What to do with Old Circular Saw Blades (DIY Ideas)

old circular saw

If you have an old circular saw blade that you’re thinking of recycling, this guide will help you out immensely. 

We have added some unique DIY ideas that you could use to repurpose your old circular saw blade. 

Continue reading this guide, we have included everything you need to know with FAQs and much more.

Quick Summary

This in-depth guide has quick and unique ideas about what you can do with your old saw blades. 

We have also mentioned: 

  • DIY ideas 
  • How to sharpen your blades 
  • Why do you need to replace your blades 
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here’s What You Can Do with An Old Circular Blade – Quick Guide 

We understand that circular saws can be really expensive, which is why you might not want to throw them out. 

This guide will help you out in case you’re confused about what you can do with your old circular saw blade. 

Use Them As Decorations 

You can use your old circular saw blades as decoration pieces around your garden. We would suggest that you cut them into small pieces and use them as mulch. 

Recycle them

A great option is to recycle your old circular saw blades. Give them to an old scrapyard near you or use them in a DIY project. 

You can try making jewelry out of your old blades by cutting them into smaller pieces. 

If you don’t want to recycle them at home, you could give them to a warehouse where they could be restored. 

Exchange them for a new one 

Some scrap metal stores will allow you to exchange your old saw blades for new ones. However, this could depend on the condition of your old blade. 

If your old circular saw blades are of no use to you, we suggest that you donate them to a woodshop, art school, or an old warehouse. 

Make A Knife

We noticed that a lot of people make a knife out of their old circular saw blade. This is a great way to reuse your old blades. 

Sell Them 

If you want to earn a few bucks, you could sell them to a scrap buyer. You could get a fair deal through an old piece of scrap metal. 

Note: It is important to understand that your blades will not last forever, even if you continue to repurpose them. 

Can I Sharpen My Old Blades? – Here’s What You Need to Know 

If your old blades are worn out, you could sharpen them again if you want to reuse them. 

You can sharpen them at home by using hardware tools. This will save you money in the long run. 

However, if you’re not comfortable with sharpening your saw at home, you can always go to your local hardware store and get someone to sharpen your saw for you. 

DIY Ideas for your Old Saw Blades – Here’ What You Can Do

If you want to reuse your old circular saw blades, there are a ton of ideas you can find on Pinterest or Etsy. 

Here are some of our favorite ones: 

Old circular saw blade clock

We’ve seen a lot of people convert their dull circular saw blades into a clock. This is a great idea to repurpose and recycle your blades. 

Cut it into smaller pieces to make a knife

If your blade isn’t too dull, you could cut a knife out of the saw blade. However, this will require a lot of skill since cutting out the shape of a knife through a metal surface could be difficult. 

Turn old circular saw blades into a pizza cutter

Who doesn’t like pizza? Another great option that we found while looking for DIY ideas was converting your saw blade into a pizza cutter. 

You can use it on an everyday basis without wasting any material. 

Paint them to make a decoration

You could cut your saw blades into smaller pieces and turn them into a dreamcatcher. This is a great way to decorate your outdoor garden. 

old circular saw

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I paint an old circular saw blade? 

If you want to paint your old circular saw blade, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Clean the surface of your saw 
  2. Sand it to remove any dust or dirt particles 
  3. Add a coat of primer to the surface 
  4. Use a base coat to smoothen the surface 
  5. Use a metal spray to paint your saw blade. 

Can I recycle my saw? 

Yes, you can recycle the saw, the battery, the plug, and the base of the saw. You can make other useful items out of an old saw for your needs. 

How do I prevent my saw from becoming dull? 

If you want to prevent circular or table saw blades from rusting or becoming dull, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Keep it dry and away from moisture 
  • Apply oil on the handles to avoid any friction 
  • Clean your saw after you use it 
  • Lubricate the blade every once in a while 
  • Remove the rust from your blade 

Can I prevent my saw blades from rusting? 

You could use the WD-Multi-Use to prevent the surface of your blades from rusting. Apply an even coat once you’ve used your blade and wipe off the access with a cloth. 

Should I sharpen my old circular saw blade? 

If you want to reuse your circular saw blades, you should sharpen them to get a more refined cut. This could save you money as well because new blades can be really expensive. 

Why Is my circular saw burning the wood? 

If you’re into woodworking and your saw is burning the surface, this could mean that your blades have become dull. You might need to sharpen the surface or replace your blade before you cut wood again. 

Is it possible to restore old circular saw blades? 

Yes, if your blades have become dull or rusted, you could be able to restore and recycle them. However, this depends on the condition of your old saw. 

What to do with Old Circular Saw Blades? (DIY Ideas) – Conclusion 

Now that we have reached the end of this article, we hope you have some recycling ideas that you would want to consider. 

It is crucial that you take precautionary measures whilst you’re dealing with a circular saw blade to prevent any injuries. 

Do let us know which idea you chose for your DIY project. Good luck! 

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