How to Use a Gas Pole Saw Like A Pro – Step By Step Guide

How To Use A Gas Pole Saws

A yard with untrimmed trees is frustrating. So, trimming those thick branches with the right tool can make your yard look neat. Probably you are thinking of getting a gas pole saw to make your task easier.

Before investing your money, you should know how to use a gas pole saw. A gas pole saw is a handy tool when it comes to trimming your trees. However, it is very tricky and requires maintenance as well.

Here, I will give you tips that will help you to learn the techniques. With the right technique, you can easily use a gas pole saw.

How To Use A Gas Pole Saw: A Detail Guideline

Use A Gas Pole Saw

Gas pole saws are a great tool when it comes to trim and prune the thick branches of your old trees. It can be your number one choice for cleaning and trimming your tree. However, if you are not a professional, you should be careful.

For using a gas pole saw correctly, you must keep a few things in your mind. Remember, if you are a beginner, you should be incredibly careful.

The gas pole saw is a game-changer indeed, but it can be dangerous if you do not hold it properly. Hence, you need to know everything regarding the use of a gas pole saw.

Make a clean spot

You should make a spacious spot for using this tool. Make sure you do not have anything around you while using the gas pole saw. You need to have a free space where the branches will be dropped off while trimming. If you do not stand in an open place, it might cause harm to your property or others.

Make a plan before trimming with gas pole saw

You should know from where you need to start trimming and all. It would be better if you make the plan before going for trimming. Because when you are planning to cut a branch, you need to remove several small branches to cut the big one.

If it is possible, you can start cutting off the branches horizontally to the surface to get a good result.

Hold your saw properly

These gas pole saws are critical to handle. You need to be cautious while using it. If you hold the saw with both of your hands, it will be easier to handle. Try to put it in a vertical state so that you can control its weight. Now, put your saw on the targeted branch and put all the weight on the branch.

Get yourself in the position

After selecting the right spot and holding the saw properly, you should get yourself in a position where you can move easily while trimming the branches. You should stand in a position where you can move your hand and body properly.

Start cutting the branches in the right direction

Once you set all the things right, you should start cutting the branch slowly by keeping the control in your hand. You can create a groove on the branch to make your task easier.

It will later guide you to do your work properly. Faster strokes can make your task difficult. So, starting it slowly with a groove can make it a lot trouble-free.

End the trimming properly

As you start the first stroke in a groove, you can increase your strokes gradually to get the perfect trimmed trees. It will make the cuts neat. Moreover, you should remember that if you place the saw at a perpendicular angle, it will be easy to stroke the cuts perfectly.

Clean the mess immediately

After you are done with your trimming, it is time to clean up all the trimmed branches and leaves. These thick branches can cause trouble, so it is better to put them all in garbage bins. It will keep your yard neat and clean.


These pole saws are amazing when it comes to getting perfectly trimmed trees. However, there are few things you should bear on your mind.

If your tree’s branch is thick enough, always start with slow strokes, it will be a safe move for you if you are a beginner.

Make sure there is no power line near your work area to avoid unwanted accidents. 

Keep your saw in such length so that it can reach your desired branch.

If you are not getting the perfect cut, relocate your saw again and start it from the beginning.


Well, already you know how to use a gas pole saw. As you see, these are quite difficult to handle in the first place. So, we’ve tried to talk about all the steps you should follow while using it. Moreover, we also talked about the cautions you need to follow.

I hope this article was helpful enough for you. Thank you.

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