Sliding vs Compound Miter Saw – Which is Better for Me & Why?

We think you’ll agree with us when we say that finding the perfect miter saw can definitely be tough.

However, when deciding between the Sliding Miter Saw and Compound Miter Saw, proper research on the features of both can lead to better decision-making.

Want to know the best part? This post talks about the difference between the Sliding Miter Saw and the Compound Miter Saw. 


Sliding Miter Saw

Compound Miter Saw

Type of Cuts Makes bevel cuts and miter cutsMakes bevel cuts and miter cuts
Width of MaterialCan cut through wide materialsCannot cut through wide materials
The motion of the BladeIt moves both waysIt moves one way

Let’s take a look at each of the saws in detail, so you can choose the one better suited to you.

A sliding miter saw is designed to move both ways horizontally. Compared to other saws, it is quite heavy and you need to mount it on something sturdy. You can use the dual movement of the blade to cut wider materials accurately without changing sides.

This sliding compound miter saw comes with a 12-inch dual bevel blade. If you are looking for another size then the 10-inch variation is also available. 

You can determine the blade’s length based on the measurements of material you often work with.

Is it good for woodcraft?

If you’re familiar with woodcraft you’d know that miter and bevel cuts are extremely important for projects. Sliding compound miter saws with rails are mostly electrical but come with the feature of a lithium battery as well. 

Is it a dual bevel?

Since the motion of the saw’s cutting edge is on both sides, it falls under the category of dual bevel. The sliding rails on each side help ensure accuracy and safety during this motion. 

Features of DEWALT Sliding Miter Saw

  • Makes both miter and bevel type cuts into wider boards
  • Can be tilted to an angle other than 90° and in different directions
  • The horizontal movement of the blades is the plus point
  • The product is better for being placed at workstations
  • On Amazon, it has 12,727 reviews and a 4.9-star rating