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How To Use a Horizontal Band Saw

A horizontal band saw is a great tool for cutting industrial materials. To cut any object properly, you must know how to use a horizontal band saw. First, know the horizontal band saw, then go for the instructions.

Remember: Don’t skip step 7. This step covers horizontal band saw safety areas that you must carry on during the cut.

New in this field! Are you a beginner? Didn’t run a band saw before?

Don’t worry.

Conducting a horizontal band saw is not rocket science that will take you a long time. You just need to know how does a horizontal band saw works.

Go through the article eventually. Don’t skip any points or you may skip the important one.

Listen: Check out the important parts physically and learn how to handle them.

What is a horizontal band saw?

A horizontal band saw is a kind of saw that cuts any piece of the object with the force of gravity. It allows the operator to station the object in the right place so that he can cut the object following the scale.

The specialty of this saw is that the blade spins at the upright part of the saw. The operator can control the tension of the blade and handle standing from a safe place.

It has several parts like blade, station or holding table, guides, dust collector, vise, and so on.

A motor spins the blade too fast standing at the top of the saw. The operator feels the weight of the motor while conducting the saw. The weight of the motor helps to pressurize the blade.

A horizontal band is a favorite staff for cutting metal objects, plastics, and woods.

Important parts: You have to know about a horizontal band saw

Automatic shut-off switch:

An automatic shut-off switch protects you from unexpected accidents. This switch will turn off the motor while getting too much pressure. It will stop the machine automatically. You have to set the intensity in the control panel.


The blade is the main staff that cuts the object. You have to control the blade without touching it. Know about blades. You cannot use one blade for every object. Change the blade regarding the differences of objects.


You can say the guides as the cover of the blade. This is an important part of your safety. You will find the guide in the entire blade area. An adjustable screw helps you to adjust the guide. Make sure the guide is in the right position before cutting.

Table and vise:

The table is the place where you set the cutting object. You will find the table flat with some holes. The vise is a major part of the table. The vise holds the object in the right place so that you can cut it easily. Adjust the vise according to the object before cutting.


The handle is the part where you operate the machine. You will find the handle beside the machine on the safe side. If possible, you should add something to grip the handle.

Control panel:

Now, you have come to the control panel. Before using a band saw, you must read about the control panel completely. Here, you have to customize the speed, blade tension, and position of the machine.

You will find several keys in the control panel to set different things. Read the user manual of the band saw to operate the keys in the right direction.

How to use a horizontal band saw – Beginner Guides

Step 1 Measure the object and mark where to cut:

Prepare the object that is about to cut. You may have to pre-cut the object to cut it again in the horizontal band saw.

Get a marker and measurement tape. Put the measurement tape on the object. Mark the area that is to cut. Mark the area finely so that you can place the blade at the absolute place.

Step 2 Change the blade regarding the object:

Blade selection is a vital part of the entire process. You can cut metals, plastics, and woods with a band saw. However, you may not use the same blade for all.

Know your object and examine the blade. Select the perfect one that can tolerate the pressure of the object. You will find the guide of the density of the blade in the user manual.

Step 3 Set the tension and speed of the blade:

Now, set the machine according to your need and the object. Go to the control panel. You will find several buttons on the panel. If you change the blade, then adjust the tension properly.

Set the speed of the motor regarding the object. Metal objects may require more speed than wooden objects. You must not change the speed during the cut. The best way of setting the speed is to stop the machine and set it.

Step 4 Insert the object in the vise:

Place the object in the vise. Remember, you should place the object according to the right direction. Follow the marking area to adjust the vise.

Try to set the object according to the mark and the position of the blade. If you can fit the marking area and the blade, you can handle the cutting easier.

Step 5 Adjust the vise:

Adjust the vise to hold the object strongly. The object should not move during the cutting. Find the screw under the table of the vise.

Use a screwdriver to tighten the vises. Make sure the vises are in the right position with the object.

Step 6 Prepare the position:

Now, it’s time to position the object the band saw. You can see the table with the object. Go to the control panel to adjust the position of the blade regarding the mark on the object.

Check the dust collector whether it is in the position or not. If you are going to cut wooden objects, then it will produce so much dust. The dust collector must pass out the dust on time.

Step 7 Ensure your safety measures:

Make sure you have taken the safety measures. You should wear goggles, hand gloves, shoes, and a dust protector.

Goggles will save you from dust to look at the operation. Hands gloves and shoes will help you protect your fingers and feet from sharp objects.

Step 8 Make a cut:

If everything is fine, make the first cut. Don’t panic. You have taken the right measurement and positioned the blade before cutting. Be confident and make the cut.

Step 9 Check the cut with the standard:

Check the cutting object with the standard. It should match with the piece of standard.

Step 10 Go for the next cut:

If everything is fine, then go for the next cut. Check the position of the blade and guide after every cut.

Bottom line:

You must remember that you are going to play with a machine. You must ensure your safety first. If you are new in this field, then you should read the instructions several times.

Be familiar with the instructions and the machine. Know the machine as well as you can. After reading the instructions on how to use a horizontal band saw, you may get the proper idea about the machine.

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