How Much Compression Should A Chainsaw Have

How Much Compression Should A Chainsaw Have

A chainsaw is one of the most frequently used tools of a carpenter of a DIY handyman. But as you know, it takes a number of caring points that the user has to think about constantly.

And one of such questions is- how many compressors should a chainsaw have?

We’ve gone through a number of carpenter’s opinion and analyzed a lot of forum threads in this regard, and finally came with the answer. Stick to the post till the very end, and you will get that as well.

Without wasting further seconds, let’s get going-

The Minimum Compression Needed for A Chainsaw

Although there is no particular standard that answers the question in one word, there is something that can give you a firm idea on it. According to Stihl USA, the minimum compression needed for a chainsaw is 110psi.

That being said, there are some engines that might run on a higher compression, and there are some that might run on lower compression. So, that does matter in this regard? And what shows how many compressors should a chainsaw have?

Go through the next section and you will understand-

What Matters When It Comes to Compression of A Chainsaw?

The chainsaw is an engine-driven mechanical device when you have to keep inputting power on a constant basis. In case you need to work in a remote area with a chainsaw, you need to have compressed air with it.

So, the big question is- what matters when it comes to the compressor of a chainsaw?

Well, the one-word answer is- the moto capacity in terms of cc and the temperature. We will talk about both of them below-

The motor power

Some of the compressors have as low cc motor as 30cc, where some other models have high motor power as 150cc. In case you are working with a remote type chainsaw like Husqvarna 545, the motor power is around 50.5cc.

For a chainsaw that works around 50cc, the required compression is 140-150psi from the air compressor. In case you go higher cc motor such as 60cc, you might need compression of 160cc from the air compressor.

To understand the compressor test of the chainsaw, there is a simple test that you can conduct. We have explained that later.

The temperature

It’s a common fact of the thermodynamics that cool chainsaw will run low. And this will eventually, ask for less compression. On the other hand, a hot chainsaw will ask for more compressors from the air.

As per the general point of view, a cool chainsaw usually asks for around 85-100psi from the compressor. Where a hot chainsaw might ask for more than 160psi from the compressor.

How to Do Pressure Test for A Chainsaw

To understand the compression requirement of your chainsaw by yourself, there is a quick test called the pressure test. In case you are new to this function, here are the steps of the process-

Step 1: Prepare the chainsaw

Remove the spark plug from the chainsaw. You can use a ratchet to do the task. Once it’s removed, you can place a gauge on the place of the spark plug.

Now, the gauge might come in a number of size variations, so you need to use an adapter to make a perfect seal between the gauge and the chainsaw.

Step 2: Get An Accurate Reading from The Seal

Once you have made sure a perfect seal with the gauge and the chainsaw, you can take a reading from it. And what is the way to do that? Keep reading-

Now, pull the starter rope of the chainsaw, and the saw will start. At one point, you will see the gauge needle to stop moving up and down. And the needle will settle to a definite gauge number.

Step 3: Take The Reading Finally

Let the needle settle down and be stable at a perfect gauge number. The gauge number the needle will be stable at will be the indicator of the compression pressure required to run that chainsaw.

Bottom Line

Usually, the answer to the question like ‘how much compression should a chainsaw have’ is not a definite one. But in case you understand the requirement of your chainsaw, you can definitely figure that out through the pressure test.
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