How to Mount Dewalt Miter Saw to Stand (Safe Assembly)

how to mount dewalt miter saw to stand

DeWalt miter saws are undoubtedly versatile in their utility. However, you can make your workstation even better with the addition of a miter saw stand. 

In today’s post, we will discuss multiple ways to attach your miter saw to a stand and the tools you need to carry out this task. 

Quick Summary

By the end of this post, we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • Basic guide to mount DeWalt miter saw
  • Is it better to use a commercial stand or a custom stand?
  • Important tips

Let’s get started.

Ways to Mount DeWalt Miter Saw to a Stand

There are two ways to attach a miter saw stand to your DeWalt miter saw. Either you can use a commercial stand made by DeWalt or craft a custom mister saw stand tool. 

Both of these methods are viable given how much space you have available in your workstation. Now, let’s discuss these methods one by one. 

  • How to mount to a commercial stand?
  • How to mount to a custom stand?

How to Mount to a Commercial Stand?

DeWalt has a vast variety of power tools that you can attach with your DeWalt miter saw. One of these tools is a miter saw stand tool. 

Every single DeWalt miter saw model is compatible with saw mounting stands. However, we’ll mainly discuss how you can attach a saw with DWX724 and DWX725 stands. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you:

Step#1: Unbox your Miter Saw Stand Tool

The first step is to get everything out of the shipping box and sort them out. You’ll find multiple steel railings and clamps for mounting purposes. 

The support legs are folded by default and you’ll have to extend them outwards to get the final shape. Once you do that, simply screw in the extension to fix that position. 

How many parts do I have to unfold?

The entire stand comes in one piece. All you have to do is just extend the legs. The only attachment that isn’t already installed is the mounting bracket for your miter saw. 

Step#2: Attach the Mounting Brackets

For the next step, you have to install the stand tool mounting brackets with the base of your DeWalt miter saw. 

Carefully put the saw on its left/right side and screw in the stand tool mounting brackets. Line up the mounting holes and screw in the bolts. 

Does the package come with mounting screws?

You can find a set of 4 stock screws with your stand tool. The screws are 1-⅕ inches long and can easily fit with a washer. 

Step#3: Mount the Miter Saw

Once you install the miter saw stand tool mounting brackets, the next step is to mount the saw on the stand. 

There is a single mounting clip on the bottom side of each mounting bracket. Unclip and place your miter saw on the miter saw stand railing. 

How do I secure the miter saw?

Simply place the miter saw in the middle of the miter saw stand and push the clips backward. This will lock the miter saw stand tool mounting brackets in place.

Note: You need to make sure that the clamps are locked properly. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the stand table and the miter saw itself.

Step#4: Stretch the Table

The last step is to extend the side of the miter saw stand tool to increase the capacity. You can easily unlock it with the help of clips on both sides. 

Moreover, each side has a hard plastic handle for extra grip. You can support up to 100 pounds of weight on the entire stand without any bends or cracks. 

Is it necessary to extend the sides?

The purpose of these arms is to increase the width and overall capacity of the stand. If the project you are working on doesn’t require that much space, just simply put it back in the default position.

Do all the models have extendable sides?

The three main models that come with extendable sides are DWX723, DWX724, and DWX725. Other models vary in shapes and sizes. 

Now, let’s see how you can mount a miter saw on a custom-built stand.

mount on stand

How to Mount on a Custom Stand?

Here’s how you can mount a miter saw on a custom-built stand. 

Step#1: Organize the Stand

The first step is to check if the stand has enough storage space for the miter saw and its angled/bevel movements.

Simply place your miter saw on the stand and observe for any obstructions. If there is no sign of movement hindrance, you can label holes for the mounting brackets. 

Step#2: Mount the Miter Saw

After you label the holes, use a power drill to make holes. Once you do that, place the drill over the holes and screw it in. 

Should I use mounting brackets with it?

It depends on the stability of your saw stand. If you face major vibrations, it is good to purchase and use mounting brackets. 

Step#3: Adjust the Level

Once you screw every part in its place, use a bubble level and check for uneven surfaces. If the level is even, you can start your job/task at hand. 

Which One is Better, Commercial Stand or Custom Stand?

The use of either saw stand comes down to two things, personal preference and compatibility. Some people prefer compatibility while some go for extra working space. 

When it comes to DeWalt miter saws, every model is compatible with DW723, DWX723, DWX724, and DWX725 stands. You can easily find them on websites that sell ACME tools

Do I need mounting brackets for custom stands?

You can attach any miter saw to a custom-built stand with the help of DW7231 miter saw mounting brackets. They are heavy-duty and can easily absorb vibrations. 

Moreover, the brackets are made from tough anti-scratch material for enhanced durability. 

Find more resource guides for your favorite tools HERE.

Important Things to Keep In Mind

There are some important things you need to keep in mind when working with a miter saw. Let’s take a look at them. 

  • Marring Feet

This is a major issue that people face when it comes to miter saws. The vibrations from the saw can scratch your floor. 

In order to avoid that, you should always check for non-marring feet on the tool mount. They are basically rubber covers that keep your floor material from unwanted damage. 

How does it help my stock stand?

The weight you’ll put on your stand can easily cross several pounds. This can cause the feet to slide ever so slightly. You won’t notice the effect right away but in the long run, streaks will appear on your floor. 

Besides that,  the rubber covers can easily absorb all the vibrations and the mount will not scratch your floor. 

  • Features

Before you start working on your miter saw, always check the features on the shipping/storage box it comes with. 

It has the weight limit mentioned in pounds (lbs) and space it takes mentioned in inches. Moreover, it also comes with the saw stand tool mounting manual. 

Do I need to keep the stock manual at hand?

The manual is your go-to option in case you don’t understand certain features of a saw stand tool. Each part of the manual is associated with a specific image so you can get a better idea. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can I move my stand from one place to another?

You can easily transport your saw stand tool from one place to another. Just simply remove the saw stand tool mounting brackets and fold the support legs. It can easily fit inside the trunk of your car as well. 

How do I check if my miter saw is compatible with a saw stand?

Observe the base of your DeWalt miter saw. If it has mounting holes, it is compatible with DW723, DWX723, DWX724, and DW725 saw stand tools. Moreover, you can also buy mounting attachments for custom tables at a fair price. 

What material should I use for my custom saw stand?

Stock wood is the most viable option when it comes to custom stands. Just make sure that the table has appropriate vibration absorption.