Why does My Circular Saw Keep Stopping – How to Fix it?

why does my circular saw keep stopping

A circular saw is an extremely popular tool for anyone who is interested in construction and carpentry. It features a circular blade that spins at high speed to cut different materials like wood, plastic, and metal. 

However, it’s not uncommon for a circular saw blade to stop spinning even with proper care and attention. 

There are many reasons as to why a circular saw might stop working such as dull blades, damaged motor saw, and even cable and voltage issues.

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In this post, we will cover:

  • Why does my circular saw keep stopping?
  • How to fix a circular saw?

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Why Does my Circular Saw keep Stopping?

As mentioned before, a handful of issues may cause your circular saw to stop working. Most of the time these factors arise due to prolonged use of the saw. 

Here are some factors that may cause your circular saw to stop:

Blade problem 

Among all the issues, damaged is the most common one. A rough blade severely decreases a blade’s efficiency. They also make working with them extremely challenging. 

An unsharpened blade or a dull blade might also be the culprit. They often get stuck while cutting. This way your saw can stop working even if all the other parts are working completely fine. 

Therefore, we recommend you double-check your saw each time you use it. Your blade must be in good condition so you can work easily without forcing it too much. 

Power Issues 

If your saw is connected to an insufficient voltage, it may not have enough power to cut through an object. This might cause the circular saw to turn on and off. 

Most circular saws with a 7 ¼ inch blade need the power of 65 watts to work properly. Whereas, some saws draw up to 8 watts. 

In other cases, an electric source may pass extremely high voltage. Over time, the high voltage may damage the insulation of the power code. This might also result in insufficient power reaching the saw to work properly. 

Furthermore, a saw may stop working if it’s not connected to the power cord properly. Make sure that there is a tight connection between the power saw and the power outlet. 

If your circular saw still keeps getting stuck, stop the power saw and rearrange the wires so there are no loose wires. 

Not Enough Weight 

Before you begin cutting a material, make sure the saw is heavy enough. Otherwise, it won’t be able to provide enough torque and will stop working. 

How much weight your circular saw should have depends on whether you’re cutting a soft material (wood) or a hard material (plastic).

If you require more weight, we suggest you use the saw that has a metal plate along with the blade. Similarly, if you need to cut similar material altogether, go for a heavy-duty circular saw. 

Damaged Power Cord and Overheating 

A damaged or burnt power cord may also contribute to problems with the circular saw. 

This happens when you use a concrete blade while working on concrete surfaces. Since the protective shield on the blade is not made of soft material, it can not handle high temperatures. Working on concrete can make laser red hot which can damage the power cords. 

Moreover, if you continually use an unsharpened blade for cutting it may overheat the blades due to the excessive amount of friction. When the blade overheats, the thermal switch stops the blade from working as a safety procedure. Make sure to store your saw right.

Motor Issues 

This is another common issue that might cause your saw to stop working properly. 

If you want to check an issue with the motor, we recommend you check the tension in the blade while cutting. If you feel the blade is loose or if you’re having a problem cutting a straight line, there might be a problem with the motor. 

Moreover, you can also take note of how many times the saw stops while cutting wood. If there are multiple halts, then you need to repair or replace the motor of your circular saw. 

But, if there are no halts, then your power cord may be damaged. 

Saw Dust 

Lastly, the reason why your circular saw may not be working properly is a build-up of dust in the motor. 

If there is an accumulation of sawdust and debris the motor gets clogged. As a result, it gets hard for the air to motor and cool the motor area. 

So, the motor overheats and stops working all of a sudden.

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fix circular saw blade

How to Fix a Circular Saw?

Change the Blade 

The best way to keep your saw from malfunctioning is to change its blade. If you use a good quality blade for your saw, we assure you, you won’t have to change it time and again. 

Before you purchase a new blade, don’t forget to check the reviews. This will confirm that you’re not buying a low-quality product. 

Cheap blades will not only ruin your saw’s performance but will require further repairs soon after your install it. 

Change the Power Cord 

If you have a damaged power cord, it’s best to replace it with a new heavy-duty one. 

To see if you have a damaged power cord, look for injuries such as cuts or burns on it. If there are no visible signs of damage, you can check the performance of the power cord. 

Check your Circular Saw’s Motor 

If you didn’t find any problems the with power cords, there may be a problem with the motor. 

We suggest you take off the cover of your machine and check for any loose parts. Unfortunately, getting your circular saw repaired is quite expensive. We would recommend buying a better model of the power tool than getting it repaired again and again. 

Clean the Circular Saw 

As we mentioned before, a build-up of dust and debris can also diminish the efficiency of your power tool. 

To fix this issue, you can take out the motor and clean it with lubricant. This will remove all the sawdust accumulated on it. We also recommend you lubricate your blade while you’re at it. 

Replace the Motor Bass 

If you’ve tried everything and the circular saw still keeps stopping, then there might be a damaged motor brass screw. 

The brass screw holds the motor parts together and may cause the saw to stop working if it comes loose or if it’s lost. If you’re unsure of how to replace it, you may contact an expert who will replace it at an affordable price. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This concludes our post on why does my circular saw keeps stopping and how to fix it? 

There are many reasons why your circular saw isn’t working properly. However, do not panic and examine the motor and blade to find the possible reason. 

After reading this article, we are sure you’ll have an idea of the problem and how to correct it.

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