Using a Pole Saw on a Ladder – Step by Step Guide with Safety Tips

If you are planning touse a pole saw climbing on a ladder, I would say think before you jump. Because it is an extremely challenging and dangerous task.

If you still want to know about it, I would say you are extremely brave. Since this task requires a whole lot of technical skills and experiences, I would not recommend this task to you without proper workshops.

But I can share some fundamental knowledge of this operation.  So walk with me to know everything about using a pole saw on a ladder.

Using a pole saw on a ladder:

Pole saws are designed to cut at a thickness of 8 inches. And the height it can reach varies from 10 to 15 foot. So, for cutting longer than 15-foot branches, the use of a ladder may seem an obvious choice.

But using a pole saw on a ladder is a tremendously challenging task to do. There are several reasons for that.

  • Firstly, a pole saw is specially designed to operate from the ground. So using it on a ladder is never an easy thing to do. Moreover, the danger increases gradually with the height.
  • Secondly, a pole way is pretty heavy equipment. Its weight varies from 15 to 20 pounds. So with a heavy device like this, it gets challenging to maintain the body balance on a ladder.
  • Experts in this job may deal with these challenges easily. But it is not recommended for beginners.

How to use a pole saw on a ladder?

Well, if you are planning to use the pole saw on a very high ladder, I would not recommend you to do that. For this job, you must have good professional training.

So, unless you have proper professional training, do not even think about it. It is too dangerous. But you can surely go for it with a low height ladder.

For example, a pole saw can reach a maximum of 15 foot. If you want to reach a height of 20 or 25 foot, you can use a 10-foot ladder to reach that extra distance. So let’s get started with the steps.

  • Firstly, you need to assemble the parts of the pole saw in a precise way. Also, adjust the chain tension of the saw and the height of the pole according to your need. In this case, a cordless pole saw is the best to use. Also, you can use a gas pole saw.
  • Secondly, get a good quality ladder. Then place it in the tree in a way that it makes an angle of 75-degree to the ground. Also, keep someone to hold the ladder before you climb.
  • Now place the saw in the intended tree branch, to begin with, the cutting operation. If the branch is a thinner one, you can cut it with a single stroke.
  • However, for a thicker branch, you need to make some 1-2 inches’ groove and then go for the jump-cut to complete the operation.
  • In addition, do not climb too much on the ladder. That is because if anything went wrong, you can easily jump to the ground to protect yourself. If you climb too much, jumping from that height may injure you badly.

Safety tips of Using A Pole Saw On A Ladder:

Using pole saw climbing on a ladder is a dangerous task. So you need to arrange some protective gears for your safety.

These safety gears are a helmet, eye goggles, a pair of heavy-duty gloves, and a pair of boots. Make sure you put all of these things before going for the operation.

Also, restrict people’s movement in your working area. It is important because fallen tree branches may injure people. So restrict at least 50 foot around the working area.

Alongside, check for the electric wires around the tree. Electric wire can put you in serious trouble. So before you go for the operation mandatorily check this.


Is it safe to use a chainsaw on a ladder?

Well, it is absolutely not safe to use a chainsaw on a ladder. For doing it, one must have proper training and experience in this profession. So do not think about it unless you have received professional training.

How do you cut down a tree from a ladder?

Place the ladder in the opposite direction of the tree. Now climb on the ladder and cut the tree. For cutting, you can either use a pruner or a chainsaw. And for cutting thin branches, you can use a lopper.

Final words:

I hope now you know about using a pole saw on a ladder. Although it is a risky and completely professional task, with proper training and practice you will get handy on it.

I tried my best to let you know every important aspect of how you can use your pole saw on a ladder. Surely you have found my information helpful for you.   And with that, I am concluding here.

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