How Deep Can a Circular Saw Cut – Beginner’s Guide

Deep can a Circular Saw Cut

If you own a circular saw and are confused about how deep it can cut, this guide can help you out immensely. 

It is important to understand that the depth of the cut could depend on the length of your blade and the size of your circular saw. 

We have compiled this complete article with everything you need to know and an extensive FAQ section for your assistance.

Quick Summary

This in-depth guide has complete information on: 

  • How deep a circular saw can cut depending on the blade or saw the size 
  • How deep a circular saw can cut at an angle depending on the blade and saw the size 
  • How to adjust the depth of a circular saw 
  • An extensive Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section

How Deep Can I Cut with My Circular Saw? – Quick Guide 

Circular saws are known for their versatility and ease of use. However, we understand that it can be intimidating trying to understand how deep your circular saw can cut. 

In this section, we have mentioned how deep a particular circular saw can cut depending on the length of the blade. 

Without wasting any time, let’s get straight into it. 

10 Inch Circular Saw 

A 10-inch circular saw can cut up to 3-13/16 inches in depth. This is enough to cut a thick piece of wood. However, you should have a strong electric connection to make a cut this deep. 

8 ¼ inch Circular Saw 

After testing the blade out ourselves, we noted that you can cut approximately 2 ⅞ inches with an 8 ¼ inch circular saw. 

7 ¼ inch Circular Saw 

A standard 7 ¼ inch blade can cut an approximate depth of 2 ½ inches. If you use your circular saw at home, this length should be ideal for you. 

6 ½ inch Circular Saw

We noticed that you can cut approximately 2.5 inches of depth with a 6 ½ inch circular saw blade. 

5 ½ inch Circular Saw 

You can cut approximately 1-¾ inches in depth with a 5 ½ inch blade. 

Left Side Blade 

A left side blade can cut up to 1 ¾ inch in depth at a 90 degrees angle. Moreover, you will be able to cut 1-3/16 inches at a 45-degree angle. 


Circular Saw Blade Depth – Depending on the Angle
Size of the Saw

Blade Depth at 45 Degrees

Blade Depth at 90 Degrees

5 ½ Inches

1 3/16 Inches

1 ¾ Inch

6 ½ Inches

1 11/16 Inches

2 13/32 Inches

7 ½ Inches

1 13/16 Inches

2 ½ Inches

8 ¼ Inches

2 ¼ Inches

2 7/8 Inches

10 ¼ Inches

2 ¾ Inches

2 11/16 Inches

16 5/16 Inches

You can cut approximately 16 5/16 inches, including a 6x6 lumber.

Adjust the Depth of the Blade Cut 

Some particular circular saws allow you to adjust the depth of the blade. You can do this by moving the footplate or base shoe. 

The next step is to lower or raise the base shoe depending on your requirement. 

Remember to lock the blade in place once you’re done. 

deep a circular saw can cut

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How deep can I cut with a 10-inch circular saw? 

A 10-inch circular saw can cut approximately 2-13/16 inches. However, this could vary depending on the quality of the blade or the power of the circular saw blade. 

Can I cut a 4×4 with my circular saw? 

A circular saw has an approximately 6.5 inch to 7.25-inch blade, which means it will not be able to cut through a 4×4 properly. 

You can only cut a maximum depth of 2.5 inches. 

How much cut depth should I set for my circular saw?

The depth for your circular saw should be approximately ¼ or ½ inches below the board. This will help you make efficient cuts. 

How do I set the depth of my circular saw? 

Hold the blade of your saw parallel to the board with the help of a blade guard retracted. Then, adjust the level by loosening the depth until your blade is extended to approximately ¼ or ½ inches below the board.

Remember to tighten the lever once you’re done.  

How deep can I cut with my circular saw?

This could depend on how long your blade is, on average a 7 ¼ inch blade can cut up to 2 ½ inches deep. 

Why does my circular saw stop working while I’m cutting? 

There could be a number of reasons why your circular saw blade stops working in between cuts: 

  1. Your blade is not supported correctly 
  2. Your workpiece does not pinch the blade properly 
  3. Your circular saw is damaged
  4. The blade is loose
  5. The blade is warped
  6. The blade has become dull 
  7. The motor of your blade has malfunctioned or is overheating 
  8. Frayed cable 
  9. Weak connection 
  10. You’re pushing too hard on your blade 

How long will my circular saw last? 

Your circular saw can last from anywhere between 120 hours of continuous use. However, this could severely depend on the quality and type of circular saw you are using. 

Can I use my circular saw as a table saw? 

You could use your circular saw as a table saw, however, it will not work as efficiently as you might think. It could take a lot of practice. 

Should I get a cordless circular saw? 

The best part about a cordless circular saw is that it is portable. This means you can carry it anywhere around with you without any limitation. 

If you are someone who works in different stations, a cordless one could be ideal for you. 

Why is there smoke when I use my circular saw? 

Usually, when the blade’s teeth flare due to friction, it results in smoke. In case your circular saw is smoking up, you might want to give it a break. 

How Deep Can A Circular Saw Cut – Final Verdict 

Now that we have reached the end of this article, we hope you understand that the depth of the cut could depend on the length of your blade. 

Handling a circular saw without protective gear can be fatal, which is why you should always remember to take precautionary steps before you get started. 

If you think we have missed out on anything, please leave a comment below, our team will reach out to you.

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