How to Adjust Dewalt Miter Saw – Step-by-Step Guide

dewalt miter saw

Miter saw is a highly powerful tool designed to cut at almost any desired angle. 

Dewalt is known for producing high-quality and versatile miter saws. However, you may run into problems with alignment and adjustment. 

Here is a method you can try to adjust a Dewalt miter saw.

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By the end of this guide, we will go through

  • How to adjust a Dewalt miter saw 
  • How to cut a 45-degree angle with a miter saw

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Adjusting a Dewalt miter saw

Dewalt is a renowned brand that develops and produces high-quality miter saws. Their miter saws have a high level of durability and deliver accurate results. 

However, after prolonged use, you might encounter adjustment issues with your blade. Sometimes, the blade also comes loose during shipping. 

This affects the accuracy and quality of the cuts as well as potential damage to your blade.

To remedy the problem here’s a method you can follow to adjust your Dewalt miter saw

Step # 1 – Loosen the bevel handle 

Firstly you loosen the bevel handle and the plate screws. The beveled handle attaches to the bevel lock on the miter saw. It is reverse threaded, so you’ll have to rotate the screw clockwise.  

Adjust the blade until it touches the square to the fence.

Step # 2 – Retighten the bolts

After you have squared the blade to the fence, you need to retighten the screw you previously loosened

We recommend that you use handheld tools such as a wrench when tightening the bolts.

Step # 3 – Unlock bevel adjustment 

Next, you need to unlock the bevel adjustment. The knob helps you adjust the bevel angle of the blade. 

Step # 4 – Set the square and angle 

Afterward, you must ensure that the square is set back in place

Also, set the angle of the miter back to 0 degrees (90 degrees). 

Step # 5 – Remove the fence 

Lastly, you have to remove the fence from one side of the blade.

By following these steps, you can easily readjust the blade on your Dewalt miter saw.  

How to cut a 45-degree angle using a miter saw

Miter saws are specially designed to cut at any angle. This differentiates them from other types of saws. The most commonly used angles are 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees. 

It is not uncommon for your projects to have several 45 degrees angle cuts. Setting a saw at the correct angle can be a challenge especially for beginners. 

Here is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process. 

Step # 1 – Make preparations 

Firstly you need to make all the necessary preparations for the cut. This includes cleaning the Dewalt miter saw, moving the setup to an empty place in the workshop, making sure that the saw is working without any hitches, etc.

For accurate cuts, we recommend that you service your miter saw routinely. You can look up the process in the manual or google the procedure.   

Step # 2 – Practice with scraps 

We recommend that you practice or cut some scrap pieces before cutting the workpiece. It will give you an idea about the condition of the saw and how efficiently the saw will cut.

We encourage beginners to practice with scrap material.

Step # 3 – Prepare the saw

It is always recommended that you ready the saw before securing the workpiece to the table. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Set the miter saw bevel angle to 45 degrees 
  • Ensure that the blade is adjusted 
  • Power up the saw and make sure that is working properly

If the miter saw meets all these criteria, the miter saw is ready for cutting.

Step # 4 – Secure the workpiece 

We suggest that the workpiece be tightly secured to the cutting table

You can secure the workpiece to the fence by using the clamps. Be sure to use a square with the clamps otherwise you might dent the piece. 

Step # 5 – Ensure safety 

Before making the cuts, you must ensure your safety. Miter saws come with a blade guard that protects the user’s hand from injury.

Other than this, you should also wear additional gear such as safety glasses and thick gloves. These will protect you from the debris produced by the miter saw.

Step # 6 – Check the angle

Next, ensure that the miter saw has been set at the correct angle. You can tally the detent plate to align the blade. The plate also has a positive stop to lock the saw head at exactly 45 degrees.

Position the wood according to the angle and where you want to cut it. 

Step # 7 – Check the blade 

It is very important that you check the miter saw’s blade for any signs of damage. This includes inspecting the blade structure and the teeth for any signs of damage.

Make sure to clean the teeth of the miter saw blade with a hard brush beforehand. We also recommend that you routinely sharpen the blade for smooth cuts. 

Step # 8 – Power up the saw and start cutting

Afterward, plug in the saw to a power source. Check if the handle is moving freely. 

Let the blade come to full speed, press the handle toward the workpiece, and start cutting away.

The wood should slide right through the blade.

How do I make sure that the cut is accurate?

To  measure the accuracy of the miter saw:

  • Join the pieces together at the corners
  • Use a measuring tool such as a protractor to measure the angle 

If the angle isn’t 45 degrees, we recommend that you lightly sand the corners. If the problem persists, there is a problem with adjusting the angles. 

how to adjust dewalt miter saw

Wrapping things up 

We hope that you benefited from the article.

Adjusting a Dewalt miter saw is a complex task that requires great attention to detail. By following the guide, you will comfortably be able to adjust your miter saw. 

With this, we reach the end of our article on “How to adjust a Dewalt Miter Saw”.

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