How to Unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw (and Safely Lock it)

dewalt miter saw

Miter saws are tools used by professional carpenters and DIYers around the globe. They are an essential cutting tool known for their finesse and precision.

If you have a Dewalt miter saw you need to keep a few things in mind. Especially, how to unlock the Dewalt miter saw.

In case you are confused about how to unlock your Dewalt saw, read this guide carefully. 

Quick Summary

The following information will be covered in the article:

  • How to safely unlock Dewalt miter saw 
  • Troubleshoot Dewalt miter saw 
  • Safety precautions

How to Unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw

Unlocking a Dewalt Miter saw is a straightforward task and will require only a couple of minutes of your time. 

The knobs and locking pins in different points keep the tool locked. To open the miter saw all you have to do is to find these knobs and use them properly. 

The following are the steps required to unlock a Dewalt Miter saw: 

Step 1:

The first step is to unlock the down position lock of the miter saw. To open the lock just rotate the knob clockwise and the lock will be deactivated. 

Then unlock the push or pull lock on the saw.

For the particular lock just push or pull the knob at the end of the pin and it will be unlocked. 

Step 2:

Unlocking the Dewalt miter saw involves the unlocking of the angle lock. You can find this angle lock on the front of the miter saw. 

You have to find out the knob that has kept it locked. Some of the saws can have both the pin and knob located after one another. 

Then push the knob or the pin to unlock the angle. 

Step 3:

Then you have to unlock the Knurled Knob lock. This is the easiest to unlock in the process. Just twist the knurled knob counterclockwise direction and it will be unlocked. 

How to adjust the preset angle?

To adjust the preset angle you need to unlock the swivel and the lock. For this, you have to spin the handle before activating the lever. 

Then you have to activate the lever by pressing it down so you can pre-set the custom angle. 

When the angle is set after unlocking the swivel a clicking sound is produced as an indication. Using the knurled knob angle you can secure the set angle. 

Step 4:

This step involves the unlocking of the head. To unlock the head you have to put some pressure on the knob or the pin that is located on the back of the saw at the center point of the main base. 

After that, just pull the pinout and the saw head will be unlocked. 

Step 5:

Once the head is unlocked, you have to unlock the base of the saw. There is a knob that allows you to move the base and find the correct angle using the pre-set angle positions. 

How to unlock the bevel?

This lock is with the titling bevel. To unlock this lock you have to locate the pin or the lever that is associated with the bevel. 

Then to release the locking mechanism just pull or push the pin or lever depending on the model. This way you can easily set the angle of the bevel cut. 

Step 6:

The last step is to unlock the slider on the saw. 

On the base of the sliding saw mechanism, you can locate the knob. Twist the knob in an anti-clockwise direction to release the slider so you can slide your arm in and out. 

Once the intended position of your arm has been reached, you can rotate the knob back to its original position. 

How to Safely Lock a Miter Saw? 

To safely lock a miter saw first, press the handle down until the blade is as low as it can go. Then press the lock pin back into the rail to keep the blade in place. 

Double-check by pulling the handle of the miter saw when the pins are pushed in the rail. If the handle does not move your saw is locked. 

Troubleshoot Dewalt Miter Saw

There may be some problems and issues that you face once you are done unlocking your Dewalt miter saw. 

Here is how you can troubleshoot some of these issues with some related information that you need to know about these tools:

The Saw Doesn’t Turn On

If your miter saw does not turn on or has stopped working you need to keep the following problems in mind: 

The saw is locked

The main issue causing this can be that your saw is locked and needs to be unlocked. The lock-off button needs to be released to use the miter saw. 

If this button is not released the lock-off will activate and instantly stop the miter saw. 

Power Cord

If the lock-off button is not the issue then you need to check the power cord of your miter saw. 

You need to make sure that the wire is not damaged and doesn’t wind itself. 

The battery level of your miter saw can also be an issue. Check the battery indicator to find out if your saw needs charging or not. 

What to do if both these methods do not work?

In that case, your saw could have a mechanical problem. You should then contact Dewalt on their website for repairs. 

Miter Saw Doesn’t Lift Up

To lift your miter saw you have to turn the pin in an outward or inward movement. Once the pin is released the miter saw will lift itself automatically. 

What to do if this does not happen?

In that case, you might have turned the pin in an incorrect direction depending on your model. A stuck blade or dirty cover guard could also be an issue. 

You need to clean the blade and the cover guard so that the saw lifts again. 

Miter Saw Doesn’t Rotate Properly 

Seeing your miter saw not rotate like before can be very frustrating and can ruin a good outcome. You need to keep an eye on three things for this. 

The locking mechanism of the saw

Like explained before you need to check and release the required lock to ensure that the saw rotates properly and in position. 

Dust build-up

After constant use of a miter saw the sawdust can buildup under the fence or between the turntable. 

These sawdust buildups can hamper the rotation of your miter saw. To clean this up you need to vacuum or hit with compressed air at every angle of the saw. 

Poor maintenance of the saw

You need to adequately grease your miter saw after a few weeks to ensure that a smooth movement takes place. Clean the cover guard too after every use. 

Miter Saw is Stuck

Dewalt miter saws like other power tools are not immune to getting stuck. This will cause the saw to produce very bad quality cuts and damage the wood. 

Why does this happen?

One of the main reasons why your Dewalt miter saw stuck is because of not releasing the bevel. 

Other reasons include not properly cleaning your miter saw and wrong storage of it.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you do proper cleaning of your saw after every wood project, grease it after every few weeks, and store it in a clean and dry area.   

Safety Precautions When Working With Dewalt Miter Saw

When working with the Dewalt miter saw you need to carefully follow the safety precautions in order to ensure that you do not get hurt or damage your saw. 

The following are the safety tips: 

  • Wear gloves, goggles, and ear protection when working. 
  • Make sure that your working area is clean and safe from any hurdles 
  • Always plug out your miter saw when making adjustments 
  • Ensure that your miter saw is clean with no residue present 
unlock dewalt miter saw

Wrapping Things Up

You now have learned how to carefully unlock the Dewalt miter saw. Moreover, you have also learned how to safely lock it. Although each model may differ a little, the basic process is the same. You must follow the safety tips as well. 

With that, we conclude our article on how to unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw and safely lock it. 

We hope the information we provided was useful. Let us know your thoughts.

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