How to Cut Flagstone with Circular Saw – Professional Guide

how to cut flagstone with circular saw

If you’re here its safe to assume that you are confused about how to cut a flagstone with your circular saw. 

However, it is not impossible to do so. If you want to do it yourself, we suggest that you go through this detailed guide thoroughly before you get started.

This guide includes all the necessary information, instructions, tips, and FAQs to assist you along the process.

Quick Summary

This guide will help you with all the relevant detail about

  • How to cut flagstone?
  • What things are needed to be considered? 
  • A detailed FAQs section. 

How to Successfully Cut Flagstone with Circular Saw - In-Depth Guide

To successfully cut flagstone according to your choice, we have added all the necessary instructions after thorough research.

Moreover, you have to be mentally prepared for this hectic job as you will do it on your own. There are some things you need to consider before you start the process.

Things You Need to Consider Before You Cut Flagstone with Circular Saw 

Cutting flagstone can be quite dangerous, make sure you have all the safety gear ready before you hop into it. The safety gear includes:

    • Working gloves: They are thick gloves that protect your hands from any sharp edges.
    • Work pants: They are a special type of pants made from denim and polyester.
    • Safety goggles: They help protect the eyes from any flying debris or particle. 
    • Face shield: This is preferred over safety goggles as it shields your whole face.
    • Earmuffs: They help avoid any damage from high construction work sounds. 
    • Dusk mask: This is optional but can provide extra protection to your lungs. 

These will help you protect your face, eyes, hands, and legs from any potential damage or mishap. 

step by step guide

How to Cut Flagstone with a Circular Saw – Step-by-step Guide 

This section is the most important part of the guide, make sure you follow all these steps carefully to avoid any mishap. 

This guide will assist you along the process and will make sure you do everything perfectly. 

Without any delay, let us start with our first step.

Step 1: Wear Your Safety Gear

This step is very important to make sure you are safe. A circular saw is very helpful but dangerous at the same time.

Make sure you wear every component of safety gear and do not skip any of it. 

Tip: We also prefer you wear a dust mask so you do not inhale any dust particles. This can be very harmful to your lungs. 

Step 2: Change to Diamond Masonry Blade

Circular Saw is a very versatile tool as it helps cut all kinds of materials such as wood, brick, concrete, flagstone, and many more. 

However, to cut any material smoothly you should install the right blade for it. We recommend you change your current blade to a diamond masonry blade.

Tip: Do this step beforehand as it will save you the actual process time. You have to remove the bolt and washer to remove the current blade from your circular saw. 

Make sure you insert the diamond masonry blade and secure the bolt and washer firmly. 

Step 3: Adjust the Depth of Your Circular Saw 

You have to set the depth of the circular saw so it can cut through ¼ of an inch as it is preferred. It is set with a help of a lever attached to one of the sides of your circular saw. 

However, it can vary from model to model so make sure you see the manual and do it accordingly.  

Tip: This step is very important as the RPM of the circular saw is affected by it. 

Step 4: Mark the Measurements on Your Flagstone 

First, you have to measure the spot where you will fit your flagstone. Use chalk to mark your measurements on the flagstone precisely. 

Moreover, fit your flagstone tightly so it does not slide when you are cutting it with the circular saw. 

Tip: We recommend you use chalk instead of a pen or marker, as both of these can stain your flagstone. Chalk is easily washed off. 

Step 5: Set the Flagstone 

Make sure you set the flagstone on a flat surface. The spot which needs to be cut should be on the platform and the remaining should keep hanging.