Best Benchtop Belt Sander Reviews (in 2021) & Top #3 Picks

For lots of heavy or precise woodworking jobs, both belts & discs sander are quite important tools. For surfacing, it’s the belt where it gets to the disc for edging & finishing.

But a reliable combo of belt & disc sander can offer more versatility. In fact, you can save a lot of space & valuable working time there.

Having a convenient model is necessary for the perfect output. Saving the money in the long run, it can give maximum satisfaction & power.

That’s why we brought in two reliable & best  6×48 belt sander. The 6×48 belt sander reviews will certainly give you an insight into the right tool.

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 WEN 6508 6 x 48 Belt Sander Review

Lets introduce our best 6×48 belt sander. Getting to the best options for 6×48 inches’ sander, only a few are as good as WEN. The 6508 model is a true machine to enjoy the convenience & the utmost performance. No matter how much load it takes for the project, the machine easily handles it.

With two different functionalities in one, the device has one belt &disc integration. Likewise, the belt measures a convenient 6” x 48” standard. For the disc, the measurement is 9” x 9” to suit the integrated belt action.
Thanks to its stands, the actual machine surface remains 3 feet off the ground. The entire assembly with the stands initiates a reasonable weight. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with any distracting movement or vibration.

When it comes to power, WEN 6508 6×48 belt sander definitely nails with. With the supportive power, the machine undergoes no bogging even under the largest loads. The sander features a powerful 9A motor to induce a considerable amount of speed.
Both the belt & disc here provides excellent performance all along.

For standard uses, the set features one 80-Grit belt with one 80-Grit disc. The integrated belt can tilt anywhere between 0° & 90° without any problem.

Making replacement or change is quite easy with the belt & of course, the sandpaper grits. Not to mention, the built-in quick tension releasing lever helps with it. The system gives you the power to switch immediately without wasting any time.

The disc table is quite spacious having a measurement of 11.75” x 6” size. For further convenience, it supports a 45° beveling. Therefore, no accommodating issues to deal with any of the projects. The sanding support measures a reasonable 9.75” x 5.75” with an adjustment facility.

Working as a double, you can go for either a work table or a work shop. It basically depends on the belt orientation. In fact, the belt speed can go as far as 2700 feet per minute. For the disc speed, it’s about 3450 rotations per minute.

The pack includes one additional miter gauge to let you do the angled sanding. With the two dusting ports, the workplace place remains reasonably clean. And the price is obviously standard enough, considering its overall efficiency.

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