Learn How To Climb A Tree With Spikes – Dependent & Safe Ways

How To Climb A Tree With Spikes

Climbing up trees is very popular nowadays. And the trend of professional climbing started in the 19TH century. However, people nowadays climb up trees for recreational purposes as well.

There are different techniques for climbing up trees. Some use rope technique, some use spikes for climbing up.

And yes, climbing trees using spikes is a complex technique. But don’t worry, I am here to guide you.  So, if you want to learn how to climb a tree with the spikes sets, just stay tuned with us.

How to climb a tree with spikes: things to know

To climb a tree with spikes, you must go through some steps. We will describe all the steps in detail. But first of all, let’s know when you should use spikes to climb up trees.

When to use spikes?

Spikes used in climbing are sharpened blades attached to the legs of the climber. This really hurts the trees. Each punch with spikes causes significant damage to tree tissue.  So, unless the plan is to remove the tree completely, spikes are not recommended.

Well, now let’s know the process in brief.

Get the climbing gear:

The first thing you need to do is getting a climbing kit. There is a wide range of commercial kits available in the market. You will get all the necessary equipment for climbing with the kit.

You can easily get one from Amazon. However, some of these are very heavy, some are light. I would recommend getting a lighter one. It will make it easier to climb.

There is also some very advanced kit available. These kits will make climbing way easier. Perhaps, these kits are very costly.

Watch out for the climbing spot:

It is very important to check the spot carefully before climbing. You should check the size of the tree, the deadly branches, and any other dangerous thing.

Trees often have the bee’s nest or the mushroom. So, it is mandatory to check it properly to avoid potential danger.

Putting up the climbing kit:

The climbing kit contains pads, waist belts, harness, spikes, flip-line, and the guff guards. Make sure all of this equipment in good condition. If any of these doesn’t work properly, it may risk your safety.

One more thing, Putting the spikes carefully. As they have sharp edges, it may injure you. So, handle it very carefully.

If you buy the commercial climbing kit, you will get an instruction paper. The instruction paper will tell you how to wear each part.

If you have trouble wearing the equipment, you can search on YouTube. You will find so many tutorials on wearing the kits. I guess these videos will solve your problem of wearing the equipment.

Begin with climbing:

Now that you have put all your gear, we can begin with climbing.

Now, place your flip-line with the tree and place your first foot with a spike on the tree. Once you feel comfortable with that step, place your second foot similarly.

Now, move your flip-line and go for the second-round spiking in a similar way. Remember to keep your leg straight and the spikes punch deep enough before each step.

Climbing requires a lot of energy. I would suggest taking some drinking water with you. This will surely give you some peace while climbing.


When you are climbing a tree with spikes, you must maintain some safety measures. The safety measures are as follows:

  • Please do not forget to wear eyeglasses. It will protect your eyes from the branches of trees.
  • Also, be aware of weather conditions before climbing. Do not climb during thunderstorms.
  • Do not climb during or after rain. Rain makes the trees slippery.

Final Verdict:

Although climbing with spikes is a bit challenging, it ensures maximum safety. I hope now you know how to climb a tree with spikes. So, give it a try and I wish all the best to you.

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