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how to cut angles without a miter saw

In many woodworking jobs, you may need to cut precise angles to get the result you want for whatever task you’re performing. 

The number one tool for cutting precise angles into wood is the miter saw. Miter saws are easy to use and can cut precise angles in no time. 

That being said, not everyone has a miter saw. If you want to cut angles for one specific job, you may not want to invest money in a miter saw for it. 

Quick Summary

In this post, we will provide different methods and techniques you can utilize to cut precise angles in wood without the help of a miter saw. 

You will need some other tools and supplies for the methods we’ve described in this post. We’ll give you a rundown of everything you need and also give you step-by-step instructions on how you can achieve precise angles without a miter saw. 

So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Is it Possible to Cut Precise Angles Without a Miter Saw?

Miter saws come with fences, guides, and other features that help you make the most precise cut possible. 

If you don’t have a miter saw, you can definitely utilize other tools to make precise angle cuts. However, you have to understand the fact that your cuts may not be as precise as if you were working with a miter saw. 

Since you won’t have the accuracy of a miter saw, it will all come down to your individual skill and how steady your hands are. 

We recommend that you take your time and perform the processes we are about to describe below slowly. 

Maybe get some practice on some cheaper pieces of wood before you go to work on the actual wood you want to use for your project. 

Cutting Precise Angles With a Miter Box

If you can find a miter box at a hardware store near you or if you can order it online, it can be your best bet for cutting precise angles. 

A miter box is simply a small box that is constructed in such a way so that it has allocated slots designed for where your hand saw can fit. 

You simply place the box on top of the board where you want to make your cut and then use your hand saw to cut it. 

It’s by far the easiest way you can make precise angled cuts on wood using a manual hand saw.

If you can’t get hold of a miter box, then you can look at the methods we’ve described below…

Cutting Precise Angles Without a Miter Saw

Cutting Precise Angles Without a Miter Saw

Before we get into the process, you must understand that when you have a miter saw, it does two jobs for you: measuring and cutting. 

Since we don’t have access to a miter saw, we will need to break the process of cutting precise angles into these two processes: measuring and cutting.

You can perform measuring and cutting of wood with many different tools and we will provide you with some options for both processes in this section. 

For the purposes of this post, we will keep things relatively simple and talk about 45-degree angles as they are fairly common. You will use such angles for applications such as crown molding and baseboards.

Measuring the Angle

Here are a few ways to measure the 45-degree angle that you want to cut: 

1. Use an Already Cut Board 

If you want to make a 45-degree angle cut on a board and you already have a board lying around with the same cut, you can use it. 

Simply lay the pre-cut board on top of your uncut board. Next, use a pencil or a marker to make a visible mark on the uncut board. 

This mark would indicate where you need to make the cut and how. 

2. Use a Protractor 

Yes, a handy protractor can be very useful in all sorts of woodworking jobs and tasks. 

Just lay the protractor down at the spot on the uncut board where you need to make the angled cut. Take note of where the angle is going and mark it on your board with a pencil or a marker. 

Cutting the Angle

There are a number of other tools you may have at your disposal that you can use to make the angled cut if you don’t have a miter saw. 

These other tools can’t measure the angle for you but since you’ve already done that with one of the methods we’ve described above, you shouldn’t have a problem. 

1. Use a Circular Saw

A circular saw would be the next best tool for making angled cuts if you don’t have a miter saw. 

It’s portable, easy to use and it can make straight, smooth cuts in wood with ease. 

Simply turn your circular saw and lower it down into the wood at the spot where you have marked when you were measuring the angle. 

2. Use a Hand Saw

A hand saw is something that you will most likely have even if you don’t have any other type of saw. 

Make sure that when you use a hand saw to cut the angle, you keep the cut on the mark you made on the wood. 

This is why the mark you make when you measure the angle needs to be properly visible. So that the cutting does not go off track. 

3. Use a Table Saw 

A table saw can definitely get the job done for you as well. 

Just make sure that you angle the board properly before you start to pass it through the table saw. Again, another reason why the measured angle needs to be highly visible on the board so you don’t make any mistakes. 

Wrapping Things Up…

As you can see, just because you don’t have a miter saw does not mean you have no options when it comes to cutting precise angles. 

You can get away with extremely precise angled cuts as long as you take your time with the job, practice first and use the right tools in the correct way. 

If you have any confusion regarding any of the methods we’ve described above, reach out to us below.

Learn more methods through our page.

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