer: Yes, battery-powered saws are definitely worth it. These saws have a fair amount of reach and the best part is that your movements won’t be limited. Normally, extension cords limit the movement. But, that won’t be the case right here. Another reason making these saws worth is their lightweight ability.

Question: Which one is safer? Pole saws or chainsaw?

Answer: When it comes to safety, the pole saws are much safer than the chainsaw. Here, the pole saws don’t cause that many kickbacks as compared to the chainsaw. But, you’ll need to put in more effort in cutting the branches when using pole saws.

Question: Can pole saws cause serious injuries? 

Answer: Yes, pole saws come with the ability to cause major injuries if they aren’t used properly. As these saws are made with the intention of cutting through a large chunk of trees and branches, they’ll cause serious injuries. So, it’s better you use them carefully and in the right manner. 

Question: How much easier it is to use a pole saw? 

Answer: Pole saws aren’t that easier to use. This is mainly because of the reach of these saws. And, the reach causes the major challenge. In fact, you’ll need to master the art of using these saws before using them. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting the hang of the saw. 

Parting Words:

This section takes us towards the end of this guide. If you’ve been along for all this time then congratulations on finishing this guide. We’re hopeful that you’ve selected your favorite product by now. 

By reading about the Dewalt pole saw review, you can easily consider whether they’re worth it or not. And, trust me, reading their features and the pros/cons section will definitely make the buying process even easier. 

That’s it from our side. Goodbye.

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