How To Cut High Tree Branches From The Ground (Using Pole Saw)

How To Cut High Tree Branches with pole saw

Cutting high tree branches can be easier if you know the right way of how to cut high tree branches from the ground. To make the process easier, you can use a pole saw. A pole saw can be the best tool for cutting tree branches.

First, you may find the way of cutting high tree branches harder. You may think about using a ladder and hand saw and anything else. You don’t need any ladder or hand saw to cut the high branches.

Read the instructions below to cut high tree branches with a pole saw.

Don’t jump between the steps or you may miss the important one.

Note: The dormant season is the best time for cutting branches.

Arrange The Staff Below To Cut High Tree Branches

  • Get a pole saw electric or manual. The electric pole saw is suggested for fast cutting.
  • Arrange a strong and long bar to hold the pole saw.
  • Get some rope.
  • Take safety measures like goggles, helmet, dust protector, gloves, and work boots

How To Cut High Tree Branches From The Ground (Using Pole Saw)

Step 1 Measure The Height Of The Tree Branches:

As you are going to cut the branches of the tree with a pole saw, you have to measure out the length of the tree.

You can use the bar or a measurement tape to measure the length. The length is necessary to adjust the bar with the pole saw so that you can reach the top branch from the ground.

Step 2 Adjust The Pole Saw With The Bar:

Clean up the pole saw if you have used it before. According to the length of the top branch, adjust the bar with the pole saw.

Keep a little more distance while adjusting. It will help you to move the saw easily. Tighten the screws and rope properly to avoid any kinds of accidents. Remember, you are standing right under the pole saw while cutting.

Step 3 Clean Up The Spaces Under The Tree:

After adjusting the pole saw with the bar, clean up the area under the tree. Before making the first cut, make sure the space is free of other necessary things.

The cutting branches will fall from the tree at a high speed. No object should penetrate the falling branch. You should be very safe in this regard.  

Step 4 Select The Branches To Cut Accordingly:

Now, look at the branches of the tree to trim. You can select from the top and below as well. Selecting from the below can be safer than the top.

If you start from the top, the trimmed branches may not fall down easily. That’s why cutting from the below is a better option to make a way for the top branches.   

Step 5 Stand In A Safe Distance:

After selecting the branches, stand at a safe distance. The cutting branches should not fall up to you. It may cause serious injury.

Stand vertically from the branches so that you can operate the pole saw efficiently. Find the box of the pole saw. You may get a user manual in the box.

Step 6 Ensure The Safety Measures:

Safety measures should be the first priority. Here, you have to put on goggles, gloves, work boots, and a dust protector. You have to look at the cutting branches from below.

Your eyes are most prone to get dust from the top of the tree. That’s why I use goggles to see clearly and avoid dust. Don’t forget to wear work boots. Cutting branches create tiny objects and debris. Working boots will help you avoid foot injury.   

Step 7 Switch On The Pole Saw:

Find the power plug and switch on the pole saw. Test the strength and speed of the saw first. Judge the vibration whether you can operate it or not. It may be a little bit harder.

The longer the tree is, the harder the cutting is. You cannot be an expert the first time. Practice makes a man perfect. Have confidence and go for it.

Step 8 Make The First Cut According To Your Selection:

You may have selected the branches where to start. Make sure you have stood at a safe distance.

Don’t cut from the trunk of the tree. Keep 10 to 15 inches distance from the trunk. The tree covers the cutting area naturally to avoid diseases. Start the pole saw and hold on to the selected branch.

If the branch is longer, you can cut those 2 to 3 times to carry them easily. The choice depends on you. So, divide the branch into 2 to 3 parts and cut them accordingly.

Step 9 Take Out The Cutting Braches Under The Tree:

After cutting the first branch, take out the cutting pieces under the tree. You should allow the top branches to fall down without any fractions.

Step 10 Continue The Process For Other Branches:

Continue the same process for other branches. If the tree is too long, you may need to sharpen the blade. After making 5 or 7 cuts, check the sharpness of the blade.

Bottom Line: You may not have any questions about how to cut high tree branches from the ground after reading this article. Read the instructions multiple times and be familiar with the process.  

Don’t forget to wear the safety measures and sharpen the blade before starting the cutting.

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